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[Starbase 47 Ronin, Costume party]

Hannah smiled as Jesse stepped back into the room, and walked over to her side."I missed you." She said, happily, giving him a soft kiss and a nuzzle.

"Sorry sweetheart, there was a brushfire on the Edinburgh I had to take care of." He apologized as he gave her a hug.

"You gonna get called away again?" Hannah asked, looking up at her somewhat taller boyfriend.

"I'm not sure. I don't think so." He said.

"Good, because there's someone I'd like you to meet." Hannah grinned. She took him by the hand, and led him across the room towards two people dressed in some archaic Earth costumes. "Kitty!" Hannah called.

Kitty looked up, hearing her name called, and smiled brightly. She waved. "Hi Hannah! That's an absolutely lovely dress."

Evans looked up too and saw Hannah in her princess costume, depicting Juliet.

Hannah gave her best friend a huge hug. "How was your vacation?" She cut Kitty off, before she could start. "Kit, Ev - this is my boyfriend, Jesse."

"Nice to meet you both." Said Jesse, extending a hand in greeting to both of them.

"Good evening..." Evans said. "Ev?... Heh, that's efficient..." he added with a slight smile.

The slender Asian woman in slacks and blouse smiled brightly and offered to shake hands with Jesse, with a firm grip. "Pleased to meet you." She turned to Hannah. "He's been treating you right? I don't have to go beat him up like with the other guys?" she teased.

"Other guys?" Jesse asked and quirked an eyebrow at Hannah.

I think he's safe." Hannah grinned. "Although I'll let you know. Speaking of beating up...can I have a word?" She indicated she wanted to say something in private. She turned to Jesse and Evans "You boys talk about man things - sports, beer, how hot your girlfriends know."

"Eh... Okay..." Evans said, feeling *very* slightly like he was being sideroaded by his girlfriend for another girl. "Man's stuff... Right... Cars?" he said, turnning to Jesse.

"Sure, Hannah.." Kitty gently squeezed Evans' hand before following Hannah off to the side. "What's up?"

"Do I look particularly attractive to you tonight?" Hannah said, dead serious.

"Yeah, you look gorgeous," Kitty said in reply, smiling innocently, any 'ulterior meaning' in Hannah's question going right over her head. "I'd love to try wearing a dress like that sometime. You've got something on your tooth.. right side.. upper.. That's fine, it's gone. Why do you ask?"

"Because two men have been seriously hitting on me in the last twenty minutes. Now I know I'm hot, but that's pretty ridiculous, even for me."

Evans and Jesse were fishing for some conversational stuff...

"Uhm well forgive me for not being up on my history, but uh... cars?..." Said Jesse, grimacing a bit.

"Eh... Well, I have an early 21st century car. Not a big one... A wheeled vehicle with an internal combustion engine... Runs on gasoline..." Evans answered.

Kitty looked at Hannah for a moment, then chuckled. "I had a guy come up and want to know if I was 'attached'. And my costume isn't at all revealing or anything." Admittedly, she did wear the style well. "There's some sort of 'magic in the air' for sure, but yeah, you know you're hot. Go with it. Enjoy it."

"Oh trust me, I am." Hannah grinned. "Being the centre of attention is something I'm very good at." She laughed, and then paused. "Did you set one of them on me?" She looked Kitty in the eyes in mock reprovement. "Be honest with me, now."

"Fossil fuels? The thing mus be ancient!" Jesse exclaimed in wonder.

"Well, yeah... It's a 2001 model..." Evans said proudly. "At least, it says so in the documents that came with it..."

"That depends..." Kitty said in a sort of timid amusement. "Was he dressed like a Conehead?"

"I think that's what he said." Hannahfrowned, then had a double-take. "You did set him on me!"

"I didn't think anything was still around from before the time of the third world war." Said Jesse with a shake of his head. "At least nothing like that."

"Well, not, like... like you know... Not a LOT. He asked me what my favorite costume was, and I told him I liked yours best. He said you're pretty, and I told him you like chocolate. That's all." Kitty shrugged and grinned mischeviously. "If you'd rather I don't ever do that again, just tell me."

Hannah grinned back. "No, it was kinda fun...just as long as Jesse doesn't find out...speaking of which - do you think they've had enough awkward conversation yet?"

"It was found in a hall in the middle of nowhere, as part of a collection... They were packed in some sort of polyvinyl cover... My father managed to get hold of it. Although it was prepared to be conserved, it was in need of a lot of TLC... And now I dented the roof..." Evans said, with a considerable amount of sorrow in his voice.

"Well I'm sure you can just replicate it can't you?" Asked Jesse.

"Yes, I can... It's just that I just had it ready to go..." Evans said, perking up already." I'll be on it soon enough, and the repairs are overseeable..."

"There's never too much awkward conversation," Kitty chuckled. "Sure, no problem. Hey, it was more than half a favor to me, anyways. Diverted his attention. I mean, he didn't seem like a bad sort at all! But I've got Evans, who needs anyone else?" She smiled softly.

They returned to the men. "Hey boys - having fun?" Hannah asked, cheekily.

"Always." Said Jesse with a grin as he slipped an arm around Hannah's waist.

"I was just telling him about my car..." Evans said, no longer feeling left alone, as he put an arm around his girlfriend too, and took a sip from his iced tea. Kitty smiled and leaned on Evans' shoulder, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

"By the way, Jesse, what do you do for a job?" Evans asked, taking a sip of his tea.

"I'm the Executive Officer of the Edinburgh." Said Jesse proudly with a smile.

A mist of iced-tea was seen, as Evans had a very strong feeling of Deja Vu, and spit it all out. "Eh! Oh, sorry... Eh, Sir! I didn't know..."

Jesse blinked and wiped a bit of the iced tea off of his costume.

"It's quite all right... uhm... at ease..." Said Jesse with a soft chuckle.

Hannah laughed out loud. "Nice one, Ev."

Kitty raised her eyebrows at Hannah in the universal You Got A Nice One and then couldn't help but giggle at her boyfriend's reaction. She patted his back kindly. "You ok?"

Jesse turned and flagged down a waitress to get another iced tea to replace the one that Evans had just 'finished'.

Evans recomposed himself, and apologised to the whole group. "Sorry about that... It's just that the last time I tried to order a civillian out of a restricted area, she turned out to be an XO too... That cost me a permanent mark on my record." He wiped his costume with a napkin, and accepted the iced tea. "Anyways, should I call you sir or Jesse, now I know you outrank me with about two pips?" he asked, with just a touch of humor. Luckily, his costume was supposed to be an oil stained coverall, so that wasn't much of an issue.

"Why not just keep calling me Jesse? You seemed just fine before you knew I outrank you." Said Walker with a smile, handing over the iced tea.

After all, I don't call him Sir." Hannah smiled. <Unless he's been very, very good...> She couldn't help thinking to herself.

"Well, Evans doesn't call me 'sir' either." Kitty was a bit calmer around the higher rank. She'd been patting Evans' back when he'd choked on his drink.. now she settled for rubbing it in a wide circular motion instead.

"Ah, ok... Thanks... I guess you can just call me Ronald, or Evans... Or Ev. Or Lieutenant." Evans said a bit superfluously. He was considerably calmed down by Kitty's caressing."You're right... I don't... I should... Feels wrong, though..." he said, in response to Kitty's remark.

Kitty smiled, her eyes half-closing for a moment in contentment. "It wouldn't feel right for me, either. Don't start, please!"

"Yes, ma'am... " Evans teased.

Hannah laughed. "You can feel free to call me Ma'am anytime, Ev"

"Yes ma'am..." he said again, scoring twice with the same joke.

Hannah laughed. "Nice."

Kitty shifted her hand, without saying a word, to pinch at Evans' side just slightly.. a subtle tickle-motion. The only outward sign she gave of her plan was a slight, sly smile on her face.

"Soo, Jesse, how's life?" Evans said with a slight wink, accentuating the paradox. "YELP!" he shouted as a second batch of iced tea left the intended pathways, this time from the glass...

"Woah!" Jesse said, dodging iced tea once more.

"Sorry!" Kitty gasped, then nearly collapsed in waves of helpless laughter, mostly from the reaction and then the look on his face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean.. A hahahahahah...."

"Oh, very funny, ma'am..." Evans said, but he just couldn't be mad at her, and it showed in his eyes.

"I thought so." Hannah laughed.

Kitty blinked and thumped Evans on the back. "Hey! Since when do you call me ma'am?"

"Since you're tickling me, causing me to throw iced tea at a superiour officer?" Evans said, giving her a quick kiss on the nose, to show he wasn't mad.

Luckily, the damage to Jesse's costume was only limited. A few drops, that could be expected on any party. They continued to talk with each other for a while. They had a fun time doing so...


Launching iced tea to new heights

Lieutenant Kathleen Black Chief Engineer Starbase 47 Ronin

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Juliet Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 47 Ronin

Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer Starbase 47 Ronin

Commander Jesse Walker Executive Officer USS Edinburgh (NPC by Ryylar)