That's my Q # 94 - 95 - "Beldar Chronicles - Captured"


[Planet Earth - Dark Street - 2310 hrs]

OLD: Beldar stopped next to the wall of the building, leaned slightly against it, and fainted. The clouds hung over the city like a blanket and it started to rain. The water fell on the figure of Beldar whose life hung in the balance as his blood leaked from his shoulder wound.

NEW: Beldar's eyes fluttered open. It was still night but the stars were visible through partly cloudy skies. Beldar felt wet down to his underwear. A figure in a black robe and hood walked toward him. "What do you want?" Zorach struggled to ask the Q.

"It's not what I want, Beldar, it's what you want," Q responded, a useless, mysterious and probably a bit aggravating answer.

"You appear as a blunt skull, far inferior to descendants of Remulak. My life is complete. Your very presence here suggests that your life is incomplete, zipping around disturbing other lives. What of Charles Zorach? His life is as incomplete as yours."

"Haha!" Q responded in a mocking laugh "My life incomplete? I've been to every known universe... and even some unknown... I've seen things you couldn't even Imagine!" he looked into the eyes of Beldar "All this time in his body and you still haven't learned anything from him... you pretend that you do but the most important things... you forget..." Q stepped back and snapped his fingers, Beldar's arm was covered in a bright white light, being healed from his wounds " can't die yet, you're not finished here" he smirked a bit.

Beldar took a deep breath and leaned forward quickly hitting the Q on the head with his cone. "I learned to use my cone." Zorach pulled a Remulak communicator from his robe. "Strumtar, hit it," Zorach said.

Remulak Fuel Survey vessel Delta One dropped from a low Earth orbit directly over them. An energy field swallowed them and lifted them on board the vessel. Back in Earth orbit, a number of Remulak vessels approached Earth. "This is a fiction, Q. The fleet has arrived to finish Beldar's initial work. You mentioned the `most important things.' Family, loyalty, trust. I know these words well but Beldar isn't my teacher. Starfleet is my family. I am loyal to my Captain. And I trust in myself. I want to go back and be Charles Zorach. Pilot, sector sol one." Delta One started for a course toward the Sol system's sun.

"What do you think you're doing, beneath all that make up and that pity cone you are still human, Charles" Q said a bit mockingly "you do realize that, if I wanted, I could survive the Earth's sun and even if I couldn't I could go away from here with a single snap of my fingers... so all you're doing is getting yourself killed..." he folded his arms and smiled at Charles " what are you trying to accomplish Mister Zorach?"

"This whole existence is built by you, Q. You made me Beldar, I don't know why. You really don't know me at all. You don't really know humans either. Oh, you look like a human but you don't know what it is to be human. Why don't you live in my shoes. I was a fighter pilot, an ace. But I got grounded and yea, it's worse than death. The only thing I want to do is be a human and fly fighters in my own century. Beldar is a joke. And so are you. I was getting along nicely at the party, met a nice woman, Cleopatra. What have you done with her, Q? What do you want with me?"

"I Think an old Earthen saying pretty much sums that up..." Q responded, getting ready to snap his fingers and disappear "...that is for me to know, and for you to find out" he snapped his fingers and in a white haze of light he disappeared from the conehead ship.

Beldar watched the Q disappear and turned toward the bridge view screen and the huge sun quickly approaching. "Pilot, 180 degrees about," Beldar said and Strumtar nodded.

"So, Beldar or should I address you as Zorach? Nevermind, you're under arrest. Pilot, mark a course for Remulak," Strumtar said.


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