"That's my Q" #27, 28 - "V for Depressing"


[Costume Party, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen stood there, having just shoo'ed off Andrew but seeing that he found some pleasant company in Kristiana, at least that's what it looked like. He just stood there, leaning on his stool, he should go home, play some guitar and go to bed.

Kitty finished her juice drink and went to order another. Sure, it seemed silly to her, but everyone else seemed to have a drink always in their hands, and she wanted to at least pretend she could fit in, even if it meant she'd really have to pee for the whole rest of the night. She looked up at the man in the smiling mask and smiled cheerily in response.

Although the mask was smiling it was a sinister kind of smile and the entire physique of the man didn't at all match the smile. Caelen looked at Kathleen Black "No Alcohol for you?" he asked in a dark voice, hoping to mask his identity for a little while longer.

"Can't fly well 'under the influence'," she joked in response, looking back at him. "So do you always smile like that, or is it just to charm the ladies?"

"It masks my true feelings" Caelen responded, noticing the pun all to well, he had stopped drinking, that fourth whiskey really had a kick.

"Masks don't conceal," Kitty said, her tone turning more serious. "They reveal."

"What does this mask reveal then?" Caelen asked, not as much interested in her theories but interested what she would see in him and what she would say about his character.

"Well, I haven't been talking to you long enough to know a lot," Kitty said contemplatively, looking up at that odd smiling face. "Except that... you purposely make yourself sound tougher than you really are." She took her new fruit juice glass and thanked the bartender, then turned back to face him.

"What department do you think I work in?" Caelen then ask, Kitty obviously she didn't know who he was yet.

"Well, I have no idea," Kitty said in amusement. "Maybe I can figure it out. I bet you already know who I am. This costume wasn't really made to cloak my identity."

"Yes, Lieutenant Black, how was your trip to Earth?" Caelen reverted back to his normal voice now "did you and Evans have a good time?"

Kitty smiled and nodded. "We had a.. wild time. But I think everything went well. Did you enjoy your vacation?" She'd heard nothing about what had happened while she'd been away.

"Yeah it was a blast..." Caelen said sarcastically "...in between playing my guitar and making sure all the transfer orders were finished and filed in tri-fold I even had time to wave my daughter and Ex-wife goodbye..." he shook his head a bit, even though everything spread like a wildfire on this station his 2nd XO didn't even know the rumours. Made him think, only a split second, whether or not she was the right woman for the job.

"Oh.. I'm sorry, sir..." Kitty frowned. "As you probably know, we got in practically just in time for the party. Starfleet's got some funny ideas about containment sometimes. I think we must've got hung up on some really old regulation or something."

"Bureaucracy reigns in the Federation..." Caelen answered "...they always say that Democracy is the worst form of government... apart from all the other forms we tried" he added, knowing only how true that was.

"Yeah.. democracy." Something about that was clearly bothering her, but she tried to put it aside. "So.. uhm... We've got a station. It's a nice place. Engineering is far larger than on the Pegasus. I'm looking forward to helping fix some unusual vessels." She was looking forward to it. Her eyes just about shone. Life was going well for her.

Caelen nodded "I know what you mean, I really look forward to dealing with More Romulans" although that was only half true of course "So did the in-laws like him?"

"They're not in-laws, we're not married." Then Kitty blushed slightly, remembering a certain bit of conversation in a cave, and glanced down with a soft smile. "So.. it's just my grandparents, then, and he met my father, too. They all like him very much. He fit right in."

"Yeah... about that..." Caelen smiled a bit, finding it amusing to embarrass Kitty slightly "...do I have to schedule in some free time to do the ceremony soon?"

"Ceremony? What ceremony?" she asked blankly, then it slowly dawned on her and she blushed further, ducking her head slightly. She was still smiling, though. "Uh, that hasn't been decided, sir."

"Be sure to notify me well in front..." Caelen turned away a bit "...I have other important stuff to do as well"

"Other important stuff?" Kitty blinked as he turned away. "What do you mean? Normal station stuff?"

Caelen shook his head and turned back to face Kitty "Forget it..." he then said "...I think Evans is starting to miss you"

Kitty looked over at Evans across the room in amusement.. he caught her gaze and waved in return. "He's ok," she said with a chuckle. But if you want to be alone for a bit..." She choked off the end of the thought, which was 'maybe you shouldn't be at a party?'

"Just making sure everybody is happy" Caelen said, although he himself was not really that happy. Or actually not in the slightest bit happy.

"Everybody else, you mean?" Kitty said with no great tact and more than a little shrewdness.

Caelen shrugged "What's the difference" he replied.

"Well, you're part of Everyone, you know," Kitty answered back.

"Sometimes I wonder..." Caelen stood up from his stool and wanted to go to the toilet "...excuse me please" he told Kitty as he walked off.

Kitty blinked and stood there for a moment with her drink. Then she sighed slightly and shook her head, taking her drink and returning to Evans' side.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin "Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November..."

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