Sweet Child o' Time #13 - "She's right... as usual"

Melina had been on her way towards the veiwing area on the prommande, she blinked as her communicator chirped.

=/\=Ensign Bradbury, please report to Transporter room one, I'm going to need your expertise =/\=

=^=Aye sir on my way=^=

Melina wondered what wasd up she raced her way towards transporter room one, she thought of a thousand things that uit could and could not be. She guessed it was best for herself to find out when she had found the Captain. Waiting was the long and worse point of all of starfleret business. Perhaps the phrase 'hurry up and wait' was correct in many ways. Of late Melina had been sent a subspace package that package hadn't been opened yet she just hadn't found the time for that. She sighed softly and looked out of one of the view ports she was passing. The stars held the promise of much but sometimes she found herself wondering if it was enough.

Entering transporter room one she wondered what they had all done over the past few days. She looked to La Brie and smiled softly.

"You wanted me sir?" she asked softly.

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