"That's my Q" #24-25 "Emotions, Masks and Vacations"


<Costume Party, The Bar>

Melina or Storm had offered the Captain a drink, it seemed to her, his mind was elsewhere. She did understand, she padded around slowly, quicky movements in tight latex set her purring if she wasn't careful. She giggled softly and watched the others, Kristina was as always the center of attention. In that out fit she could understand why, what she came as was puzzling though. Earth was a far off planet and she'd spent little time outside the Academy. She had been there to learn not have a ton of fun and miss out on a good learing experiance. She'd even taken the command course in as well as science.

Perhaps she had studied a little to harm and not relaxed and learned more about Earth there where good reasons of course including her human family. She loved her father deeply but disliked his family a great deal. Zorach she knew only little, intellignce as she recalled. Beldar she knew the costume as, Earth movies were as strange as humans at times, the only movies she fully understood had been the two 'Star Wars' trilogies. Ensign Kennedy was chatting up Kris, somehow she would be having counciling sessions with him over her problems with her human family. She had to smile there was no way in the universe he'd get her away from Ryylar. Melina guessed someone must have added her to his list of appointments.

All the costumes seemd nice enough as such but some where Melina wondered why this was, just a meeting really. The human need to be something else was a driving factor behind them she guessed. Rightnow all she wanted to do was to head for her quaters, it just seemed all rather odd. She watched as Kennedy movd through the crowd talking with people, it seemed to her he was aiming for her delibratly.

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Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47

"My emotions might be in a storm, but I always know my mind"