That's my Q #92&93 - "When the Senior Staff goes AWOL"

-={On}=- [Main Operations, Starbase 47]

Sora stepped out of the lift and into OPS of the station. A young ensign walked up to her.

"May I ask the Commanders name and her purpose on this deck?"

"Lieutenant Commander Rel, who is in charge here?" The Ensign points over to the other side of the room and Sora walks over and presents herself.

"Ah yes... USS Soval... ehm... please hold that thought" a young Bajoran woman, but a mere Lieutenant junior grade, she was left in charge of the nightshift while all senior staff was celebrating and now that same staff was gone and she was in command. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Mayik, how can I be of service ma'am?"

Sora looked at the Lieutenant and raised an eyebrow slightly, "Where's your Commanding Officer?"

"You tell me ma'am and I swear I'll hug you..." Naru responded "...last thing I heard is that they had a costumed party and now they are missing, rumours are going that it was Q..." a PADD was forced into her hands and she quickly glanced it over before signing it and giving it back "...leaving me in effective command... would you please follow me" she motioned at the doors of the Captain's ready room and handed command over to another officer on the bridge.

Sora strolled calmly into the room as invited and sat down in a chair, crossing her legs, her hands placing themselves on her lap. She still had that eerily calm yet motherly aura about her.

"So..." Naru asked while sitting down "...the new Commanding Officer of the USS Soval... how does that feel?" she asked not really knowing how to address the woman, although technically she was higher in command the Soval was docked at SB47 and She was in command of that base, at the moment.

"It's no different than I expected--perhaps a little more paperwork than I'm used to." She smiled, "But I'm not worrying too much about that."

Naru put a hand through her hair "Trust me, you should" she smirked a bit before recomposing herself "ma'am" she quickly added. She sighed a bit "I will have some more paperwork for you to fill out, after that I can grant you permission to enter your vessel. Our Engineering crews are still working on them so... don't expect to much of her"

"That's perfectly all right, Lieutenant. I'm just happy to be the Commanding Officer right now."

"With the Chief Engineer missing I don't know how long it will be still..." Naru shrugged a bit "...but I'm sure the Engineering staff will manage until then... not to mention my faith in the Lieutenant that she'll be back soon" she smiled a bit nervously, hoping she wasn't lying "could I get you something to drink, ma'am?"

"Yes, just a tea will suffice, thank you." She smiled.

Naru stood up and walked up to the replicator "What flavour?"

"Surprise me."

Naru shook her head a bit and typed in her own favorite flavour, saved her the trouble of ordering twice "Sugar?"

"No, thank you."

Adding sugar to just one cup she walked back to the desk "there you go ma'am" she pushed the cup forward a bit. At that moment somebody walked through the door and handed Naru another PADD before leaving. "I don't know why you so want to become a Commanding Officer, it's nothing but chaos and people depending on you to know everything..." Naru remarked before looking up from the PADD " why did you become a CO?"

"Because I can make a difference." She said simply, sipping her tea.

Naru was reading the PADD, sipping her tea and listening to the Commander "I see..." she responded a bit absentminded "...well I'll have our quartermaster assign you to some quarters and the registration forms send to that room as well" she then stood up quickly "I hope you have a pleasant stay aboard our station, Commander, welcome aboard" she put out a hand.

Sora stood up, shook the Lieutenant's hand and replied, "Thank you, Lieutenant." She then turned and dismissed herself from the temporary CO's office.

Rubbing her head a bit Naru walked from behind the desk and after the Lieutenant Commander into Ops again, knowing that this would probably get worse before it got any better.


Lt. Cmdr. Sora Rel Commanding Officer USS Soval TF47-A


Lt (jg) Mayik Naru (NPC) Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) (as played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)