"That's my Q" #89 = 90 "Fall from Grace"


<Bathory Castle>

Matthias took a deep breath. this day had been long in coming. For years rumours and horror stories of 'the castle on the hill" had terrified the populace of the neighbouring villages. Well, it had come to the point where it had to stop. At the head of a small band of villagers armed with old swords and pitchforks, Matthias was fighting for his family, for his children.

"Are you sure about this, Matthias?" His friend Stephen asked, worriedly.

"No, but I am sure I don't want my daughter's children growing up in fear like mine did."

They had found it very easy to enter the castle, almost too easy. They had scoured the building, and had come at last to this door to the basement. Matthias looked at the assembled group behind him. Made up of law officials like himself as well as regular villagers, it looked like a group easily able to handle a single old woman, but Mathias was unsure. He pushed open the door, and started down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs was a sight enough to chill anyone's heart. A small number of naked teen girls, chained up to the wall, in various states of alive - one only lightly wounded, a few more heavily cut and weakened from bloodloss. And one, already dead. Many a cut and bruise adorned her lifeless, bloodsoaked body, with fresh blood streaming from a deep, deep cut in her throat.

Off to the side stood two startled servants. Wearing cheap servant clothes, light bloodspatter on them, they stared at the law enforcement officers in shock, and slowly stepped back, holding their hands up defensively.

And before the corpse of the naked teen stood Erszebeth Bathory, in all her gory glory. Her rich, red velvet court gown stained deeply by heavy bloodspatter, some of the virgin's carmine red staining the woman's face, even. She also had a look of shock and horror over her, but not at the presence of the policemen, but at what she had done, just moments earlier ..

Then noticing the group there for only one reason - to arrest her - she dropped the bloodied knife she was holding and stared at them in disbelief. "N-no, wait - y-you've got it all wrong - I'm not - I mean - I'm . . Petrova .. Kristiana Petrova !" she tried to explain.

"Countess Erszebeth Bathory, by the power invested in me by the state of Hungary, you are under arrest for murder and torture of innocents. If you surrender now, you will not be harmed, and you are guaranteed a fair trial." Matthias spoke.

".. I'm not Bathory !" She tried to explain again. "I am Kristiana Petrova .. And I .. I don't belong here .. right ?" Confusion setting in again. "I shouldn't be here !"

Matthias drew his sword and stepped forward. "We will use force, Bathory."

Kristiana took over completely, now, as Erszebeth's first instinct was to fall to her knees and beg them to spare her - this, Kristiana felt, was a great show of weakness. She was innocent - she was Kristiana Petrova - and she wasn't going to let these guys take her. Narrowing eyes, taking a half a step back, then suddenly she burst forward, aiming a shattering uppercut to Matthias face. "You won't take me !" she hollered.

Matthias went flying backwards. "TAKE HER!" He yelled. The eight men closed on Barthory, shocked at what she had just done.

Kristiana quickly stepped back and crouched down to take her knife again, seeing herself cornered by eight men. She brandished the weapon as she slipped into a fluid, defensive pose, waiting for the first guy to try and come near her. She knew they were armed with swords and she had just a knife - but she also knew how to use that knife, and the weakness of the types of shortswords used by these guards.

She nimbly sidestepped, minding the length of her dress, as the sword strike went wide, and she threw her dagger up in the air for a split second, catching it in her other hand and with a slicing motion slashed at the man's shoulder, trying to disarm him as her attention was already on the next man.

He grabbed his shoulder, dropping his sword, gasping. Blood splattering from the wound as he staggered aside. The next man swung his blade wildly at her head.

She ducked - though not fast enough and felt a portion of her hair cut off by the sword's swing - taking a half a step back again, half turning on her feet to position herself right, she took a quick slash at the guy's chest.

Matthias circled warily, watching as his men engaged the harlot. Her moves were terrifying in their efficiency. He had never seen a man fight like that, let alone a woman! He watched as Tomas ducked backwards, grabbing a chair to swing at the woman.

Stefan, the man she had slashed at, stepped backwards, narrowly avoiding the blade. He wavered, uncertain in his balance.

Kristiana followed up her swing with a swift turn and a fierce snap kick to shatter the chair swung at her - splintering it and reducing it to cinders, glancing around the group, quickly, eyes narrowed, panting a bit, she found herself surrounded, outnumbered, tiring, barely able to move in this long flowing gown.

Matthias saw her begin to tire. "Give it up woman - you can't win." He growled. "We have you outnumbered." His eyes unconsciously flicked to Stefan, sneaking up behind Bathory.

"I've fought more and harder men than you." Kris sneered, taking over from Erszebeth completely, now. She knew it was too late. She knew that it was either fight and flee or surrender and die. She knew the story, how Bathory was arrested .. tried .. and puniched. And she wasn't about to let that happen to her. Seeing a chance opening - she lunged forward, at Matthias, dagger poised to strike.

Time seemed to slow to almost a stop as the woman moved forward. He saw Stefan coming up behind her as she came to him. Realising that this was their best and possibly only chance to stop this monster, he made a split second decision.

"This is for my grandchildren." He growled, and stepped forward. Bathory's eyes widened as he allowed the blade to slip into his stomach. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into him. "Die, bitch." He said with the last of his strength.

As the woman struck and he started to slip into unconsciousness, he saw Stefan rear up and start to bring down his sword on Bathory with enough power to split her skull.

Kristiana sidestepped as soon as her dagger hit home - held by his arm - feeling the sense of doom in his words - trying to turn around, but a sharp pain in her back and a sickening, tearing sound stopped her - gasping in shock, she felt the warmth of her blood streaming out of the wound. Wavering, dropping her knife, knees failing, she collapsed to the ground, vision turning to red then to black.


Kristiana Petrova / Erszebeth Bathory Executive Officer Blood Countess


Matthias, Stefan and various concerned lawmen NPC'd by Hannah

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