"That's my Q" #91 - "On Duty"


[Starbase Ronin]

The brand new senior crew had vanished, but they were just that, new... and the station could continue without them for a little while. Business was still being conducted, visitors still arriving and departing. Wherever that was happening, a security officer could find a useful place to be.

The young woman in Security uniform stood quietly at one of the docking sections, watching people enter and exit the station, keeping an eye out for trouble. She remained still, calm, her dark brown hair pulled up into a neat twist, her amber-green eyes appearing to remain still, like a statue. She looked entirely Vulcan like this, no passion, only her curiosity showing now and then as she watched.

The senior crew might be mysteriously disappeared, but Ensign Damaris was on the job. If the station collapsed into chaos, it would not be for lack of watchfulness on her part.


Ready to interact:

Ensign Damaris (NPC'd by the player of Kathleen Black)