That's my Q - #81 "Puberty Strikes Once More"

ON: [The Capulet House]

Hannah opened her eyes slowly. Jesse had slipped out before dawn and she had taken the opportunity to catch a few hours of sleep before she had to face another day in someone else's body.

When, bright and early, there was a knock on Juliet's door. A voice sounded from the other side of the rich oak door-paneling. "Rise and shine, miss Juliet. Breakfast is ready in the dining room."

Hannah frowned. She took a deep breath, and climbed out of the bed. (This took a while, given the its size.) She padded to the door in her nightdress, and started downstairs. She let her feet guide her to what she assumed was the dining room.

"You're going to breakfast like that, milady ?" The stunned servant exclaimed. "I have your red court dress prepared for you, as per your mother's instructions. She asked me to send you her way after breakfast."

"Oh...uh...OK." Hannah said. She sat down at the table, and started to tuck in. "How does she seem this morning?"

"She seems a bit quiet and thoughtful, milady." the servant responded. "Are the pancakes to your liking ? Not too cold ?"

"No, no - they're fine." Hannah said, as she finished up. "Uh...where's the red dress you mentioned?"

"Back in your dressing room, milady .." The servant seemed a bit worried now. "Are you sure you're alright ? Do you want me to summon the healer ?"

"I'm fine...I just uh...didn't sleep too well last night." Hannah tried to cover. "Anyway, I'll just...uh...go and get dressed, I guess."

A nod from the servant. ".. Do you want me to bring you to the dressing room, milady ? I shalln't tell the others .." realising that Juliet didn't seem like herself very much.

"Thanks..." Hannah said, smiling.

And the servant brought Hannah Capulet to her dressing room. Several wardrobes standing by, with the Red Court Dress laid carefully over a dresser. "I shall leave you to it, milady." The servant spoke, then turned to exit, giving Juliet some privacy.

After some difficulty, Hannah managed to get the dress on, and let the servant take her to the room where her mother was waiting. She knocked timidly on the door.

"Come in !" sounded a cheerful, proud voice. Sitting, knitting, at a window overlooking their splendid gardens, sat a middle-aged woman with greying hair. Smiling warmly when Juliet / Hannah entered, she put her knitting down and moved to give the much younger woman a dear, tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. "How are you, my Juliet - come, sit, we need to talk .."

Hannah sat down. "How are you today...mother."

"I am well, but concerned." As she sat down again as well and picked up her needles and thread to continue her silly little knitting project. "Concerned about you. One of our servants saw someone sneak out of your room last night .. What was that about ?"

"Oh...uh...out of my room?" Hannah said, trying to buy some time.

"Mmhm. Yes. Through the window, no less." Juliet's mother peered at her daughter curiously, but with slightly narrowed eyes. "Now the only reason I can think of why you would need to be secretive about it, if it was someone you knew I would not approve of .. "

"Well, I mean...he was..." Hannah found herself squirming. What was she? 16?...And then she realised that that was exactly what she was.

".. He .. was .. What ?" The mother asked, setting her knitting project aside again, turning her full attention to her daughter. "So you Do admit that you were .. entertaining someone - a man, even - that you know I wouldn't approve of ?"

"Uh...maybe?" Hannah ventured.

"Don't play games with me - you're my daughter and I love you very much, but as long as you live in This house, you will follow My rules. Alright, peach ?" The mother replied. "Now, who was he ? And why was he in your room ?"

"Uh...Gremio..." Hannah said, coming up with a name on the spot.

"Gremio, huh .." The mother spoke, not at all convinced. "I think you're lying, and that you're trying to protect some worthless, good-for-nothing little Montague piglet. Gremio - pah."

"How dare you call him that?" Juliet said, before Hannah could craft a reply. <Oh great. That's just great. This is getting irritating.>

The mother simply tilted her head a bit, peering at Juliet, as she rose to her full, slightly less-than-impressive 5'2" height (Though she made up for it in circumference and attitude) .. "So you admit that you're seeing a Montague ?! Have you forgotten that We Do Not Socialise with that .. that .. rabble ! That riff-raff ! They are beneath us, peach ! I forbid you to have Any contact with Any of them, Especially that 'Fremio' character !"

"And how do you intend to stop me?" Hannah's natural stubbornness started to come through. She stood up herself, impressed by the height she'd gained by losing ten years.

A wicked 'smile' forming on the mother's face, as she looked up to Juliet. "I'm glad you asked." Then calling out in her screeching voice "SERGIO ! Escort Juliet to her room and make sure she doesn't leave, un-escorted ! And make sure there's someone outside her window at all times so she can't escape that way either."

"You would put me under armed guard?" Hannah said, in disbelief. "You wouldn't dare."

"When there's a Montague Piglet interested in taking My daughter, a pureblood Capulet's honor, you better believe I'll go to Any lenghts. Now, off with you ! Until you learn some respect for your dear old mother, who's just trying to look after the family's position !" the mother shouted, cheeks turning a bit red, as the gentle giant known as Sergio gently took Juliet's hand, and urged her out of this room, away from the fury that was Mama Capulet.

"Get off me." Juliet shook off Sergio. "You're going to have to tie me down to stop me, old woman!"

"Please, come, Milady. I'll make you some chocolate milk, you always love that .." Sergio spoke, quietly, gently, not forcing Juliet. "You know how your mother gets .. She'll be a lot calmer come the evening."

"Back off, Sergio." Hannah/Juliet didn't even move her eyes from her mother's face.

The Mother simply glared at Juliet and suddenly struck out, with the back of her hand. No daughter of HERS would EVER dare defy her. Not while SHE reigned supreme over the Capulet household. Sergio winced, and - before Juliet could recover, tried to more forcefully pull her away from this hastily escalating situation.

Juliet burst into tears, abut attempted to stand. In her confusion, however, Hannah was able to regain control. Wisely she allowed Sergio to remove her from the situation, and take her upstairs.

Before going upstairs, though, the gentle giant of few words brought Juliet to the kitchen, where he sat her down on a chair, and set about making her a cup of hot coco. "There there .." he spoke, examining her cheek a bit. "I'll get you some ice." which .. he promptly did. Making sure not to leave her alone in the room for fear of her making off.

Hannah just allowed Juliet to stay still with her head down. Hannah's mind was already racing, however, plotting how to get out of this situation.



Mama Capulet played by lert