On this page I will list all the missions (past, present and sometimes even future) so that you know what has been going on aboard the Starbase. Because the crew of SB47 was first the crew of the USS Pegasus I have also added a link to the Mission Logs of that simulation, all the missions played on that sim will be marked with a white border, the SB47 ones will be marked with an orange border.

Click here for the local Mission Logs for the USS Pegasus
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Click here for the local Mission Logs for Starbase Ronin (SB47)
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Current Mission:

Mission 0: Mount Up

When the Spider Threat is eliminated and systems are fully back to operational Captain LaBrie somehow wished the Communications had remained off line...
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Upcoming Mission:


Past Missions:
(listed chronilogically, oldest mission first)

Mission 0: Mount Up
Still docked at Starbase 343 the crew of the USS Pegasus is getting ready to mount the mythical horse...
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Mission 1: Renegade Deception
After the needed paper work the Pegasus gets a rights of passage through the Romulan Neutral Zone to retrieve their Chief Diplomatic Officer and a Romulan Exchange Officer from Tarsonius Prime.
Once they head back towards Federation Space a sensor scan reveals several lifepods adrift, The Pegasus moves in closer to investigate...
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Mission 1.5: Repreive
The Pegasus arrives at Starbase 343 from some well deserved R&R, new orders and repairs after being smacked around by that Romulan warbird...
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Mission 2: Pandora's Box
After the rather aggresive mission in the Romulan Neutral zone the USS Pegasus gets the order to put its enormous amount of Cargo space to work. A Cargo delivery mission to Earth, with old archeological items in their cargo bay they set off... But what is inside that one box?
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Mission 2.5: Blue Ball
Now that the Doctor has the viral outbreak beaten with his trusty Hypo the crew of the Pegasus is free to run around on that Big Blue Ball some of us call home, Shoreleave on Earth!
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Mission 3: A Mirror Shattered
The Pegasus is send back to Starbase 343 to recieve further instructions for their next mission. On the way back however they realize that they might not arive back on SB343... ever.
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Mission 4: Trojan Horse
After Returning from the Mirror Universe in which they were trapped for several weeks the USS Pegasus finds that being back does not mean being safe...
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Mission 4.5:
Finally the USS Pegasus crew returns home and gets some well deserved Shoreleave, but they find that the mission that nearly wrecked the Pegasus and halved its crew might very well be the last one it has ever flown...
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Mission 5: That's My Q
After two months of Shoreleave all the transfer orders have been completed, to celebrate this fact the CO decides to throw a costume party, also in tradition with Halloween of ancient time. There is, however, a certain person that is not invited... and he's not happy about that...
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Mission 6: River of Forgetfulness
A Reman man appears on the station but is unaware of how he got there and what happened prior to him being there. He remembers nothing prior to waking up on Starbase Ronin. He appears battered, bruised and otherwise mangled and his clothing is far from hygienic.
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Mission 7: Sweet Child O' Time
Captain LaBrie goes off to find his daughter, who was lost in a Temporal incident, involving the Galaxy Class vessel USS Gemini. Meanwhile on the Starbase Commander Petrova is left to pick up the pieces the Tal'Shiar left... Will things ever be the same again?
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Mission 7.5: Remember

After an eventfull week the crew finally comes to a grinding halt as they find out that Life on a Starbase is not as safe as everyone figured it to be.
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Mission 8: Nosferatu
When a Klingon is dishonoured they are prepared to do anything to regain that honour... but nobody would have ever thought they would be willing to do something like this.
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