"That's my Q" #24-25 "Emotions, Masks and Vacations"


<Costume Party, SB47>

Kristiana sighed and yawned a bit. Ryylar was off mingling with the 'peasants' and she was left all alone at the bar, drinking a red wine. Red because it matched her outfit - and role - so well and wine because, well, it's considerably less frowned upon than actual blood. And less disgusting, too. then she heard something. Ka-Clunk. Ka-Clunk. Ka-Clunk. Looking towards the source of the sound, she couldn't help but be amused at the walking hardware store what now approached - the base's counselor, Andrew Kennedy, dressed as a k'nigget.

"Hmm... guess I couldn't sneak up on you, hmm? Curse this metal..." He sat on the stool next to Petrova, examining her outfit. "Of course, you wouldn't need to sneak up on them, they'd be so low on the ground worshipping you they couldn't see you coming..."

Kristiana watched, amused, as Kennedy approached, then chuckled - and laughed merrily at his comments. "I should wear this while on duty, then. Crew at my feet, worshipping me, is something I could get used to, Sir Kennedy."

"The title would be better with my family's coat of arms from history." He laughed, something he hadn't done in some time. "And grovelling crew means crew that aren't working. Wouldn't that make it counter productive?"

"... Point. Maybe I should've come as a leather-clad dominatrix with whip and paddle. That'd get them working." She snickered a bit.

"Ah, but that would further the rumours that flew about on the Pegasus about what you and Ryylar did in your private time. The "Ice Queen" and her loyal pet, after all. It'd show us why he's so loyal." He smiled. "Any particular reason you chose this outfit, other than being imposing on poor crewpeople?"

"Well, mostly to be imposing on poor crewpeople." She yielded. "And people already say that I'm scary, so I figured, why fight it ? So I chose to go with it." The russian nodded, shrugging a bit. "Besides, she's always intruiged me, such insanity and brutality, yet all based on an urge and desire that we all share."

"I figured as such. If I didn't know you, I'd be going crazy trying to avoid you tonight. But, doing that psychological evaluation before the incidents on the Pegasus showed me that you aren't completely mental." He winked, then saw Ryylar playing his character with some crewmen. "I see another reason you wore the outfit..."

"Not completely ?" She smirked. "We have a saying in Russia, about insane people. They don't have 'all seven of them lined up' .. Well, I've got all seven lined up, but the order is a bit mixed." she smirked, then looked over at Ryylar as well. "Actually, I chose my role before he did. He chose his to match me, not the other way around."

"Nice to see some things haven't changed since the decommission of our beautiful stallion. You and him are still the perfect match, you're still as domineering as always..." He looked over at the crowd. "But I miss the smaller group of people. I miss my happiness. I've lost part of my touch as a counselor. I wouldn't have been able to do that evaluation on you now, with how I am. Something's changed, and something, a gut instinct, tells me something's going to happen tonight that'll change everything. Whether good or bad, I dunno. How I wish to be empathic like Troi."

Petrova furrowed her brows at that. She didn't completely understand why Kennedy had said all he just said, and what he meant by it. She shrugged a bit and patted his shoulder. "I'm sure it's just a phase, you'll be fine. And nothing bad will happen tonight. We're not scheduled to float into the neutral zone just yet."

"Isn't that what we said about the transport mssion with that damnable box? That nothign could happen after finding those aliens? And look at what happened." He smirked, then continued. "I know it could just be a phase, but it's been two months. And Caelen's seen better days. I don't think he wants to talk to anyone tonight, he's already shooed me away."

"I still have to figure out who he is dressed as." Kristiana shrugged a bit. "I'm kinda torn between Frankenstein over there and V over there." She spoke, indicating the people. "So, what Would a wannabe-rockstar come as ?"

"Someone who doesn't want to reveal emotions" He said crypitcally ,as it could mean an abominable creation that knows no emotion, or someone behind a mask.

"Well, yeah, what with Jennifer leaving him and all. I'd wanna hide my emotions, too. But Caelen isn't a very complicated man. He'd choose the easy way to hide his emotions .. Which is, to put on a mask, rather than paint your entire face. He's V ?"

"Perceptive of you. Yes, he's V. Still sitting at the opposite end of the bar too. Hasn't moved much tonight." He examined the rest of the crew he knew. "No surprises, Kitty and Evans compliment each other." He looked back to the dominatrix beside him. "I still don't understand costume parties. Makes it bloody hard for me to read people properly, as they tend to be in character all night."

"On the contrary - " Kristiana spoke. " - people dress up as something they find intruiging, interesting. A match with their own personality, whether actual or perceived. I think that seeing what costume people put on gives a direct hint about their personality and emotional state. For example, see that guy dressed as a seventeenth century pirate with sunglasses, over there ? He's obviously got a sense of humor, and is a bit of a rebel - whether he shows it during his work or not."

Andrew raised his eyebrow, but decided against commenting on what he noticed. "True. But this only goes to show I've lost my touch." He toyed with the handle of his shortsword, thinking.

"Everybody has their moments when things don't seem to work the way they should, Andrew." Kristiana spoke. "Do you have any free time left ? You could take a vacation .. We've got things covered for now, it seems, and any emergencies can be handled by your assistant."

"Apparently I still have around a month left, but I dunno where to go. My parents are doing some stuff together for their 55th anniversary, and they won't be back for some time. I could take time off, go visit some places on Earth, but there's still sftuff I need to do here, and I would rather do it myself than trust it to my assistant."

"So, take a vacation and spend it here. Laze about. Enjoy the holodecks. Do a little work every day, just to finish that stuff you need to do." Kristiana shrugged a bit. She didn't see anything wrong with that idea.

" I suppose I could... I still need to decimate the Nazi's at the beaches of Normandy, and there are some other programs I have that I could use for a while." He thought for a moment. "I like the sounds of this."

She smiled. "Normandy, eh ? Sounds good to me." Petrova nodded, taking another sip of her wine.

"Okay, you drinking that wine really disturbs me. Just because of the costume." He shivered at the thought of Petrova drinking blood. "And shooting AI, or stabbing AI, or piercing AI with arrows should do me some good. Nothing beats curing by exposition to death."

Kristiana chuckled and slipped back into her role, idly twirling her slender dagger between her fingers again. "Vat a gut idea .. And if you see a darlink young voman .. Let me know."

Andrew raised an eyebrow, then nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. Now, to see how others are doing, as part of my role is to keep morale high by curing emotional issues. Except Caelen, he's an exception to the rule." He winked, then began getting ready to leave, his happiness slowly returning.

Kristiana couldn't help but laugh at that comment. she shook her head a bit, amused, her spirit lifted considerably, and resumed observing the 'peasants'.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Blood Countess Starbase 47


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor Starbase Ronin "Is it bad I find solace in death of computers?"