Blue Ball- #1, 2: I don't care what they say about you...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig>>

Ryylar sat in his solitary cell. He had managed to get a little sleep and laid back on the bed in the cell, staring at the ceiling as he wished that someone would come visit him. Sitting in this little cell only reinforced the loneliness. With occasional jeers from the four lieutenants down the cell block being his only source of conversation, he was rather lonely.

Russell wanted to make sure everybody would get a shot of his medicine. Infected or not, this disease should have no chance of making it to Earth. The queues were a bit shorter now, when almost everybody had reported to sickbay to get the cure. He slipped out for a moment to visit the brig. He had heard there were several crew members locked up after a bar fight.

He walked into the brig and nodded to the security officer sitting next to the door. Russell recognized him, as he gave him a hypo about an hour ago. "I'm here to visit the prisoners." he said.

"Okay." the security officers said and led Russell to a cell with a Caitian inside. He lowered the forcefield and Russell stepped in. "Hello, I'm Doctor Russell D. Floyd." he greeted the big cat.

"Niccccce to meet you Doctorrrrrrr." He said, sitting up.

"What can I do forrrrrrr you?" He asked. Being in the brig meant he was out of the normal information loop and hadn't heard about the cure yet.

"I believe it's what I can do for you." Russell said with a smile. "I finally managed to find a cure for the thought speaking disease." he said while reaching for the hypo in his med kit.

"You have!?" He asked, his eyes widening as he vaulted up to his feet in excitement.

"That'ssss fantassssstic! You'rrrrrre a geniussssss doc! I knew you could do it!" He proudly exclaimed, having hoped for this day for a while now.

"Thanks for the compliment." Russell said. "But I've had some help with solving the puzzle." he said and put the hypo against the arm of the Cait. Before injecting it he warned Ryylar. "This works almost instantly, and when it does you might feel some sort of brain freeze." he explained the sensation he got when he tried the medicine om himself. Then the hypospray made it's trademark hissing sound.

"Arrrrrrrre you cccccerrrrrt--" He started and all of his large Caitian bulk immediately dropped to the floor of the cell with a heavy thud as the medication took effect.

Russell hadn't seen such a strong reaction to his cure and immediately sat down next to the Caitian. "Are you alright?" he asked. He put the hypo back in his kit and got his medical tricorder.

Unconscious, Ryylar lay there unmoving and unresponsive.

Russell scanned the Caitian. The tricorder showed that he had been knocked out. <That's not good.> he thought to himself and looked in his med kit for another hypo. He put in a firm stimulant to try and wake up Ryylar. He injected the hypo in the neck of the Caitian.

"Yow!" He said, his eyes flying open as he sat up with a jolt and nearly knocked Doctor Floyd over, shaking his head. His Caitian senses had been overloaded and he blinked, trying to clear his mind. <Doctor didn't take that into account? Come on, how genius can he be? > Ryylar thought. He didn't say it though. Grinning Ryylar leapt to his feet.

"Yahooooooo! It worrrrrrrked Doctorrrrrrr!" He beamed proudly.

"For a moment I thought you might be the only one having allergic reactions to the cure." Russell said relieved as he got up from the floor. "There was no way for me to test it." He straightend his uniform and picked up his hypo and put it back in the med kit. "Glad to be of help." he said looking at the Caitian.

"Thank you ssssssirrrrrrr." He said with a smile and a nod.

"You rrrrrrreally arrrrrre a geniussssss, I don't carrrrrre what anyone elsssssse sssssaysssss about you." He said with a joking chuckle.

"Hmm, what do they say about me?" Russell asked with a raised eyebrow and smiling slightly. He had some idea what it could be. He was wondering if Ryylar would confirm his 'suspicion'.

He chuckled.

"It wassssss a joke doctorrrrrrr, that'sssss why they made me Morrrrrrale officccccerrrrrr, becausssssse I have a sssssensssse of humorrrrrr." He chuckled and patted the doctor's shoulder.

"Bessssssidesssss, if anyone werrrrrre to sssssay anything, I'd be the firrrrrrrsssssst to tell them how wrrrrrrong they rrrrrrrreally arrrrre." He said with a firm nod.

"I'm the first to appreciate a good sense of humour." Russell laughed. "With everyone speaking their thoughts some better left unsaid opinions did pop out. I'm glad that's over."

Russell got a serious look on his face. "What does a morale officer do in the brig,if I may ask?"

"Wasssssste time." He said with a bit of a grimace. It wasn't like there was much to do here but waste time and wait for visitors.

"Hope forrrrrr visssssitorrrrrrssss." He added and then shrugged.

Russell looked a bit surprised at Ryylar. "What a place to waste some time." he said. "I knew there was a shortage in crew quarters, but it can't be this bad."

"Well when the Commanderrrrrrr of the sssssship thrrrrrrowssss you in herrrre forrrrrr decking sssssseverrrrral sssssuperrrrriorrrrr rrrrranking officccccerrrrrrssss afterrrrrr they ssssssexually harrrrrassssss a waittrrrressssss and sssssstarrrrrrt hurrrrrling rrrrrrracccccisssst insssssultsssss at you, then therrrrrre rrrrrrreally isssssn't much of a choicccccce issss therrrrrre?" he asked.

"Sexual harassment? They don't deserve to be superiour officers when they act like that." Russell said slightly agitated. "I might have acted the same way you did." he added.

"Everrrrrrryone ssssssaysssss that I did the rrrrrright thing... well exccccccept forrrrr the chief of sssssssecurrrrrrity." He said with a nod.

"You stood up for a just cause and made a decision in a split second." Russell said. "It's difficult to make the right decision in such short notice. It's to damn easy afterwards to say you would have done it different. You don't regret your actions?"

"I ssssssuppossssssse I have to if I'm being punisssssshed forrrrrr sssssstrrrrriking a ssssssuperrrrriorrrrr officcccerrrrr but trrrrrruth be told, I don't." He said with a nod.

"That'sssss what everrrrrryone ssssssaysssss, so I guesss it workssssss out in the end." He said with a shrug and a smile.

"I guess. But still, you're in here. Not for the long run, I hope? Russell asked.

"Fourrrrr dayssssss." He said with a nod, indicating he'd be out rather soon.

"Then you'll be out soon again." Russell said, trying to see it from the bright side. "Hope you're not claustrophobic."

"No, I figurrrrrrre if I could lasssssst a prrrrrrregnancccccy insssssside a rrrrrrrroom the sssssize of my head with half a dozen otherrrrrrr Caitiansssssss, I can handle a cccccccell." He said, chuckling.

"I see why they made you a Morale officer." Russell smiled. "You're the proprietor of the mess hall too, right? I believe you gave the place a real name now. Haven't been there in a while." he said trying to make some conversation. "I'll need to come and see what you did to the place."

"The Bellerrrrrrophon'sssss den, yeah it'sssss a nice placccce. When I get out of herrrrrrre I'll get you a drrrrrrrink therrrrrre." He said with a smile and nod.

"That's a deal then." Russell said. "I'd better check up on the other guests in here. Don't want to spread the disease to Earth." he added making his way out of the cell.

"All rrrrrrright doctorrrrrrr. I hope you have a good ssssshorrrrrrreleave." He said with a nod and smile as he watched the forcefield go down and then back up once Russell had left.


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Lt. (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus


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