"That's My Q" #6 - "Parties, Past and Present"


<Costume Party, The Bar>

Melina had still been working, to be honest it helped to keep her mind off her 'new' found exile. She'd looked through the litrature of the 20th and 21st century of Earth. Costume parties werwe not celebrated on Cait, pretending you were something you were not was not looked on well. Tradation, Melina sighed, tradtions had there place as long as they did'nt harm anyone.

She'd talked with a councilor about her human half, she had found she needed to 'embrace' it more. But to be vetry honest she found humans puzzling they did things that on Cait would get you visiting a councilor at least once a week. She never really understood her human family, she doubted she ever would.

Melina was dressed as a comic book hero, she had chosen 'Storm' from the X-Men comics. Melina was still working on a thousand things in her mind. She walked to the bar and ordered a Mint Julip, more to try and put the bartender out. Tellarites were to say the least worse than Ferengi when it came to women.

Melina looked around again, the costumes where...intreeasting even if she didn't have a clue about most of them. She guessed that humans needed to live outside of the regular rules at times. It was something they shared with most setinet species. Caitians were curious and had good imagination when they were young. Looking around she couldn't see Ryyllar anywhere but did spot Kris and Calen. She knew of Calen's recent divorce and she was deep down sorry for him, but it wasn't her place to be councilor. She chewed her lower lip and sighed softly.

She padded over with her drink that the bartender had somehow found, she giggled softly and smiled as she moved over. She padded to the Captain.

"Can I get you a drink Sir?" she asked.

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Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47

"There's a 'storm' coming"