That's my Q #9&10 - "Kathleen Earhart and Ronald Noonan"


Evans was impatiently waiting in front of Kitty's room. He was wearing a blue coverall over a white shirt, spanners and screwdrivers in one breastpocket, a replica of an old aviation map in the other. He slightly smeared his face with a little bit of dark makeup, to create the appearance he just got out of a biplane with a n engine leaking oil, creating the outline of the goggles around his eyes. He actually wore the goggles themselves on his forehead, showing a clear tanline.

He and Kitty had agreed to go to the ball as the crew of an old airplane. Evans was going to be the navigator/onboard mechanic, and Kitty was going to be dressed as the pilot.

"Just a minute!" came her muffled voice, and then a moment later the door slid open. Kitty was wearing tailored khakis and a similarly tailored blouse, a pretty thing with lace around the collar and gathered sleeves. She carried the brown leather jacket over her arm and was in the process of trying to tie the scarf correctly.. her hat was already on, the goggles pushed up, her hair entirely hidden. "How do you wrap this thing?" she asked Evans helplessly, trying to arrange the scarf.

Evans looked at her, started to snicker, and suddenly burst out in a salvo of laughter. "WAAHHAHAHA!! That's perfect! I LOVE IT!" he exclaimed. "You look marvellous..." he added finally, when he got his laughter under control again. "Here, let me help you with that." he said, as he gently got the long knitted scarf, folded it in two, moved it around Kitty's neck, and put the two loose ends through the loop that was formed by the closed end.

"There... That's how simple it is... " he said with a smile.

Kitty looked a bit puzzled at his laughter. "What's so funny?" But she smiled shyly when he said she looked marvelous. "Oh, that's how it goes. Thank you." She smiled up at him. "And then the jacket, too? I hope it isn't too warm in the room."

"Oh, you know these parties..." Evans said. "It's important to be fully dressed when entering the room, or when on stage or something, but otherwise, just take them off. Noone will blame you..."

"Good," Kitty said, then took a moment to really examine him. "You look wonderful! Wow! The grease spots and everything!"

"Heh, that part was easy... This is the overall I use when tinkering on my car... I just had to replicate an aviation map, and voilla! One onboard mechanic." Evans responded, as they were walking to the turbolift that would take them to the party.

"Sounds lovely," Kitty said brightly. "Pilot and mechanic. I bet you know more about piloting than I do."

"Well, I am sitting next to one, usually... At least, when we were the crew of a starship, of course... Right now I'll probably be stationed next to the Flight Ops station." Evans pondered. "Ah, here's our stop..."

"When you said 'stage', what did you mean?" Kitty asked curiously, silently GLAD that Evans was the one leading them. Otherwise, she might've gotten lost again.

"Heh, I don't know, really... I could imagine that there will be an election of who has the best or most original costume... You want to put on a little bit of a show, if you want to win that... Usually on a stage." Evans reasoned.

"A bit of a show? What kind?" Kitty glanced back and forth to make sure nobody else could see her, then took several steps, swaying suggestively, making use of her hips, then turning to look back at her boyfriend and wink teasingly.

"Oh, come here, you foxy lady!" Evans called after her. "Not a striptease... I just meant that you would have to wear your scarf and jacket, to fully show off your costume!"

He looked at the bar, and saw that a lot of people were already here... Even some creep drinking wiskey through a straw, because he didn't want to take off his mask... "...Weird..." he mused. "Anyways... Wanna drink?"

Kitty chuckled at Evans' reply and returned to his side. "Not whiskey, that's for sure!"

Evans chuckled at that, and ordered two iced tea, to start off the evening... They still had to fly around the world later that day, after all...


Lt. Kathleen Black Chief engineer SB47 Ronin

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Ops Officer SB47 Ronin