Sweet child o' time #25 - 26 "We can't let 'THEM' know !"


<Corridor outside of Kennedy's office>

She didn't want to do this, she couldn't do this, 'they' would find out, and then she would be in trouble, she'd disappear as well, just like so many others before her ! But she had to - she Had to tell someone, it was nessecary. She HAD to tell her secret, get it out, get it known - regardless what would happen to her, she needed to get it out ! And so she rang the doorchime.

"Enter" Andrew said, not looking up from his work. He needed to be ready for his talk with Petrova, as that was who he was informed was in charge of the bridge at this time.

The door slid open, and in slinked a very small, mousey woman, barely five ft tall, with half long brown hair, wearing round glasses. Simply brown pants and an equally muted autumn-y button-up shirt covered her, and she wore a forest-green poncho over that. Simple sneakers covered her feet. She glanced around, though staying near the sides, near the walls, where she wouldn't draw much attention to herself.

Then she saw him .. She saw the counselor. The blonde hair, the piercing eyes, the strong, chiseled features .. The proud and regal way he carried himself, even though he seemed tired. "Uhm ... H-hi .. Y-you're cute.." She blabbed, then blinked, eyes widened, and she covered her mouth with a hand.

Andrew looked up at the person who just entered. Then he absorbed what she just said, and smirked. "That's a new one from someone who just entered my office. Normally it's 'can you help me with something?' Ensign Kennedy, and you are?" He was taking in facts as he spoke. The nervousness of her movements, and reaction to what she said, as well as her timid voice.

'Uhm .. D-do I .. Have to tell you my name ?" she asked as she quietly made her way closer, her brown eyes fixed on his orbs, still her eyes widened a bit. She managed a soft smile as she looked around for something to sit on. Finding a chair, she brought it over to his desk and sat down on it, still looking at him. ".. Because .. I don't want .. 'them' .. to find out."

"I can tell you with certainty that "they" will not find a word about you from me. Part of my job is to ensure my patients trust my judgement, and some of that is the confidentiality I tell them I ensure. So, I give you my word that nothing said in this office will be heard by anyone else." He looked right at her. "So, your name, please?" He asked nicely.

She frowned a bit and nodded, leaning in closer, as she whispered. "My name is .. " Glancing left and right to make sure that 'they' weren't there, hiding. " .. Prudence Miller." She gave a nod, blushing softly as she sat back down. ".. and I have .. information .. But 'they' would kill me if they ever found out."

"And just who are 'they'?" Andrew began, knowing this couldn't be too harmful. <She's timid, though that could be a combination of her fear of 'them', and the possibility of her attraction to me>

"You know, 'THEM' !" she told him, like it was the single most elementary thing in the entire universe. "T-they blow people up .. And people go missing .. A-and I don't wanna go missing, I don't wanna blow up, I wanna stay right here, with y - uhm ... " She ducked her head, blushing furiously.

Another smile from Andrew. "Okay, you have me kind of lost. Blowing people up seems kind of recent... so... the Tal Shiar? People go missing with them as well..."

She nodnodnodded furiously, causing her glasses to almost go flying from her nose. Still blushing as she nudged them back on her face, she looked up at him again, tilting her head a bit. A soft whimper sounding from her as she smiled - what she hoped - was a winning smile of charm +3, but ended up just looking comical. "Y-yes, 'Them' .. and I .. I know something about 'them' - and that means t-that I am .. a target .. I have something from one of 'them' - and .. I don't wanna die or disappear or go 'boom' .."

The smile stayed on Andrew's face during this, then vanished as he got serious. "Okay, you have something. Are you going to tell me what it is? Or will this be twenty questions where I then have to figure out the answer?"

"I-I-I - .. I've already said too much - I'm really afraid, but when YOU are near, I - .. I'm not so scared anymore. But I can't tell you any more - 'They' might hear !" she stared at him, wide-eyed again. ".. I think I can only let you SEE .." as she rose to her feet again, and reached up, blushing, starting to unbutton her shirt.

"When I said confidentiality, I didn't quite mean this!" Andrew nearly shouted. <Dinner and a movie first, doesn't anyone understand this anymore?> "Does it have to be seen, rather than described? I'm pretty sure the Tal Shiar haven't been able to enter my office and leave a bug in here."

"Wah !" She startled as he nearly shouted, flailed her arms as she stepped backwards, tripping over her chair and unceremoniously crashing down to the floor, on her back, legs sticking up into the air. A foot twitched a bit. "... Ow." She muttered, rubbing the back of her head.

Andrew circled the desk, and offered a helping hand back up. "My mistake. That wasn't quite my intention. Are you alright?"

She took his hand, and - after getting up again with his help - didn't quite let go again, snuggling up Quite near him, she blushed as she looked him in the eyes, and nodded. "Y-yeah, I'm unhurt." then reached into her blouse - the top two buttons undone - and produced a small card, putting that in his hand, then buttoning her shirt up again.

Andrew sighed. <Two females in the same day cuddling up to me. If I wasn't so cynical, I'd call myself a player> He looked at the card. "And what exactly is this?" He asked, not forcing her away. <Would probably be the easiest way to get information from her> He thought.

"Tonight, at ten, slip that card under my door, the address of my quarters is on the back." She nodded to him. "Then I will show you what I've got. .. " Prudence then blinked as she coin fell. " .. Oh ! Uhm .. T-that .. thing .. t-that I have .. that's .. Theirs .. uhm .." As she blushed furiously again, burying her face against his stroooong, manly chest, calming down as she took in his scent.

<Yet another person who thinks I make housecalls, only this one is CLEARLY infatuated with me...> "Alright Prudence, I'll come. You have my word that I will be there tonight. Is there anything else that you can say at this very moment, or will it all have to wait until then?"

".. You'll have to come alone." She tried to sound as weighty as she could. ".. And you have to promise that you'll make sure nobody follows you." she added.

"I promise that no one will follow me, or enter the room with me. Good?"

She nodnodded, nudged her glasses back into place then leaned uuuup to give him a soft kiss on his chin, blushing deeply. "AlrightI'llseeyouthenbye !" she blurted out as she turned and made for the door - a bit quicker than she could manage, almost tripping over her own feet, then exited and was gone.

He touched the spot on his chin where she kissed him, and thought to himself. <Oh hell, what have I gotten myself into? Probably in trouble with the Ronin Senior Staff, now meddling with a Tal Shiar refugee, and indirectly the Tal Shiar... Kennedy...> He circled back around to his desk, placed his head in his arms, and let out a deep sigh.

While elsewhere on the station, a small woman ran pell mell into her quarters, and threw herself onto her bed, sighing deeply, closing her eyes. "... I touched him." she grinned.


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