Sweet child o' time #23 - 24 - fooooood.


<Main operations, SB47>

Kristiana was ready for a break, after all that had been happening. She rose to her feet, yawning and stretching a bit, told the next-in-line that they had the conn, then wandered down to the turbolift. Once there, she paused a moment, pondering. She was about to head back to her quarters, but decided to head down to the "Ark" instead, having heard good things about it.

<The Ark>

So it was there that the redheaded russian woman next found herself. Pausing a moment to look around, taking in the look of things, before she headed over to a secluded table, in a corner.

Xena noticed someone came in by the sound of the doors opening and closing. "Hello...and welcome to the Ark" she said waving. "Will you be staying for dinner or just a drink?" she also replied pausing for the other person to reply.

Petrova looked up at the other voice and blinked slightly, taken aback for a brief moment by the sight of the ex-borg. " .. Something to eat, please." Kristiana replied. "Macaroni with cheese and extra ham, and for to drink .. .. Hmm .. Surprise me."

She noticed that the person was suprised seeing an ex-borg serving people, but what could she do? "Right away, ma'am, please be seated."

Xena went into the kitchen and started to boil hot water but added a tsp of salt. She nocited the woman sit in the chair. "So, what do you do on the ship?" she asked waiting for the water to boil while getting her suprise drink.

"I'm the executive Officer." Kristiana replied, reclining a bit on the chair, stretching her legs out, rolling her shoulders some. "Well .. Acting CO at the moment." she spoke. Still wearing her Command-Red uniform with the Commander pips on her collar.

"I see" Xena replied walking over with her drink, "Her you go, one pina colda" "Now if you excuse me I must attain to your food" and with that she walked away.

Kristiana chuckled a bit. "Thanks." watching the woman, just barely over half Petrova's age, walk away again. Shorter than Kristiana - considerably lighter, too - the older Russian Redhead couldn't help but notice the two different eyes of the freed Borg bar-owner. One brown, one green. She sighed softly and took a sip of her drink.

Xena walked away and went into the kitchen when she noticed the water boiling, she quickly poured the noodles in and put a medium-size lid over it. Shen got a out a plate and placed beside the pot. Out of the fridge she took out a carton of milk and some butter so the butter could get soft. The last bite was a knife and some chopped up parsely.

Kristiana couldn't help but marvel at this place, as she sat, waiting. All the modern comforts, yet never intruding into the general, pleasant atmosphere. Several other patrons were there, simply enjoying their food or drinks, or talking among eachother. The russian woman also couldn't help but notice how large the 'Ark' was, compared to the lounge on the Pegasus - or what passed for one, that is.

Xena stired the noodles, drained them and then added six slices of butter, allowed them to melt and then added the milk but just enough to cover the bottom of the pot, Before she added the cheese she stired it so the mixture would get all of the milk. Then she added the mozarella cheese, let it cover it and give it a nice color. After that she took a cat plate and placed the mixture on it.

Kristiana took another sip of her drink, simply watching the other patrons going about their business, chatting with eachother, sharing the latest gossip ..

Xena then took the last touch and sprinkled some chopped parsly on it and grabbed the plate and carried it out. "One macorni and cheese" she replied placing it infront of her. "If you be needing anythign else just ring this bell" she pointed ot the small silver bell in the centre of the table and then walked away.

Kristiana blinked a bit as she saw the plate with the holographic cats riding around it, and looked at Xena, with a very soft smirk. "Thanks." She nodded, as the other woman walked away, and she started to eat. Glancing at the kitties again that rode around her plate. ".. Unexpected .. Childish, but cute." Petrova spoke, quietly, as she ate.

Xena went over to another table because she heard a bell ring, and then noticed the people getting up. She then said a simple 'thank-you', waved at them, and then said 'come again'. After they left she started to clean up the plates and took the dishwasher where she piled them in and let the dishwasher and let it do the work.

After a while, Kristiana was done eating .. She rose to her feet, giving Xena a nod. "It was great .. Thanks. I'll be sure to come by again some time."

Xena came over said 'good-bye' and started to clean up the table. "I sure hope you come again"


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Acting CO Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Xena Astrodon