OOC: Numbers and Docking

Hi Crew!

First off, sorry for screwing up the numbering, I numbered my post 58 while it should've been 85... so Joy's post actually was 86&87... The NEXT post should be 88 (and if it's a JP, even if the original character of the player does not occur, it should be numbered accordingly)

Secondly We have a ship Docking with us! You might wonder how we're going to pull this off while the Entire Senior Staff (and then some) has disappeared... well it's easy... Everybody can make NPCs (or for those who already did, use them) for interaction with the Soval Crew!

For any questions you can look in the Database for my contact details and Contact me! ;)

John a.k.a. Captain Caelen LaBrie

ps. I'm also working on several special things to add to the site in honour of our 12th month of activity! :D