"Mount Up" #1&2 - "And so it begins"

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"And so it begins"

-={On}=- [Starbase 137, 18.45 hours]

Caelen looked out of the window on the promenade, with his daughter, Alex, on the hip he was admiring his new ship, his new home. A Centaur class, as close to unique as any could ever come. "There's our new home" he said to Alex pointing at the USS Pegasus. "But it's so small" she reacted to her father, in comparison with the Excelsior where she grew up on she was right. "Well at least it's not a Defiant class" Caelen reacted with a smile.

As they were looking at the ship they'd see a standard Type VIII shuttle flying past, between their viewport and the ship. It heads for the nearby docking port .. a call on the PA 'Shuttle Executor now arriving. Repeat, shuttle Executor now arriving'.. Caelen would know that his new XO was onboard that shuttle. Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova.

"Hey, Alex, go back to mom" Caelen said to his daughter, his wife was somewhere on the promenade as well. As soon as Alexandra spotted her she flew off towards Jennifer. Caelen walked towards the bay where the shuttle had docked, he arrived just in time to see his new XO stepping out of it. "Commander Petrova I presume?" he said when he came into hearing range.

She'd halt and glance around for the source of the voice. Gaze finally settling on Caelen, she'd smirk softly. Nods, and would salute. "Kristiana Petrova reporting for duty, Sir. I was told our ship was somewhere near here .. But I must've blinked, and missed it."

Caelen showed a broad smile, he had read about Kristiana, her personality, her quirks, her being send off ships for dubious reasons. He had also read that she was highly capable of her task and a rather intelligent individual. Every admiral would've stopped Caelen from making Kristiana his XO, but alas the Admirals had little to say about his crew. "Follow Me" Caelen said leading the way back to the window he had stood only minutes ago with his little girl.

An eyebrow would raise, as Caelen just told her to follow him, and then promptly turned and headed off. She shrugged a bit, hefting her back, and started after him - her full, toned 6'1" moving with decisive steps. "alright .. " following her new CO to the window.

"There she is" Caelen said with pride in his voice, you could see it in his eyes and stature, he was proud he got handed the Command of this small and maneuverable ship. He then turned to Kristiana, "Caelen LaBrie" he said holding out a hand finally introducing himself to his new XO.

She stood besides him, not even bothering to put her - doubtlessly Heavy - bag down. She looked at the ship for a few moments, seeming not at all that impressed. Finally she turned to her CO and returned the handshake - her own handshake very strong. ".. Pleased to meet you, Cap." "and for what it's worth .. I'm sorry you got stuck with me as your XO." A knowing smirk would tell Caelen that she was half joking. Only half.

Caelen smiled letting go of the vice grip that was Kristiana's handshake, "I'm sorry that you were the only one that applied" Caelen answered with a broad smile, he was joking and making sure Kristiana got that. "So why did I get over twenty messages from CO's and Admirals that advised me against taking you on my ship?" he asked in a bit more serious tone. He wanted to know her side to the story, not the political correct side that was always in the logs and profiles of the officers in Starfleet.

"Mostly because I don't know how to keep my mouth shut when I don't like something, Sir." She answered with that same knowing smirk. "This tends to rub them the wrong way. A woman, telling them down. It eats away at their pride." She'd look at the ship again, her expression once more changing to unreadable.

Caelen nodded "Well I hope you point out my mistakes..." he said, hoping that he wouldn't unleash something like a mother in law like machine that told him he was doing wrong over and over again "...I'm not perfect you know" he added. He looked back outside "just make sure everything you say and do is in the interest of the Pegasus" he said nodding to the ship outside the window.

".. No promises." She'd narrow her eyes slightly, taking in every detail of the medium cruiser floating outside the viewport. She remains silent for a few more moments, before speaking again .. "... With all due respect, Sir. Are we going to just stare at her, or actually Board her, some time ?"

Caelen looked at the Pegasus a second longer before sighing, "alright..." he exclaimed. Starting to walk towards the corridor that would lead them to the airlock connected to the USS Pegasus. Just when he wanted to turn right, into the corridor Jennifer and Alex, his wife and daughter, caught up with him. "You're going into the ship?" Jennifer asked, Caelen nodded, he then turned to Kristiana "This is my wife Jennifer and my daughter Alexandra" he said introducing the three to each other.

She'd follow again, carrying her heavy bag, but with a measure of ease, it seemed. A nod given to Jennifer and Alex, along with a bit of a smile. "Pleased to meet you. Kristiana Petrova .. Kris for short." The tall, toned woman gave Jennifer a sturdy handshake and ruffling young Alex's hair a bit.

Alex smiled, "can I come daddy?" she then asked pulling Caelen's arm, "I'm sorry hunny but Daddy's got some things to talk over with Miss Petrova over here" he said softly stroking her head. "I'll take you and mommy for a tour on the ship later tonight, ok?" Caelen said when he saw the disappointment in little Alex's eyes. They brightened up somewhat but it didn't fully make her happy again, "Hey Jenn, all our stuff is already brought to our new quarters, as soon as I get back we'll arrange put everything in place, ok?" he said looking at the love of his life. Jennifer smiled and kissed Caelen before answering "Sure"

A silent eyebrow raised at that. Miss Petrova ? Sheesh. She waited silently for Jenn and Alex to bugger off and for Caelen to continue towards and, hopefully, eventually Into the ship. <tag>

Caelen got a kiss from his daughter and resumed his course towards the ship, hearing that Kris was still following him "let's first get that heavy luggage into your quarters" he said looking over his shoulder, he would offer her a hand but was afraid that it would be taken wrongly. When they arrived at the airlock Caelen opened it with his code and as the doors made their trademark hiss Caelen his face lightened up, it was the same old boys with toys story.

A story that most girls - at least not this one - did not share. She's seen ships. A Lot of them. Inside and out. She's served on many of them, and would scarcely even bother unpacking all of her stuff, knowing that she'd likely not stay there for a long time, anyways. She'd glance boredly at the airlock doors opening. ".. This is your first command, hm ? .. It shows." <tag>

Caelen let out a soft and short laugh, "ha... yeah... very exciting" he said glancing only shortly at Kris, she couldn't ruin this moment, this was his moment. Caelen took the first step onto the ship with thoughts of his lost friend going through his mind, if only he was here, if only he was his XO, or even CO, as long as he would be here, but alas. It hurt him in his chest, every great moment hurt him in his heart nowadays, his wedding, the birth of his daughter and now his own command. He quickly walked on to the turbo lift, all systems were activated already as several Engineers from the starbase were making the ship ready for whatever it might face.

She'd follow him, letting him take the first step on. As blunt as she could be with her words, she did notice in his speech and in his movements that this was a big moment for him, and she granted him that moment. She'd also prove that she'd read his own profile, before meeting him, as she spoke. "Well, congratulations, Sir. And I'm sure that your friend Alex would be proud of you .. From wherever he is watching you."

Caelen was a bit shocked when he heard that his new XO knew about his best friend, he looked at the ground trying to fight back all the feelings of sadness and anger again, "I..." he started swallowing a big lump in his throat "...know" he added after a split second pause. They arrived at the Turbo lift and the doors opened automatically, as always, he stepped into the turbo lift waiting for Kris to join him "Deck three" he exclaimed remembering where to find the Senior officer's quarters.

She'd join him. She sighed softly, and with a soft wince put her heavy bag down for a bit. "It's a nice ship, Sir. How old is she ? .. Looks well maintained." changing the subject back to the 'boy's toy'

"She's been through the Dominion war, produced after the heavy loses lead in the battle for Wolf 359, but the designs are from the early 2320's" Caelen explained from the top of his head. The lift came to a stop on the 3rd deck and the doors opened again, "it was made from Excelsior and Miranda parts" he added. Caelen didn't know if Kris was interested at all but he just liked elaborating about things he knew, he resumed his way towards the XO's quarters, which weren't far away from the turbo lift. "it's designed to use 85% of the resources and strength an Excelsior would need and have with only half the amount of crew" he added to the explanation of this ship. He stopped at the doors of the XO's quarters. "here we are" he said.

She hefted her bag again as she let her CO explain. Men like to explain about the things they like. It was a universal constant. And as long as he was explaining, she could remain quiet, which in turn decreased her chances of upsetting her CO on her first day in. She'd follow him to her new quarters. Nods. "Thanks Cap."

Caelen tapped a few buttons on the outside of the door before it opened "Just throw your bags inside and let's get to the bridge" he said when the doors had fully opened and Kris had stepped inside.

She took a moment to look around a bit. "Water shower .. Very nice. Let's see .. Separate bedroom .. Mmm .. I can get used to this." She'd say with a smile as she placed her bag on the floor and stepped out of her new quarters again.

"Let's Go!" Caelen said perhaps a bit to happy and eager. Back towards the turbolift, waiting for Kris to get in and the doors to close, "The Bridge" he said as the lift slowly got into motion again, "so tell me a little more about yourself" he said still trying to break the ice between him and his new XO, as it seemed to be a bit forced and distant up until now.

"... " He caught her a bit off guard with that. "Well, what is there to tell that isn't in my profile already ? I'm single, not specifically looking .. I'm .. past 30 - " she diplomatically says .. " - I've served on many ships in various bridge functions. Started out as security, then rose through the ranks .. Became Lieutenant Commander just a few months ago." as she would follow him.

The lift stopped again at the bridge, the doors opened slowly revealing the bridge of the girl. Everything was in the right place, it all smelled new and looked it as well. Caelen stepped onto the bridge, this was it, his new command, his own ship, this was it. Caelen walked towards the Captains chair with Kris following closely behind him. He slowly lowered himself into the centre chair and motioned Kris to take place in the XO's chair "We'd better get comfortable in these..." Caelen said "... we're going to spend a long time in these" he added looking proudly around him to scan the entire bridge.

With a sigh she'd let herself flop in the XO's chair, closing her eyes, leaning back. Slowly a smile would form, before she opened her eyes again and looked around at the entirety of the bridge. ".. Not bad. It's no galaxy, but .. Not bad." She'd admit to him. "This is my first post as XO .. I'm hoping that, perhaps, this time things will be different, and I might stay long enough to unpack."

"I'm sure we'll work something out" Caelen said looking at the XO, "my daughter loves unpacking" he added with a short laugh following. He knew that he should stop laughing over his own jokes but he couldn't help it.

She'd give him a smirk, then a nod, as her smirk turned into a smile. A warm, genuine smile. ".. thank you, Sir .. For taking me on. I'll certainly do my best not to disappoint you."

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