Blue Ball-#3, 4: Challenges ahead

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig>>

Ryylar, having finished his conversation with Lieutenant Sulan and being inoculated by Doctor Floyd to rid him of the virus that had affected him just sat there quietly on the bed in his quarters. He hoped that perhaps Kristiana would come to visit him today. He missed her and wondered how she would react to the PADD he had sent her containing his thoughts.

Kristiana waited for Russell and Sulan to leave, before wandering into the brig area as well. She was carrying a suitcase, and dressed in a regular leisure outfit instead of her uniform. "Hey .." She'd speak quietly as she reached Ryylar's cell, sitting down on her suitcase. "How are you ?"

He smiled, sitting up as he looked at the angel. His angel.

"I'm doing asssss well assssss can be exxxxxpected." He said with a smile.

"Met Lieutenant Sulan, did you ?" Kristiana's expression turned a bit more fierce, at the memory of their own meeting, just before. "Did she treat you ok ?" "Assssss well assssss can be exxxxpected I guess. Doctorrrrrr Floyd howeverrrrrr wasssss rrrrrreally niccccce." He said with a smile as he stood, leaning against a wall.

"I misssssssed you." He said with a smile.

She'd nod, deciding to let the whole Sulan thing rest. The vulcan insulted Ryylar, but Kristiana made damn sure she knew what would happen if she continued to do that .. But that was all for when they were on-duty. And right now, there was shore-leave to be had. "Wanna get out of that cell ? For a little while, atleast ? You'll still have to complete your four days, but .. it'll be a break."

"I'd love to." He said with a bit of a smile, looking to her.

"Alright .. Computer, lower forcefield." as she rose to her feet again. "We have twenty hours of shoreleave .. Then you have to be back in here." Kristiana frowned a bit, leaning in to give Ryylar a hug and a soft kiss. "I had to pull in major favors to get this arranged, so I'm expecting you to be on your best behaviour .. But .. Judging from that PADD you sent me, I don't think that will be much of a problem .. "

He shook his head, swallowing hard at the mention of the PADD he sent her. He still didn't know how she would be taking it all. She had asked him not to change for her, but in essence he was, at least partly. He held her and kissed her in return.

"I love you." He whispered softly into her ear so only she would be able to hear it.

"I'll be back herrrrrre within the twenty hourrrrrssssss Krrrrrrissss." He said with a nod, confirming that he would abide by the restrictions.

She'd chuckle softly and nod "Ofcourse you will be .. Because I'm gonna make sure of it. And you're gonna spend those 20 hours with me." she stepped back to let him out of the cell. "We've arrived in an orbit over earth, and I've arranged for a shuttle, so we can head down to the surface and .. well, see my father .."

"Twenty hourrrrrrsssss sssssspent in the prrrrrrresssssencccccce of an angel issssss worrrrrrth an eterrrrrrrnity in hell." He said with a smile, reaching down to take Kristiana's hand in his own. On his left breast was tacked his only medal, his medal of distinction.

"I suggest you pack some warm clothes before we go .. It can be a bit nippy in Mother Russia, this time of year .. " Kristiana would tell him. "I'll wait for you in the shuttlebay." With a soft smile.

"Thanksssssss." He said with a smile as he kissed her gently on the lips before running off to his quarters to grab a few changes of clothes. A few precious minutes later he would jog into the shuttlebay, a bit out of breath from running everywhere. He hadn't wanted to waste any time doing mundane things when he could spend the time around Kristiana.

She was waiting outside one of the Peggy's two Type VI shuttlecraft .. smiled as Ryylar came running into the shuttlebay and stepped inside, starting the shuttle up. "Shuttlecraft Paramount to Pegasus, request launch clearance." The bay's doors would open .. "Pegasus to shuttle Paramount, clearance granted." "Thank you, Pegasus." Kristiana would reply as she started to pilot the small craft out.

He smiled, taking the seat beside her as she piloted the shuttle out of the Pegasus' main hangar, moving it towards the large blue and green and brown planet earth, white specks and whisps of cloud cover in its atmosphere blotting parts out.

"Sssssso wherrrrrre arrrrrre we going?" he asked her, gesturing for her to point it out from their orbit.

"We're going over there .." Kristiana would point to somewhere near the western edge of one of the largest continents. "That's Russia .. I'm from the town of Vengerovka. Well, just outside Vengerovka actually, that's where my family's farm is."

"Ssssssssoundssssss beautiful." He said with a smile as he took the rest of the trip as an opportunity to just watch her pilot the shuttlecraft.

She'd done it before, that much was certain. "I got your PADD .. " she'd speak after a few moments. Glancing at him for a bit, before continuing. "It .. surprised me, to say the least. And .. well, it made me think. About things. About what you're willing to give up, willing to change, just for me .. I .. don't know what to say, Ryylar. Except .. well .. " a hand reached out to rest on Ryylar's furry paw. ".. I love you."

He turned his paw over and took her hand in his.

"I love you too. I'm finally happy in yourrrrrr arrrrrmsssss. Forrrrr the firrrrrrssssst time in my life I don't feel like a total sssssscrrrrrrewup when I'm with you. I like that feeling and I want it to continue." He said softly as he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

She'd chuckle softly. "You know what would've changed the entire situation you're in ? If you'd stepped in front of those guys and let them throw the first punch .. If one of them had thrown the first punch, you could've torn them apart, and there wouldn't have been any law against it." "I know... But assssss it wasssss they werrrrrren't going to do that. They had plenty of opporrrrrtunitiessssss. I had walked away frrrrrrrom them beforrrrrre and then walked back. They knew what they werrrrrre doing. They kept theirrrrrr headssss thrrrrrrough the whole thing. Almossssst like it wasssss planned orrrrrrr sssssssomething." He said with a frown.

"Well .. Just .. Keep that in mind, in case there's a next time." She'd sigh softly as she continued her descent. The rolling hills and large farmlands became visible, way below them. "Therrrrrre won't be.... I won't allow you to be embarrrrrrasssssssed like that." He said with a shake of his head.

She'd frown at that, looking at him again, for a moment. "You're no embarassment to me, hon. In fact, you make me proud. There's not enough honorable men, knights in shining armor around nowadays." "I'm glad that I'm yourrrrrrsssss." He said with a smile, turning to her and squeezing her hand briefly.

A soft smile again as she manouvered the shuttle towards a small village. Wooden buildings, some stone but not much. It was almost like a holonovel from the past. She piloted towards a large farmhouse on the outskirts of town, starting to look more thoughtful and becoming more quiet as they neared it.

He smiled at it's archaic beauty. So much in the world changed, yet so much stayed the same. It was as if modern day mixed with the past here.

As she turned the shuttle to gently set it down behind the large farmhouse, an older man would emerge from the main building, looking skeptically at the shuttle. He looked stern, and in his late sixties. He used a cane for walking and had a slightly hunched over pose. He shook his head softly and was seen to mutter underneath his breath. Kris sighed, seeing him, shoulders slumping .. Then she put on her heavy fur coat, against the cold, and opened the shuttle door, to step outside and meet her father..

He blinked several times at the vision of the man, thinking that this was perhaps going to be the harshest father he had ever tried to convince of his intentions with their daughter. Putting on a heavier silver jacket, he stepped out behind her and closed the shuttle door to ensure snow wouldn't just blow into the craft.


A JP by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Some things are worse than borg armada's .. but have to be faced nonetheless."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "This could be my greatest challenge yet... meeting her father."