Sweet Child O' Time: #27, 28 - Pamper me!

<On> <Kristiana and Ryylar's quarters>

Kristiana returned 'Home' after eating her meal of mac-n-cheese in the 'Ark' .. She yawned and stretched, wandering inside. Wondering how Ryylar was doing. Last she knew, Caelen had warned her that he had already .. 'checked' on Ryylar .. So Kristiana didn't need to. Which told her enough, really.

Ryylar to his credit was not acting wild or crazy or anything of the sort as one might expect when someone 'calls in sick' to work. Instead he was laying there quietly, his eyes closed as he let his shoulder which was still encased in a cast to heal. Doctor Floyd had insisted on the cast more for the muscle damage than anything else. His torso was tightly bandaged from his bruised ribs and his cheek swollen from one of the several smacks to the face he had received, courtesy of Bokma.

"Ryylar !" She startled as she saw him like that and hurried over, cringing at the sight, sitting down on the edge of the couch he rested on as she furrowed his brows. "Oh my god .. What happened ? Who did this to you ?"

"Bokma..." He replied and looked up at her with a weary and obviously painful smile which didn't quite seemed lined up. Either from the jaw jarring impact of Bokma's palm on his chin, or from the swelling on Ryylar's cheek. Though personally Ryylar opted for a combination of both.

"... What happened ?" Kristiana asked, more seriously now, as she took his hand, placing a soft kiss on it. "I'll take care of you hon .. "

"Bokma issss what happened... He trrrrrried to essssscape and I caught him." Ryylar said and then added proudly.

"You think thisssss isssss bad, you should ssssssee him." Ryylar grinned.

".. Tried to escape .. Riiight .." she gave a snort, as she rose and headed over into the kitchen, rummaging around a bit. "Oh I bet he looked considerably worse than you. I hope you atleast broke his knee- caps and bit off a hand, hon." she called out to him from the kitchen.

"Actually... I did..." Ryylar said with as much of a pained giggle as he could muster.

"And brrrrrrroke the otherrrrrrr one." He mentioned.

".. Good. Good." Kristiana nodded, heading into their bedroom for a moment. "Means I won't have to go out and do it for you !" she called out from the bedroom.

"Well I can't let you have all the fun all the time." He said with a grunted painful mewl at the end.

"Part of me things you just let yourself get beat up so I would feel sorry for you and pamper you silly, hon !" she called out from the bedroom again.

"Trrrrrrusssst me darrrrrrrrling if I wanted to be pamperrrrrrred therrrrrrre arrrrrre a lot lesssss painful wayssssss forrrrrr me to go about it." Ryylar said.

"This is true." She spoke as she wandered out of the bedroom again, staying outside of Ryylar's field of view, heading back into the kitchen. "But he didn't actually try to escape, did he. Don't worry, I don't give a damn either way - that bastard deserves whatever you did to him."

"Well... no... and if it everrrrrr getssssss to Ssssstarrrrrrfleet I have nothing to jusssstify my claimssssss. I'll prrrrrrobably be kicked out." Ryylar said.

"Then we'll have to make sure it doesn't get to Starfleet, don't we, hon." Kristiana smiled as she made her way back to him, carrying in one hand a tray with a variety of cooked, grilled and otherwise prepared bite-sized bits of meat, and a large glass of milk. In the other hand a pillow and a blanket. Her hair loose, and cascading down her shoulders and back, and instead of a uniform she wore a simple but seductive satin nightgown. She pulled up a chair to sit near him.

"Awwwwww baby... thank you." Ryylar said with a genuin smile as his eyes lit up a bit and his whiskers drooped in a resigned look of happiness. He was lucky and he knew it.

She smiled, leaning in to give him a soft kiss on the tip of his nose, careful not to hurt his swollen cheek now .. Then grinned and gave a lap with her tongue over his other cheek, giggled softly and started feeding him bits of meat. "You're welcome hon .. I'm going to take care of you."

"Awwww you don't have to therrrrrre arrrrrrre morrrrrre imporrrrrtant dutiessss you need to get done on thisssss ssssstation otherrrrr than me honey." Ryylar said to her with a smile.

"And I'll still do those." She nodded. "But .. When I was down, when I felt like my entire foundation was destroyed, right after I came back from those .. horrible, horrible three years in Castle Bathory .. There was one person who was there for me, always. One person I could count on. One person who would catch me when I fell, one person who would tell me I was beautiful even when I cried .. One person who made me feel like the luckiest, happiest and most beautiful woman alive, even after we had a fight .." She spoke softly, smiling, feeding him another bite of meat. ".. And I intent to re-pay that person for everything he did for me."

"Love isssssn't about debt orrrrr rrrrrrepaying anyone.. it'sssss about doing what you want to do forrrr that perrrrrsssssson forrrrr no rrrrrrreassssson at all otherrrrr than you love them." Ryylar said and nibbled a little bit of tuna.

"Shh, it sounded good when I said it." She poked at his side, softly.

He grinned and nuzzled her nose with his own and lay back, smiling at her.

"I'm rrrrrreally lucky to have you Krrrrrrissss." Ryylar said softly.

" .. I know." She winked, and fed him another bite of food. "Oh .. Guess what happened today ?"

"What isssss that?" Ryylar asked.

"LaBrie called me into his readyroom .. Said that he'd gotten a call from some admiral up high on the ladder." Offering Ryylar some milk, if he wanted some. "Apparently, the Admiral in question had also seen those pictures - you know which ones - and wanted my ass out of Starfleet. Said that those pictures were the last straw, after all those years of - .. Well, you know how I can be, when I don't agree with something."

"And?" He asked her, frowning a bit, expecting bad news.

"So LaBrie told the Admiral to stuff it, and that if he insisted on my resignation, he would also need to find a new CO for this Starbase." Kris grinned. "He then promoted me to full Commander, and left me in command of the starbase while he went off to find his missing daughter."

"Nice!" Ryylar said with a grin before hearing about LaBrie's missing daughter.

"Hmmmm well I hope he finds his daughterrrrrr." Ryylar said.

"Yeah, me too .." She sighed a bit. ".. Makes me glad I don't have children.".. Pausing a moment, taking a small bite of meat as well, before offering him another. ".. But I made full Commander, hon .. That's something I'd never thought I'd reach. And Caelen stood by me, so far as putting his own job on the line to keep me as his XO."

"I knew you'd reach it someday.." He said with a smile as he wrapped his one good arm around her.

"Who knows, maybe one day I'll even make Captain." she winked, nuzzling him softly. "Though I have no desire in a command of my own .."

"Well if you everrrrr make Captain... You know I can handle ssssssecurrrrrrity." Ryylar grinned.


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Acting CO Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Feeling better ?"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer Starbase 47