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Starbase Ronin

This is the homepage for the Play-By-E-Mail Sim "Starbase Ronin", part of Horizon Fleet, Task Force 22

Starbase Ronin (SB-G-47) is located in orbit around the planet Lethe IV, very near to the Romulan Neutral Zone (RNZ), so close even that one third of its year both the planet and the Starbase are within the RNZ. This makes for interesting politics and endless negotiations between the Romulans and the Federation. Join and start creating the history of the Future, Today!



In celebration of the one year existance of this sim and its wonderful crew some changes have been made on the website! There are even rumours that the Memorable Quotes page is being worked on! For now though you can look into the Bios of those who have been with this sim for at least six months and click the quote under their name to get an insight into the characters. On top of that there is the first Annual Starbase Ronin Awards Show!


U.S.S. Pegasus

Most of us here today have been on the USS Pegasus before moving to the Starbase, we have lost friends on that ship and we have fought for our lives. In return she has served us more then anyone could ever ask of a Starship, thank you Pegasus! It might have been a short run but it sure was a good one!