That's my Q #8 - The Shadow Prince

ON: <<Starbase 47>>

The dark boots, the dark black pants, the long retractable claws that had been let out, and most importantly those glistening white fangs on the backdrop of black marked Ryylar's entrance into the party. He had dyed his fur jet black which contrasted with his yellow slitted feline eyes. Yes, his love, Kristiana had arrived before him dressed as the Hungarian Blood Countess. Now her love had arrived as the Wallachian Prince, Vlad Tepes.

His black cloak hung on his shoulders like the whisper of darkness and his movements were as silky and graceful as only a feline's movements could be. He sought out Kristiana in the crowd and found her, smiling.

"Vhat a beautiful neck my darrrrrrrling. May I take a bite?" He asked with a grin as he moved up behind Kristiana.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Vlad Tepes - The Blood Count Chief Security Officer SB 47