That's my Q # 4 "The Longing"


Costume Party, The Bar

Andrew stood by the window, watching everyone chatting amicably amongst each other. He saw Caelen enter, dressed quite strangely. Andrew, however, was not here for the party, despite the fact he got dressed up into a light chainmail hauberk with a dulled shortsword sheathed onto his left hip. The coat of arms would have been there, but he did not feel like putting on the platemail which bore the hawk holding an arrow in each talon. His helmet, which covered his full head, had been discarded long ago when his hair began running into his eyes from sweat. That, and it was a massive pain to drink with it on.

"Hmm... Why am I here? It feels so pointless... I'm not going to do much here, I still have some work to catch up on, and one of my counselors went AWOL from her shift today, and isn't responding to her combadge..." He muttered, getting a look or two from the people sitting at the table beside him. <Was that me talking out, or are they looking at my armour?> He thought.

Turning to the viewport, Andrew placed one hand on it, thinking about the Pegasus, and what transpired on those voyages. <I miss those days, before running a massive department, verifying my counselors are doing their job properly, actually being able to do something FUN...> And indeed, he realized, he did have more fun then, even if it meant looking at a melted security guard's face, or arguing with a crazed Vulcan. <But it isn't just that, is it Andrew? You also miss the comradery, the fact you knew everyone on board by just looks alone. Making fun of Evans and Black being so bashful with each other... helping Floyd in the Sickbay... damn, why can't it all be back?> He slammed his fist into the viewprt. Something had changed in him while on the Pegasus, and he liked it. Now that he was on a massive Starbase, he felt he returned to the way he was; cynical, antisocial, and just not giving a damn about what happened to him.

He left his perch at the viewport, slowly wandering towards Caelen. He needed to talk to him, possibly for both their sakes. He knew Caelen had gone through a lot over the past two months, with his wife leaving him and taking their daughter with her. The one thing he loved most was now gone from him, and Andrew didn't need to be a counselor to understand the pains that he would be feeling.


A slightly discouraging realization by:

Ensign Andrew kennedy Chief Counselor SB47

"I miss the journeys of old, even if we'll have many here"