"That's my Q" #5 "Where little girls meet their doom"


<Costume Party, The Bar>

The door slid open with it's well-known hiss, and in she walked. Tall and upright, with a slight sneer on her face. Her red hair done up elaborately into a 17-th century bun. Her face slightly powdered, made to look almost a bit pale in the artificial lighting of the bar. Her dress, an elaborate pre-victorian gown, accentuating all the right curves. Her soft milky breasts pushed up by the boning and the corset, yielding an eye-catching cleavage.

The fabric of the gown itself rich and heavy, crushed velvet and lace, giving the impression of royalty. Black satin gloves covering her hands and fore-arms, and a rich, silver piece of hair-jewelry to accent her deep red locks. Silver ear-rings and a rich choker completing the jewelry department of the costume, but perhaps the most noticable part of her costume were the subtle, fake bloodspatter on her breasts and the slender dagger she absently toyed with.

Oh the identity of the person inside the costume was not a secret. Kristiana Petrova looked upon her minions already assembled in the bar and yawned a faux-bored yawn. The populace was so much beneath her, that it bored her to be among them. This, a bar, was no place for a Lady of Standing, for her Noble Blood. Yet, she had to mingle with these .. people, all with their frivolous costumes and cheerful mannerisms. But they every last one of them still gazed upon the slightly aged yet still devastating beauty that was ..

.. the Countess Erszebeth Bathory.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase 47 "Come little children I'll take thee away .. "