Sweet Child O' Time #15-16 - "Break"


[Main sickbay, deck 20, SB47]

Kitty had been working quite literally for hours, trying to stabilize the situation in Sickbay. The engineering part of it, at least. She was tired and upset, but her work became easier as the blood and guts were cleaned up... now she finally wandered further into Sickbay, looking around, trying not to notice the people fighting for their lives. She waved at Dr. Russell as soon as she spotted him, but waited, in case he was doing something vitally important.

"Okay, the rest is now up to himself." Russell said to his staff standing around one of the injured security guards. "If the treatment is successful we'll know in about an hour. We should see some change in his condition. I'll be in my office if you need me." he said and turned around. Now that all his patients from the blast were slowly getting better he felt a bit better as well. He headed for his office and found an overworked chief engineer on his path. "Hey, Kitty, how are you holding up?" he asked.

"I'm holding up..." Kitty said, which was technically true. "We've restored some functionality around the front part of Sickbay, but that whole mess just had to happen right near a power junction, and it might be a while before we've got the whole area back on main power." She sighed a little, suddenly letting herself look more tired than before. "How are things here?" She wasn't sure she wanted to know.

He decided to spare her the gruesome details of what he'd been up to the past hours. Technically the same, but then on humanoid beings. "For the ones who survived the explosion things are slowly improving." he said. "None of them are in critical condition anymore."

"That's good to hear," Kitty said. "I'm going to take a break, but there will be engineers here around the clock getting functionality back. I know it's important. If you've got any areas you need working before the others, let me or any of the other engineers know, ok?"

"As long as the power stays on in this area we'll manage." Russell said. "Good thing that there is some separation between the various treatment rooms. It left most of the equipment we now need the most undamaged." he added. "Is there anything you want? Something to drink, perhaps. The replicator near my office still works."

"Oh good heavens yes," Kitty said gratefully, as she finally realized just how hungry and thirsty she'd become. "Yes please. Where's your office?"

"Right this way." he said and headed for it, passing the disaster area which used to be the sickbay entrance. "I could use something as well. I may have skipped a few meals so far. And as a doctor I know that is not healthy." he said with a faint smile.

"That never stopped me," Kitty said wryly, following him. "You know, I get started fixing something and I forget that time is passing."

"When you're that focused it happens. And I must say that the latest events wreaked havoc on my appetite as well." Russell said frowning a bit. He halted at the replicator. "I'll just have something to drink for now." he said more to himself than anyone else. "Mug of coffee, strong, hot and black." he commanded the computer. The mug materialized and Russell took a deep breath taking in the 'refreshing' aroma. "Just what the doctor ordered." he smirked.

"Orange-banana milkshake, chilled," Kitty told the replicator, and pulled out her own glass. She took in a good third of the drink in her first pull of the widened straw, then staggered back slightly as the liquid coursed through her body. "Wow."

Russell looked at Kitty and smiled. "Something they used to call a 'brain freeze'?" he asked. "Come, please sit down." he said motioning her to his office behind her.

"Something like that," Kitty said with a slight chuckle, and followed him in. She nearly fell into the nearest chair, taking another long sip and closing her eyes. "Funny, I didn't realize how tired I was."

Russell said down behind his desk in his 'comfortable chair' and leaned back. "As long as you're busy working a full or even a double shift, you wont notice it until it hits you with a hammer." Russell said. "Perhaps the milkshake is your hammer." he added smiling.

"I think it's my warning," Kitty said wryly. "It was high time for a break. What about you? How often do you work double shifts?"

"Back on the Pegasus it happened a lot." Russell said thinking back. "But even back home being a simple practitioner..." he said making quotation marks with his fingers. "...I often was the better part of the day at work." He took a sip of his coffee. "Lately I've had some more free time, until that Reman showed up and all this happened." he added. "For an engineer work is never done as well, I guess?"

"There's always something to fix," Kitty said with a chuckle. "But usually I've got the sense to stop if I start feeling really dizzy."

"Probably just in time to avoid mistakes." Russell said. "But if the dizziness stays longer than usual, you'd let me know right?"

"Ok," Kitty said, frowning slightly and nodding. "Usually all I have to do is eat or drink something and it eases up pretty quickly."

"Alright." Russell said smiling. "How are things with Ronald?" he asked changing the subject a bit. It was a break after all, no need to talk about work all the time. "I haven't seen him much around lately." he said. "The base is a bit too big to actually run into him somewhere."

"Poor guy, he's stuck on the ship," Kitty said. "The captain is taking off, some sort of emergency, and I'm out one date."

"Ship? Oh, you mean the Odysseus?" Russell asked. "And the captain heading for some emergency? As if we don't have enough of them right here." he added looking a bit surprised.

"Yeah, obviously he's got to go _import_ them..." Kitty said wryly, and then giggled. She couldn't help it.

"The grass is always greener at the other side of the Alpha quadrant." Russell smirked.

"I'll say!" Kitty snickered. "Home. Well... my grandparents' house."

"Let's hope they return safely without importing some more disasters." Russell said smiling and finished his coffee.

A nurse looked around the corner of Russell's office. "Doctor? Could you come and see officer Dixon? He just woke up from his narcosis."

"That's good news." Russell said relieved. "I'll be right there." He said and stood up.

"And I'll go get some rest," Kitty said resignedly, setting down her empty milkshake glass.


A rest-break JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer Starbase Ronin


Lt. (JG) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin