That's my Q # 33 - 34 - "Beldar meets Juliet"


[Starbase Ronin - Recreation Deck - Costume Party]

The mingling was the interesting part of the party. Zorach acquired another drink and turned toward a woman who looked as beautiful as a Juliet according to her custom at least. "Are you a princess or something?" Zorach asked.

Hannah O'Driscoll laughed. "Juliet, from the Shakespeare play. And yourself?"

"Beldar of Remulak. He was an old television comedy character. He was an alien from Remulak and consumed mass quantities of everything. When excited, he says, Mip!"

Hannah raised an eyebrow. "Riiight..."

Zorach smiled. "Surely, you are curious what these rings are for?" He took a sip of his drink.

"I guess," Hannah said. She really wasn't interested. <I hope Jesse gets back soon...>

"Sensor rings. Beldar uses them to initiate mating rituals. Intelligence HQ reached me a few days ago. They want to send 24 counterintelligence operatives to be function out of the Starbase. Any opinion?"

Hannah shook her head at the sudden change in subject. "24? Seems like a lot for one Starbase."

"I haven't sent them a reply just yet. I wanted to run it by the Captain. But, I think it's a mistake to have them operate out of this Starbase. Romulans know we have such capability but they are always guessing where their home is." Zorach watched her eyes. <She's waiting for someone.>

Hannah nodded. "No complaints here."

Zorach took a sip of his drink. "Who's the tall green guy in the corner?"

"Chief Comms Officer," Hannah said. "I think he's supposed to be Frankenstein."

Zorach laughed. "Ah, the bolts, of course. For a second, I thought he was the Hulk. So, Juliet, you like plays about tragedy or love and it's press to drive people to their fates?"

Hannah shrugged. "When they're well-written."

"Romeo and Juliet might have ended in joy if they just eloped. You are a very beautiful Juliet. The Commander is lucky to have you."

Hannah blushed. "Thank you Sir."

"What was the best part of the play for you?" Zorach asked. He tried to remember the other works of Shakespeare but nothing was popping up.

"The balcony scene." Hannah smiled. "The writing, the interplay between the two's beautiful."

"You are a romantic. Young love is such a touching event," Zorach said.

Hannah smiled. "I guess I am at that. What about you?"

"I like to think so." He chuckled. "I've done some hard things in my past flying. Lost friends. You like ice cream?"

"Absolutely." Hannah said, just rolling with the subject changes now."

"What's your favorite? Let me guess, you look like someone who likes chocolate," Zorach grinned.

Hannah laughed. "Got it in one."

"I do have some intelligence skills. Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?"

Hannah laughed. <What is it with me today? He's the fourth person, not including my boyfriend to hit on me tonight...> She smiled inwardly. <Must be the cleavage.> "Are you hitting on me, Sir?" She said, for the second time tonight.

"If there's anything I learned from flying fighters, it's to live the moment. Friends can have dinner. I'm being friendly not a heel," Zorach replied. <Someone once accused him of being a heel and breaking up a relationship but he pounded that guy to get a retraction.>

Hannah smiled. "Well then, dinner as friends sounds like fun."

"Great. It's a nice party. There's someone over there that needs rescuing I think." <Mission accomplished.> Zorach thought.

"Really? Who?" Hannah turned around.

"Cleopatra," Zorach said. "She's very pretty, isn't she?"

"Yeah." Hannah grinned. "Maybe you should go invite her to dinner too." She teased.

Zorach smiled. "Still a romantic. Have a good evening."


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Juliet Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 47

Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47) "Beldar of Remulak"