That's my Q #82, 83 - The death of the women...

ON: <<Castle Draculea, Carpathian Mountains>>

Van Helsing furrowed his brows, looking up at the castle. He gave a curt nod, then narrowed his eyes, loading up his crossbow and removing the safety latch - stepping forward and knocking on the door.

The door opened after a few sharp raps, though no servant stood by to draw the great oaken door back. The keep of the castle up on the steep hillside stood a daunting figure and though torches lit the place nicely, they also created long shadows with dark snaky tendrils that seemed to reach out and grab at their surroundings.

The good doctor knew these places. And he wasn't going to let these shadows play their tricks on him. He wandered on inside, cautiously, looking around. "I'm looking for the lord or the lady of the house !" he announced.

The only reply was his own voice echoing through the stone vaults and chambers of the castle. The shadows curled and flickered in the torchlight and followed the most christian physician.

".. God watch over me." he spoke quietly, resting a hand over his pocket-sized bible, kept - where else - in his pocket, as he continued onwards, through the main entry hall.

There wasn't much sound other than his footfalls, his occasional invocations of the Father, and the crackling of torches. Even those were somehow muted, as if the pall of death hung over to dampen any sound of life.

Eventually reaching the stairs. Afraid, but not terrified, his mind focused on the purpose at hand - to vanquish an evil far, far too great to be allowed loose upon the world. Making his way up the staircase.

Through the twisting steep staircases, the torches would thin, presenting small light spots of glowing orange radiance along the walls, with spans of blackness between. The stairs finally leveled out to a broad hallway lined with tapestries.

Pausing a moment, glancing around, part of him appreciating the beauty and richness of this place. Perchance, when victory was his and this castle was cleansed, he'd wander around it's halls once more.

The torches stopped giving their comforting warmth and light, but at the end of the hall was a door cracked slightly ajar with soft candlelight flickering and shimmering from within.

Eyes narrowed to mere slits as he felt that he was nearing his goal. Stepping onwards, his footfalls echoing emptily through the corridor, pausing a moment as he reached the door, then kicking it open.

Three maidens slept soundly inside in various states of dress, one completely disrobed. The entrails and remains of a child, perhaps only four or five lay nearby scattered with a few older bones.

A soft growl escaping him as he saw the scene before him. Stepping back, readying his crossbow and several stakes, he shouted - "Wake up, ye fiends of darkness, servants of Satan ! Wake up and meet your doom !" For he would not kill a defenseless being - not even if they Were hellspawn, like these women.

An ear piercing screech filled the room as the first woman bolted awake and bared her fangs. The others quickly awoke with the alarm raised by their sister.

Eyes still narrowed to mere vicious slits as he calmly took aim with his crossbow and let fly his wooden bolt - aimed straight at the heart area of the first bride that awoke - the leader of the three - the nude one. Dropping his crossbow the moment the bolt was loosed, quickly drawing two wooden stakes and moving into a defensive position.

Her breast was pierced and surprise covered her face as she fell back dead, her body quickly turning to ash. The other two cried in agony and rage and charged the doctor.

Half stepping back, remaining calm and in control, bringing his stakes forward like daggers, waiting the split second for the right opportunity, then ducking down into a forward roll, extending both arms, and jabbing the stakes towards the other two women's chest area's, with cold calculating precision.

The two both shrieked in anger and rage, falling back as they too turned to ash, the three vampiress' of the wicked Dracula now lay dead.

"... Requiescat in Pace." he spoke, rising to his feet again, sheething the stakes in his pockets again. Now came the part he dreaded most .. Collecting the remains of the Brides' victims, and honoring their deaths, to enable them to pass peacefully into the next realm. With a lone tear in his eye, he set about this gruesome task, that had befallen him.


Doctor Van Helsing (NPC'd by Petrova)

The Brides of Dracula (NPC'd by Ryylar)