Pandora's Box #1 - "The Briefing and the Amazing Changing Colour man

OOC:  Hi folks, apologies for the delay in posting this, but here we go to bring Koso into the fold.
[Conference Room 3, Starbase 343]

Koso watched silently smiling as Commander LaBrie went about the briefing.  He filed all the information into memory and watched the reactions of the people around him.  One man seemed to be turning nearly as many colours as Koso, only mostly in the shades of green.  The Sulamid shifted his skin color a few shades back and forth in response, while tilting his head to one side curiously.  When he heard his name, Koso turned to the Commander.
"It is cargo of a scientific nature, and as such our new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Koso" he pointed out the unfamiliar face at the table to the rest of the people "will be in charge of the cargo for the duration of the mission" he looked around the table again to see understanding faces and a nauseous one.
Koso moved his head from side to side and made a clicking sound in agreement, and then grinned at everyone present.  So many interesting people, including the large cat across the table!  The Science Officer fidgeted with excitement.  He only wished his friend Bish were here.  Bish always took care of him and steered him away from the seedier spots of stations and the like.  Koso turned deep purple at the thought of why he had been late for this meeting.  He recalled the freighter Captain who had supposedly befreinded him on Outpost 25, and who had conned him into a "friendly" game of poker, which ended up with Koso losing a good deal of money and being late to the staff meeting. 
"The cargo contains artifacts found on Drake Prime, they are shipping the cargo from a freighter to the USS Pegasus as we speak" Caelen explained, "like I said they are high profile, that's why we are put on the mission is stead of a civilian freighter ... I don't have the specifics on the cargo but Lieutenant Koso will work on cataloging the cargo ... I don't want to have any unknown contents on my vessel again" he said realizing what happened last time they did beam aboard some unknown life pods.
The Sulamid opened his mouth for a moment to ask why there would be a planet named after his old Captain, but then shut it again, deciding that this was a question best left to the computer.  He looked again at the shifting colour man, and wondered how he was able to accomplish it.  It was an interesting trick of some humans.  His friend Bish had once done it after drinking a great deal of something called... Teh-kee-la.
"When we arrive on Earth I will have to get to the Starfleet Science centre for a debriefing... you will have a day of shore leave on Earth..." Caelen said thinking a bit "...or two..."
The mention of shoreleave on Earth made the Science Officer's ears perk up.  He had been there only once before, while in the Academy, and enjoyed it, though he never had gotten the chance to see anything outside campus.  He resolved to keep a promise he had made to Bish to try a 'hot-dog' (whatever that was) when they got there.
Petrova's announcement of the newly installed holodeck sent ripples of happiness across the room that Koso felt as well.  He grinned wider, enjoying the sight of happy people.  The addition of the holodeck would be idea for some experiments he had been planning.  Softly he sang to himself as he watched the Captain dismiss the meeting.  This would be a interesting posting indeed.

 Lieutenant Kosoandrisellapethio'andiello'drinar (Koso)
Chief Science Officer
USS Pegasus