That's my Q # 15-16 - "Beldar meets the Count"


[Starbase Ronin - Crew Deck - Zorach's Quarters]

The invitation sat on the nightstand next to the bed. Jackie Stoller (NPC) finished putting her boots back on. She had her routine duties in communications to perform. "What costume did you pick out?" she asked toward the bathroom.

Zorach stood in the doorway of the bathroom wearing a blue towel on his waist. He rubbed some shaving cream on his face on the early signs of stubble. "You'll laugh. I had to think real hard on which character to portray. Disguise is one of intelligence's core values. Heading out, Jackie?"

Jackie smiled and walked over to him. "You knew when we started dinner that I wasn't into this long-term relationship thing." She touched his angel tattoo with her hand and leaned forward to kiss his lips. "I enjoyed our dinner."

"You're sweet. You'll let me know about those transmissions as a favor of course." Zorach opened his shiny straight razor with a bone handle.

Jackie looked at the razor and smiled. "I didn't think you went in for antiques."

"There's an art to shaving. I want to look my best for the party. Now, what about those transmissions?" He smiled at her.

"Sure, I'll let you know. You have fun at the party," Jackie replied and pulled his towel off. She hopped out of his grasp and giggled at the door. She turned back and marveled at his physique. "Good night Charlie," she said and threw the towel across the room into his arms. He smiled at her and watched her exit.

Zorach returned to the bathroom, dropped the towel, and shaved with the skill of a barber. He washed the last of the shaving cream off his face and felt the smoothness of his face. Then he turned his attention to a box with his costume.

[Starbase Ronin - Recreation Deck - Costume Party]

A man walked into the party. The most striking feature of this man was his head in the shape of a cone. The flesh colored head was rounded at the top and was seamless to his face. A nametag on his white body-length robe read, "Beldar of Remulak." The collar of the robe stood up like flags to border his conehead. The man wore a simple cotton black eye mask tied in the back. He also wore two multi-colored fuzzy rings attached to his robe with cloth loop and snap. Zorach said, "Mip! Time to consume mass quantities of synthehol."

A woman handed him a drink from a tray. "What are the rings about?" she asked with a smile.

"Sensor rings. Used to hone our cones. You know, conehead foreplay," Zorach replied.

"I would have never guessed," she said. She walked off to serve another guest.

The other guest was drinking bloodwine. Quite appropriate since he was the Blood Count Dracula, accompanying the Blood Countess there to the party. He smiled and accepted the bloodwine, making a joke about where she had found such a willing donor for the bloodwine.

"Good evening, Count Dracula. I suppose the vein jokes never clot," Zorach said.

Ryylar chuckled at the joke. "They don't have time to clot... drinking tends to keep de blood flowing," he said with a smile.

Zorach smiled and looked around the room. "Have you spotted all the senior staff?" he asked. He noticed the masked V outfit of one officer.

"Yes, as Security Chief, I have to know who everyone is going as. Just to know where everyone is going to be at any given time," he said with a nod.

"I wanted to ask you about my straight razor for shaving. Any opposing regulations about it?" Zorach asked.

He blinked and cocked an eyebrow. "I don't sssssee why there would be," Ryylar said.

Zorach smiled. "Who's the X-person? That is some outfit."

"That issssss Melina Brrrrrradburrrrry. Ourrrrrr Chief of Ssssscienccccce." He said.

"Interesting. Kinda cute. Who's the 17-th century Countess?" Zorach asked. Her dress was stunning.

"That issss Commanderrrrr Petrrrrrova." He said, smiling as she turned and gave him a wink and a wave.

"The XO. Ah, I missed a meeting last week. Does she hold grudges?" Zorach looked to the Count with innocent eyes.

He looked at the man and smirked.

"She'ssssss Rrrrrrusssssssian... they have verrrrrrrry long memorrrrriesssss." He said.

Zorach laughed briefly. "Is she partial to flowers?"

"Yess... but herrrrrrr boyfrrrrrrriend prrrrrrobably wouldn't like that verrrrrrry much." He said with a slow nod.

Zorach grinned. He was not drunk enough to start any brawls. He needed the support of the security chief not his jealousy. "Well, I suppose she'll just have to work with me in spite of one missed meeting. So, who is the Captain being tonight?"

Ryylar pointed to the crewman wearing all black with the white mask. V for Vendetta.

Zorach drained his glass and spotted the woman with the tray. "Well, Count, I'm going to find more drink. Keep up the good blood flow. I'll see you later."

"Have fun." He said, smiling as he watched him move off and then walked over to join his Blood Countess.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Vlad Tepes - The Blood Count Chief Security Officer SB 47

Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47) "Beldar of Remulak"