That's my Q #29,30 - "The blood countess and a mechanic"


<Costume Party, SB47>

Kristiana was bored again. She had just scored a new glass of red wine, and Kennedy was off mingling elsewhere. She kept a mental track of the counselor by the sound of his metal boots. Hard to miss that, anyways. She looked around for another pour soul to torture, then grinned as she saw a prime target and headed over, sauntering saucily.

Kitty had gone to the ladie's room real quick, so Evans was al alone, vigilantly guarding two iced teas. It was only that the blood countess had approached him to only a few meters, that he noticed her. He looked, turned back to his iced tea, then did a doubletake, as his blood chilled below freezing point once again. "Njg!"

Kristiana played out her role .. Idly twirling the slender dagger between practised and capable fingers as she looked Evans up and down a bit, smirking softly, still with that aloof, semi-bored expression on her face. "I've never bathed in the blood of a man before .." she spoke, adding a sensual twist to her voice, as she narrowed her eyes and grinned, stepping closer. "Vell, dere's always a first time for everythink .."

"Eh... Oookay... Eh... Ooooh, you mean my blood..." Evans said. He was puzzled... Aside from the occasional praise, Petrova ususally was using him for target practice. And now she was playing with him... Well, in a morbid scary kind of way he was actually used from her... But still, playing... "Eh... Oh dear..." Evans mumbled, trying hard to come up with a witty retort, "But, but, I already gave at the bloodbank..." he said, with a slight smile..."I knew I should have dressed up as the Goblin King... Those glass spheres are just so cool..."

Kristiana snickered and shook her head a bit, slipping out of her role again. "Not bad. I've heard better witty retorts, but that one wasn't bad. Personally, I'd have given good credits to see you with the Goblin King's hair."

"Ah, yes... That was the reason I didn't do that..." Evans snickered. "That hairdo is just impossible with my fluff..." he said, ruffling through his hair. "I... eh... Love your costume, by the way... It's beautiful, but yet again, pretty morbid... Brrr..." Evans said, complementing on Kristiana's dress... Here was THE chance to lose a predator and gain a friend...

Kristiana smiled warmly at that and courtsied "Why, thank you, kind sir." enjoying the compliment. "You do know the story behind it ? The Blood Countess ?"

"Eh..." <I thought you *were* the blood countess... BAD EVANS!> "I guess so... I believe it had to do with Count Dracula... Something with bathing in virgin blood... Very messy..." Evans said.

"Almost right, but you get bonuspoints for trying. Countess Erszebeth Bathory is said to have tortured and killed around 600 young women and bathed in their blood, to maintain her youthful beauty." She grinned and decided to test Ronald. "Not that I need that, but still .." <tag>

Even though Ronald was wary of Petrova, he never thought she was ugly... Actually, he thought she was one of the more blessed women, beauty-wise... Nalash was just drop-dead gorgeous, but that was her 'job', Hannah was beautiful too, and Kitty was just unbelievably pretty... And sweet... And lovable and... But Petrova was far from ugly...

"Eh... Nope... No need to torture young beautiful virgins, not on my account..." Evans answered, hoping he hadn't just put his foot in his mouth.

More amusement in Kristiana's eyes as she smirked a bit. ".. Well, alright, that'll do." she nodded. "Enjoying the party, so far ? Settling in on the starbase ? It's quite different from Ops on a glorified shuttlecraft like the Pegi .."

"Well, I got my own room... I won't have to put up with Russell's snoring anymore... And aparrently, he won't have to put up with mine again. And, I already rented some space to fit out as a garage, to fix my car. It seems like someone, or something, doesn't want me to finish it. Could Q be behind it?" he said with a smirk. "Oh, and what do you think of my costume?"

".. A servant's costume, worn by people who dedicate their lives to the service of others. The lovely young Amelia Earhart, in this case." Kristiana smirked. "Not bad. And it fits. I've seen many men in my life, Ronald, but not often one as devoted as you are." She complimented him.

"Eh..." Evans said, analysing Kriss' words, "I guess that's a good thing... And you're right first time. Hm, good costume then... " Evans looked down at his overall, spanners, screwdrivers and a ratchet in one pocket, aviation charts in the other. "Thanks..."

She chuckled a bit, nodding. "Kitty is a lucky gal to have snared you .. " Petrova smiled, taking another sip of her wine. "But enough of that .. I need to mingle more." She nodded to Evans, turning to head back into the crowd again - nobility mingling with the peasants - unhead of!

"Okay... Nice chatting with you..." Evans said after her. He was feeling quite relieved. Perhaps he would get her to remove that mark of his record, some time in the near future.


Two of the most unlikely people chatting with each other:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase 47 "Come little children I'll take thee away .."


Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer SB47 Ronin "Huh? Waait a second... She's actually nice? What happened?!"