That's my Q # 84 - "Beldar Chronicles - Surrender"


[Planet Earth - Dark Street - 2110 hrs]

The streets leading away from the harbor were oddly quiet after several fire trucks and police cars roared across them. Beldar didn't see any cabbies down this length of street. He had been walking for what seemed like hours. With the absence of blunt skulls, Zorach considered what would come next.

<The Q. The species was so far above humanity in the 24-th century that a comparison was mute. Intelligence reports on the subject of the Q were rather lacking in how to deal with them. One passage reflects the attitude of Starfleet HQ, avoid the Q.> Zorach thought.

Beldar had wrapped his shoulder wound in a way to soak up the blood but the makeshift dressing was rapidly becoming saturated. The blunt skulls simply would not understand why his blood was not red and maybe attempt to quarantine him. Remaining at the site of the harbor attack was definitely not a good choice. Walking was becoming slow. His cone felt like a ton of bricks.

"Shock, that's it. I'm going into shock," Beldar stated. A rat crossed his path and it looked delicious but he didn't have the strength to bend over to catch.

"Q! What do you want? I'm Beldar of Remulak and I know what his life is like. Do you want me to die as Beldar?" Zorach yelled. He continued, "His life is better than mine. A loving mate, a child. Family. His own business. Mass quantities. I surrender. You hear me Q, I surrender. I'm not moving another step until Q gives me an audience."

Beldar stopped next to the wall of the building, leaned slightly against it, and fainted. The clouds hung over the city like a blanket and it started to rain. The water fell on the figure of Beldar whose life hung in the balance as his blood leaked from his shoulder wound.


Beldar of Remulak Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)