That's My Q #2 - V and Juliet?


<Costume Party, The Bar>

The doors swished open, and two of what could be described as "the beautiful people" entered the bar. Commander Jesse Walker, XO of the USS Edinburgh, on his last night on-base before the ship left. He was dressed in extravagant Elizabethan costume as Romeo, and on his arm, a beautiful red-headed Juliet. Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll, Chief Strategic Officer of the Base, and occasional CO of the attached USS Odysseus, was wearing a stunning, low-cut, scarlet dress, and was turning a few heads.

They made a couple of rounds of the room, making small-talk, and mingling. After a while, they seperated up - Jesse to talk to a couple of old friends, and Hannah, who personally couldn't stand one of them, to head to the bar.

Caelen was still at the bar, contemplating how to get around the fact that he couldn't drink his Whiskey, he then motioned the waitress again "could you give me a straw?" he asked her, silently as possible so that nobody else would hear his voice.

The waitress smiled and walked off, to find a straw for the weird man dressed like a 1980s comic book character.

Hannah walked up to the oddly-dressed man at the bar. "Hi there." She smiled. "So, what are you dressed up as?"

Caelen slowly turned his head "V" he said in a lower and darker voice then he usually had, hoping she wouldn't notice it was him.

"V?" Hannah said, adjusting her cleavage a little. "Who's that?"

"Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask" Caelen responded, keeping his dark tone of voice.

"Uh...right..." Hannah said, a little confused

Caelen smiled behind his mask "Don't you see the paradox of asking a masked man who he is?" he was just quoting the movie, adapted to suit this certain situation.

Hannah smiled. "You're not going to tell me, are you?"

Caelen slowly shook his head, figuring it would be better to stop talking so that she wouldn't get any more time to hear his voice.

Hannah smiled as the barkeep delivered her drink, and took a sip. She turned to see Jesse walking towards them. zatchlas_str: "This is my boyfriend Jesse. Jesse, this is...uh...V."

Caelen lifted his head briefly and gave a slight bow "I didn't know you had a boyfriend... I thought they were just rumours..." he still remembered their talk about the posting on the starbase "... And you are both dressed as... Romeo and Juliet?" he asked, knowing that they would at least be from the Shakespearian period.

Jesse smiled. "That's right." He looked V up and down. "You would be...Guy Fawkes?" He hazarded a guess.

Caelen shook his head again "Guy Fawkes failed where I succeeded..." at least that's what was true in the fictional world of his character.

Hannah smiled as she realised who the masked man was. "So are you planning on blowing up the station as well, Sir?"

Caelen laughed and now used his normal voice again "I'll try not to" although it was a joke it fell a bit bitter to talk like this about the Pegasus, in essence 'they' had blown it up.

"Captain LaBrie," Jesse said. "It's an honour to finally meet you, Sir. Commander Jesse Walker, XO, USS Edinburgh."

Caelen gave a simple nod and shook the man his hand, although they had found out his identity he didn't take off the mask. After all with more then 1400 officers on board he had a lot of more fun to have "I am sure Hannah has told you all about me" it was more a sarcastic remark to the fact that most people would say that to please the reciever of the compliment. Caelen wasn't in the mood for compliments, his wife and kid had left him, he had nothing here... "When is the Edinburgh leaving again?" he asked, just to keep the conversation going.

"Tomorrow morning." Jesse said. Behind him, Hannah looked sad. Almost unthinkingly, Jesse stepped backwards, and put an arm around her. "We'll be back in around three months."

"We'll be in the Romulan Neutral Zone by that time..." Caelen pondered "...will take a lot more effort to be able to dock here" he then shrugged a bit "you are still welcome of course... if you ask me... the Rommies might think differently"

Jesse shrugged. "That's my boss' problem. So how are you feeling about heading into the Neutral Zone?"

Caelen looked down a bit before looking Jesse in his eyes again "Truth be told I don't feel a whole lot anymore, Commander" he said frankly. "As for the neutral zone... it's just another bunch of stars with a imaginairy line drawn through them so that we would have a feeling of control over things that are not within our grasp..." he was cryptical, cynical and sarcastic all in one " is ever changing, what we now know as the RNZ might very well be Borg territory in three years time"

Hannah frowned. The captain seemed pretty down. "Jesse, why don't you go find some food - I'm starving." Jesse took the hint, and made a move.

"What's up, Sir?" Hannah asked, worried.

Caelen shook his head a bit "Nothing that should concert a Chief Strat Ops... nor Juliet..." he stated, coldly, he wanted to talk about it... but then again he didn't... he couldn't "...let's just say that Ensign LaBrie, the Linguistic expert, is once more called Ensign Yordanova"

"I'm sorry Sir." Hannah said, quietly. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really" Caelen responded, almost sounding to happy that Hannah had asked him this. He turned around to pick up his Whiskey, so graciously provided with a straw by the waitress. He lifted his glass "To the leaderless" he spoke, referring to the nickname of the starbase and their, uncertain, future.

"To things getting better." Hannah said. She knew LaBrie wanted, maybe even needed to could she get him to open up, though?

Caelen put the straw through the opening in the mouth and drunk some Whiskey. "So how long have you and the Commander been together?"

"About two months now." Hannah smiled at the thought. "Since we got here, really. I'm going to miss him.."

"I'm sure he'll miss you to" Caelen responded, he took another sip of his whiskey "anyway, go and have some fun, don't let me spoil your evening" he then urged Hannah to do something else then trying to extract information from him.

It was Hannah's turn to take the hint. "Yessir." She nodded, and headed after her man.

Caelen finished his Whiskey through a straw, noticing that this way the alcohol in the drink was way more effective somehow. He immediately ordered another one and waited for his next victim to ask who he was.


Captain Caelen LaBrie (a.k.a. V) Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "To the leaderless..."

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "V, V...wherefore are thou, V?"