That's My Q #59 - "Oops."


The being that was Kathleen Black mixed with Amelia Earhart's memories and emotions was in a good mood altogether as she reached her... Amelia's... own home. She'd be leaving on that flight soon enough, and hopefully would not have to worry about this whole interpersonal conflict anymore. Both halves would be in total agreement, not like now, when Amelia didn't know how to feel and Kitty was torn between the proper behavior towards Amelia's husband and her unabated yearning for her boyfriend. The fact that Amelia though Noonan was cute didn't help.

"You're an idiot," Kitty told Amelia yet again. "Your husband loves you, and you should trust him, open up to him." Amelia was stubborn. She was afraid to hold him to any standard of fidelity, and couldn't bring herself to commit wholly to him otherwise. "That was a mistake," Kitty said. "Whether or not he's had other women before you, he can still be faithful to you now." Amelia stuck to her decision. It was too much to expect of him, or any man. This wasn't the medieval times. This was modern times. "You say that," Kitty said quietly and sadly, "but you still yearn for that soulmate feeling, and you can have it if you open up and give him a chance to do this for you."

Setting aside that whole argument for the time being, she walked up to the house, considering what she might do that night. She ought to make it nice for him somehow. There were many things she wouldn't, couldn't do... but maybe she should suggest that they have dinner out. That would be nice. She could dress up a little and they could go out somewhere to eat. Even if they had nothing much to say to each other, at least she would have tried. She headed up the front steps and in through the kitchen door. "I'm home..."

George Putnam, her husband, was sitting in the kitchen, reading a book. He loved to read. Well, there were things he'd rather be doing, but wanting to give his wife the space she so seemed to need, he turned to reading instead. Business journals, the stock exchange, financial reports, things like that interested him most. " .. Hello Amelia." he spoke, as his wife entered. Brows furrowed a bit, he closed his book and set it aside. "How was your day ? Is your navigator all you'd hoped ?"

"Oh definitely." Kitty more than Amelia replied automatically, brightly, and without a second thought. "This is going to work out perfectly fine. We're working out the last of the kinks, but I really think this flight is going to go without a hitch." Then she paused, Amelia's memories making her a little more cautious. <He isn't pleased>, it said. "Uh... how was your day?"

'Isn't pleased' was an understatement, though he hid it well. "It was the same as always. Sitting here, alone, worrying about the woman I married .." he said, looking straight at her. ".. Because I'm not sure I can actually call you my Wife .. And all that that entails."

"What do you mean by that?" Amelia asked sharply. Kitty cringed inwardly, suddenly feeling quite lost in a landscape of looks and voices. Amelia wouldn't admit to herself that her heart just felt like it dropped into her stomach. Kitty felt the lurch, but didn't know how to feel about that... and Amelia's personality came to the fore.

".. Because Proper wives don't go spending half the day in the arms of a man they just met, Amelia." George spoke, still his voice calm. He tilted his head a bit, looking straight at her, folding his hands together in front of him.

Amelia blinked in response. "It's not what you think," she instantly replied defensively. "He's just a friend!"

George eyes narrowed as he rose to his feet. ".. 'Just a friend' .. You met him for the first time in your life, today, and you already give him a LOT more affection than me, your husband of years. Don't you think that is a Little bit crooked, Amelia ? I've never deceived you, been always completely honest with you - never cheated on you, never will - I've always turned down any advance by any woman, because of you - and this is how you repay me ?!"

"I never asked that of you," Amelia snapped back. "And I didn't Just meet him today, he was with the other group. It's just the first time we've really met on our own, without the rest of the previous crew. And I didn't..." Her voice choked off as she was about to deny giving Noonan/Evans any affection... because Kitty most certainly, definitely did.

".. And .. you .. didn't .. What ?" he asked, eyes narrowing. He was angry now, more so than she'd ever seen him before, for any reason whatsoever, but he was still in perfect and complete control of himself.

Amelia's eyes widened. She could sense the anger, and all she could think of was her alcoholic father. She took a half-step back, suddenly feeling a fear that Kitty couldn't begin to understand. But she remained defensive. "Who's been talking to you?" she insisted. "What did they say about me?"

The anger being pushed back, as George exhibited a self-control matched by few men, and he forced himself to be calm, as calm as calm could be, right now. "Who saw you is not important. As is - I guess - our marriage. At least, to you." He sighed, shoulders slumping. "I am disappointed, Amelia. Deeply disappointed. You agree to this marriage as much as I did. You spoke the vows .. " as he turned towards the exit. " .. And you're breaking them."

Amelia, on the other hand, did not remain calm. "You idiot!" she shouted at him. "I never 'had' anyone else!" She just blurted that out without a second thought... and then paused, frowning. She glanced away.

".. You do, now." he answered, quietly, as he stepped out of the kitchen, heading towards his bedroom. His .. What should have been Theirs.

Amelia again took over... entirely took over. She ran over to him, standing in his path. She pounded her fist on his strong shoulder and then grabbed hold of his shirt. So much shorter and smaller, but full of energy nonetheless. "I. Never. Slept. With. Anyone. Else." she insisted, looking him right in the eyes, her own eyes suddenly wild. Then she released him, turned, and stormed clear out of the house, slamming the kitchen door as hard as she could.

He let her have her moment of rage. Hell, he wasn't going to be able to stop her anyways, not without causing her pain. A deep sigh as he watched her leave, whispering words unheard. ".. I know .. But you don't give me hugs anymore .." as shoulders slumped a bit, and he went to his bed, to collapse and think.

Amelia stomped her foot, just outside the house, then she set out walking. Both personality parts, both memories... Kitty and Amelia both felt very, very alone.


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Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engeineer Starbase Ronin

Amelia's husband NPC'd by Lert/Petrova