That's my Q #11-14 - "A Little Payback"


<Starbase 47, bar, costume party>

"Vhat a beautiful neck my darrrrrrrling. May I take a bite?" He asked with a grin as he moved up behind Kristiana.

Kristiana smirked, seeing Ryylar approach, and winked at him, twiddling her slender dagger between her fingers. "But my darlink - ve are among ze peasants and servants - ve must be careful vat ve do. Maybe tonight you can .. sink your teeth in me .. If you can find me a beautiful young woman to steal her youth from .."

"Ahhh I know just de leetle blood donor you vould be looking for. Ah ah ah." He chuckled, pointing across the floor to where a man was dressed in Venetian nobility's clothes beside a very fine looking red headed Venetian dressed noblewoman. Hannah O'Driscoll.

A soft chuckle from the aged redhead as she glanced at where the feline pointed. "Oh .. Very nice." she smirked, and with purpose in her steps, she made her way towards the oblivious redhead before her. Approaching from behind, so Hannah wouldn't be able to see her coming, she reached over and traced fingernails over the back of Hannah's neck. "My oh my .. Oh yes. You vould be able to do me a Lot of good .. So young and luscious and .. innocent .."

Hannah nearly jumped out of her skin at the touch. She spun to see the woman in front of her. "Oh! Commander Petrova!"

Jesse turned and cocked an eyebrow at the approach of the slightly attractive middle aged woman and her walking carpet entourage and he slipped an arm around Hannah's waist without saying a word.

A smirk, as she reached her finger up to gently rest it against Hannah's lips in that 'hush' motion. "Shh, young one. I am the Hungarian Countess Erszebeth Bathory, and I am used to getting my way." Kristiana licked her lips, leaning in a bit, to look Hannah straight into her eyes, speaking in her most sultry voice ".. Understand ?" as - unseen to Hannah - she gestured to Jesse that she was just kidding, playing her role.

Jesse smirked in response to this gesture, but still moved forward to play his role. "But soft noble maiden, prithee, speak of your intentions to fair Juliet." He said, doing his best to master the Shakespearean English.

Hannah shivered at Petrova's voice, as a tingle ran down her spine.

"My intentions .." Kristiana smirked, casting her piercing gaze on Jesse for a moment before turning her full attention back to Hannah, walking around her and Jesse, tracing her fingertip over Hannah's shoulders, as she did. "Do you not know who I am ? Have you not heard of me, and how I .. keep my beauty ?"

Hannah thrilled to Petrova's voice, utterly enchanted. "No..." she said quietly.

"De same vay dat I keep mine..." Ryylar stepped forward, smirking to bare his long glistening canines. He hissed, a most terrible noise, but one that as a Caitian he mastered easily.

Hannah was pretty overwhelmed now. The alcohol in her system was making her slightly tipsy, and now this? She was definitely enjoying herself.

"How's that?" She asked.

Kris cackled in response to Hannah's innocence and Ryylar's display, before she leaned in, eyes gleaming with amusement. Placing a soft kiss on the bare skin of Hannah's neck, then grazing her teeth across it, before nuzzling her earlobe, quickly nipping it with her teeth, and whispering .. "When I see a gorgeous young woman like you .. I just want to take her home and make her my slave .. " Kristiana sighed into Hannah's ear, letting those words sink in for a moment, before adding ".. and then I rape them, murder them, rape them again and bathe in their blood."

"And I take the blood for my own and make a feast of it... please allow me to introduce myself. I am Tepes... Voivode of Wallachia and defeater of de Turks. You may know me as Count of the Draculea." He said, taking Hannah's hand in his and kissing the back of it, pressing his fingers to the side of her wrist, feeling Hannah's pulse. "She has a strong pulse..." Ryylar commented with a grin to Kristiana.

Hannah's blood tingled at the word 'slave'. She hardly even heard the last part of Kris' monologue. When Rylaar stepped close as well, it was almost too much to bear. She was getting pretty hot under the collar now.

Jesse just barely contained the giggles at the show. Ryylar had contacted him briefly before the party to let him know about his and Kristiana's plan, and he, never being one to turn up the chance at a practical joke, had quickly agreed. He managed to keep relatively silent standing by the side of the beautiful young 'Juliet'.

Kristiana grinned, looking 'Juliet' up and down a bit, and leaning in to whisper so that only Hannah, Ryylar and Jesse could hear. "Are you turned on ? Well, are you ? The correct response would be 'Yes Mistress' or 'No Mistress' .. " Kristiana paused a small moment to let Hannah react, then cut the younger redhead off with "I'm sure Jesse here will have the night of his life, when the party is over, hm ? Just be sure not to wear him out TOO much - he has duty tomorrow." Petrova winked.

Hannah frowned as Petrova broke role, and tried to drag herself back to the real world. "Uh...yeah." She said, a little hesitantly.

Ryylar chuckled and grinned at Hannah and Jesse now that Kristiana had done her work, smiling at her.

Hannah started to realise what had just happened. "Did you...did I...I don't believe you!" She said, in exasperation. She laughed, embarassed. She rounded on Jesse. "Did you know about this?"

Jesse burst into guffaws at this point, unable to hold back the laughter anymore. "Oh I'm sorry honey, I couldn't resist. When Commander Petrova and Officer Ryylar told me what they were planning it was just too good to pass up." He said as he chuckled and grinned broadly.

Hannah punched him in the arm, smiling. "Watch it, mister, or you'll be on the couch tonight."

Kristiana snickered, looking terribly amused. "Now we're even." She winked at Hannah, still toying with her knife.

Hannah remembered the events of some time ago, where the tables had been reversed. "We are nowhere near even, lady." She grinned.

"We're not ?" Kristiana feigned shock. "I have to do even better than this ?"

"You've got more?" Hannah raised an eyebrow.

"Take my worrrrrrrd forrrrrrr it. She'ssssssss got a lot morrrrrrrrre." Ryylar said with a grin as he nipped at Kristiana's neck teasingly.

"Another time, Hannah." Kristiana smirked. "Enough play for now." Hannah grinned. "I'll strike when you least expect it, Commander."

"Bring it on, greenhorn." Kristiana challenged. "But remember, I've got age and experience on my side.

"And the dead sssssssexxxxxiessssst Caitian on the sssssstation." Ryylar chimed in.

Hannah shrugged, "I've got the youthful stamina, the perkiness, and the cleavage and buttocks to match you." <Plus, I wouldn't be so sure on the experience side...> Hannah thought, remembering her upbringing.

"I can vouch for the perky cleavage and butt!" Jesse announced proudly with a nod.

"Mmm .. Riiiight." Kristiana smirked. She wasn't impressed by Hannah's credentials, to say the least. "Well, it was fun getting you ready to do almost anything for me." Petrova winked. "We'll talk more later." as she simply turned to get a drink.

"Sure." Hannah said. She and Jesse headed for the dancefloor. As they passed, Hannah gave Petrova a playful slap on the ass. "One for the road!" She said cheekily.

Ryylar chuckled and shook his head as he saw Hannah flirting with his beautiful red headed girlfriend and he and Kris went to get a drink while Jesse and Hannah danced upon the dance floor.


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