Sweet Child o' Time #13 - "She's right... as usual"


[Main Sickbay, deck 20, SB47]

Total carnage. That was the way to describe the situation in the main sickbay. Multi coloured blood stains near where the sickbay doors used to be. All what remained of those was severely bent and blackened by the flash fire. The medical personnel were tending to the wounded in the undamaged part of the sickbay, engineers taking care of the damaged part.

And Russell? He wished he was a Vulcan at the moment, like T'Rell was. Being able to put emotions aside and do his job as a doctor, like he was doing right before the day took a turn for the worst. He sat in his office behind his desk, still wearing the torn and bloody uniform but the wound on his shoulder was healed. He was looking at some PADDs with the status of the multiple injured from the blast, going from one to the other. The major causes of concern were Lieutenant Zorach, Talder and security officers Hansen and Dixon as because they were closest to the blast.

But the information didn't get through to him, he couldn't focus. The image of the dead after the blast was still going through his mind. He had had his fair share of gruesome sights in his medical career or even in his entire life, but never before of someone he considered a friend.

He threw the PADDs back on his desk and leaned back in his chair putting his hands to his face. He sighed heavily and rubbed his face groaning a bit. "Are you okay, hon?" His wife Laura said walking into his office.

"No, I'm not." Russell said truthfully. He was feeling miserable because the death toll hadn't stopped at three. Another security guard died because of the severity of his injuries. Along with his team he did everything possible to save the man, but their efforts were in vain. And that had been the last straw for Russell, trying to get away from it all in his office. "I can't get that horrible image out of my memory. When I walk into that sickbay I see them lying there all over the place again." He said frowning and with a slight tremble in his voice.

"I know." Laura said, although the bodies had been covered by sheets by the time she arrived at the sickbay. She sat down on his desk in front of him. "But that's not gonna change anything. Those who survived still need your help. You'll have to go back into that sickbay one way or the other." She said putting her hand on his shoulder, looking him straight in his eyes.

"The others are doing just fine." Russell said referring to his medical staff and looked down.

"Their doing their job, Russell, but they are not fine." Laura said on a serious tone. "They have injured colleagues, one of them life threatening." She added. She meant his assistant chief medical Talder who was caught in the major part of the blast. "But he has a chance and you can make that a winning chance!"

"Perhaps." Russell said looking up and sighed heavily again. He picked up the PADD and looked frowning at Talder's status. The data on it was real-time but it was just thatů data. There was no connection with the patient. He looked at it for half a minute, thoughts and images racing through his mind, and threw the PADD down again. "This is useless!" he said loud and stood up. He needed to get back into that dreaded sickbay again.

He kissed Laura on her forehead and hugged her fiercely. "Thanks, I needed that." He said smiling about the small motivational lecture she gave him. Releasing the hug slowly he said "Now how about we check up on mister Talder?"

"Let's not forget the rest." Laura said smiling.

They walked out of his office and Russell still had his arm around her. "Of course not." He said. "They all deserve are undivided attention."

"Absolutely." Laura added while they passed the ruined area of the sickbay where engineers were repairing all kinds of systems. "You know, a nurse mentioned that Lieutenant Zorach seemed to be talking." She said smiling. "But he wasn't awake, so it was more some vague mumbling. It didn't make much sense to her."

"At least it's good news." Russell said with a faint smile. "That means his brain function is still intact." He added sounding all business again. "But I think we have to put him in a medically induced coma to be able to repair that nerve damage in his lower back. Not much walking and talking for him for a while."


Lt. JG Russell D. Floyd M.D. Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Laura Floyd M.D. (NPC) Civilian Starbase Ronin (SB47) (played by Russell)