"That's my Q" #31 - 32 "Bye bye cheer, hello depressed !"


<Costume Party, SB47>

Kitty was still having a great time at this party, probably in part because she hadn't had any alcohol at all. She glanced around, looking for anyone else she recognized, and waved brightly and cheerily at Petrova from nearly across the room. Some heads turned

Kristiana blinked as she saw Amelia Earhardt wave at her, and smirked, deciding to head over. Stalking with purposeful, though still sensual strides, befitting her luscious lustful grand gothic gown - including subtle 'blood'-drops, she headed over towards Kitty and grinned at the shorter female once near, speaking in a faux hungarian accent. "My oh my .. Such sweet supple skin, such youthful beauty, a purrrrfect specimen to prolong my own radiance with .."

"Wha?" Kitty hadn't expected that at all and looked completely confused. "Skin? Specimen? What in the world are you talking about?" She gave her drink a suspicous look. "I didn't Think there was any alcohol in this..."

Kristiana blinked, then laughed, shaking her head a bit. "The .. effect of what I said is better when you actually know who I'm dressed as." the elder redhead spoke.

"Someone in a really pretty gown of the sort I could never wear," Kitty said entirely cluelessly, then smiled. "Sorry if I wrecked the mood."

Kristiana chuckled softly. "I am dressed as Countess Erszebeth Bathory." as she showed her slender dagger, twirling it expertly between experienced fingers for a moment, then indicating to the faux blood droplets on her cleavage and chest. "She is known as the 'blood countess' and is said to have murdered around 600 beautiful young women, to bathe in their blood. This, she believed, let her keep her youthful beauty."

"Beautiful young women?" Kitty blinked and then her eyes widened in surprise. "Uh........... Oh. Oh!" And then she did look properly alarmed. "Goodness!"

Kristiana very much enjoyed the look of dawning doom on Kitty's face, and quietly slipped back into her role again - carefully tracing the dulled tip of her dagger along Kitty's shoulder. "So, you see .. I am very .. pleased .. to see you here."

"Ah... Uhm..." A momentary look of panic as Kitty's imagination worked all too well, then she pointed across the room. "I bet you'd have to get through my navigator, first."

"Oh I already softened him up with some well-placed compliments." Kristiana smiled wickedly, stepping back again - she knew she could tease Kitty more, but - unlike with Hannah, she wasn't sure Kitty would take it as just that, innocent teasing.

Kitty chuckled. "That'll make his day. Boy, am I glad to see you back here. You can have your XO job back and welcome!"

Petrova smiled. "Thanks. It feels good to be appreciated and welcomed. And I'll be glad to have my job back. Though I hear you've been doing a decent job of it, as well."

"Oh gee, who told you That?" Kitty shook her head. "I think I just made a muddle of everything! Actually... I'm not sure I actually did that much to cause the muddle, it didn't seem to need much of My help."

"Still. Everyone's back and in one peace. And we got a nifty starbase to play with." Kristiana nodded. "Not bad at all."

"A very large Engineering!" Kitty's eyes lit up. "And all these new ships to help fix! Some Romulan ones, too!"

Kristiana chuckled. "Are you sure you're in the right outfit ? Shouldn't You be dressed as she mechanic ?"

"That's what I wondered," Kitty said with a chuckle. "But Evans maintains that he doesn't know How to fly a plane."

"And you do ?" Kristiana smiled. "A plane is very different from a boat. I know I wouldn't be able to fly anything more hands-on than an automated shuttle or runabout .."

Kitty spread her hands innocently. "Not me, I haven't the slightest clue how to fly a plane." She chuckled brightly.

"Well then, there we go." Petroca nodded. "So how was your vacation ?"

"It was.. well.. exciting. And fascinating. And we got into a spot of trouble in the boat race. But mostly, it was good." Kitty smiled. "How was yours?" Then she blinked as she remembered why Petrova had left early. "I mean.. oh.. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." She made a wry face. "Speaking before I think."

Petrova's expression did change from cheerful to thoughtful and even hurt, when Kitty spoke - something that she was sure Kitty would catch up on. Managing a soft smile, though that sad look still in her eyes, she spoke, softly. "Well .. It was the closing of a chapter .. I'm the last of the Petrov's now." And that was all what she said about it. "In better news, Ryylar has moved in with me officially, now."

"Oh? That's cool." Kitty smiled a little, hopefully, seizing on the last bit of news. "He's a good guy, and entirely loyal to you. You're lucky."

"Yeah, well .. There are stll some things to figure out, some minor headaches to get out of the way .. Eh, nevermind an old hag." She patpatted Kitty's shoulder a bit. "I'm gonna go .. mingle a bit more. You take care now." she concluded.

"Ok, you too.. and I'm really glad you're back." Kitty responded with a relieved smile. "It's like... as if you're an integral piece.. and the whole just doesn't look like what it's supposed to without you. Does that make sense?"

Kristiana paused and nodded a bit. Kitty's blurted out thoughtless comment had really affected her, and she just wanted to go sit somewhere and be lost in thought - not spend more time keeping up a cheerful facade, where no cheer existed, inside. ".. Yeah. Well .. take care." she nodded, then headed for a secluded table, to sit at.

Kitty frowned slightly as she watched the older woman go, then sighed a little and shook her head. She'd.. apologize.. or something.. later, and find a way to make it all better. For now.. she stepped back and just found a nice corner from which to survey the room.


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