"Renegade Deception" - #1,2&3 - "Engage"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, USS Pegasus]

Caelen slowly but steadily walked out of his ready room where he had just been cleared for launch from the starbase, send out to get their Chief Diplomatic from a planet in the Romulan Neutral zone, several weeks of paperwork, kissing butts of high ranking admirals and meetings with Romulans who didn't even want any Federation ship within visual range of the Romulan Neutral Zone. "Time to gallop people" he said with a relieved tone in his voice, he was happy everything was out of the way, he could worry a bit less. Everyone who needed to be on the bridge was there, the Vulcan helm officer, the barely arrived Chief SecTac, his wife in the position of communications, their six foot Russian XO and off course, how could they forget, Ronald Evans, the Chief Operations, the only guy who manages to say the wrong things to three different people in one day.

Ronald had managed to say the wrong things to three people only by virtue that he hadn't met the rest yet. Kristiana looked up from her console and towards Caelen .. Gave a nod. "Got your clearance then, cap ? Very good." She would rise to her feet, tapping her combadge. =/\= Bridge to engineering. Activate warp core, prepare for immediate launch. =/\=

=/\= Aye aye! =/\= Lt. Black was excited. She tapped out the commands herself, on her console, and watched the enormous tube slowly begin to light up. She smiled and closed her eyes for a moment, listening to the hum slowly rise in pitch, then frowned slightly. "One of the harmonics is still a little off..." she murmured quietly to herself. Something to check later. She looked at her board, then looked up. =/\= Warp core active, Captain, my board shows all green. =/\=

"Engineering reports engines online, Sir." Kristiana would report to her CO, as she stood in front of her chair, arms folded over each other, watching the bridge crew.

Caelen nodded as he arrived at the center chair, he would slowly sit down. The engines now fully roaring, not hearable at all off course but it was as if he could feel it, taste it. The bay doors opened giving the Pegasus a clear way out into the vacuum of space. "helm, take us out, one quarter impulse" Caelen knew that sever captains of vessels in the past didn't like the quarter impulse rule but he just wanted to play it safe.

T'Rell just nodded and did his job, bringing the Pegasus slowly into motion out of the safety of stardock, into the real world, the cold world, the cold black space.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she watched the large opening grow even larger on the viewscreen, then the ship slowly moving through them. A soft but thoughtful smile would form as the ship cleared the outer doors. <And so it begins.> she quietly mused to herself. She'd give a glance to her CO, as if asking if she could give the order to go to the RNZ.

This was to good to give away, once in a lifetime a Commanding Officer would have the ability to order his ship into the RNZ without being court marshaled, there was no way he would let Kristiana do "Sorry Lieutenant" he whispered as he stood up again looking into the pitch black that was their viewscreen "Ensign T'Rell, set a course for Tarsonisus Prime, warp 6" he said with a broad smile covering his face.

The Vulcan looked over his shoulder "Sir, Tarsonisus is in..."

Caelen interrupted him "the Romulan Neutral Zone..." the smile would slowly go into a grin "...Engage" to inform the Chief Flight Control to give the Horse a kick in the side and let it dash into the RNZ, to get their Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Lt. Black sat back in satisfaction, watching the rings change color up and down the warp core as the ship slipped nicely and easily into warp speed. She smiled and closed her eyes, then frowned again, opening her eyes again. "Once we've stopped..." she mutters very quietly again. "I am going to see why that semitone is slightly off. I'm SURE of it." Kristiana gave a soft snort at the 'sorry lieutenant' and sat back down as the CO ordered the ship into warp. She'd wanted to do that, darnit. She shifted a bit to make comfortable in her XO's chair, then smiled again, pulling up a few status readings on her console and looking them over. Everything was going according to plan. So far.

"Warp six engaged sir, e.t.a. 12 hours" T'Rell said notifying the Commander of the flight plan.

With that behind them Caelen would have some time to get into contact with people, not seeing the need to stay on the bridge when he could do some important, administration, stuff. Caelen stood up again, his time in the center chair, though short, would stick in his mind forever. The first order he ever gave to his crew, setting out on the very first assignment, the start of what promises to be an adventures ride towards the unknown.


Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer


Lieutenant (junior grade) Kathleen Black Chief Engineering

USS Pegasus