Sweet Child o' Time # 11-12 - Inbound Heat


[Transport Shuttle - Deep Space]

"Moses," an Argo class transport shuttle traveled at warp 3 along a course parallel to the Romulan Neutral Zone. Moses was on a classified mission for Starfleet Intelligence. The pilot and two members of the flight crew were making their routine course corrections and communications check. A message came across the classified channel. Wally frowned to the pilot. "I hate to disturb her just before action." He got up as the pilot laughed.

Four male intelligence officers were dressed in black camo gear, finishing up a mid-flight snack. They looked toward Wally as he stepped into the passenger compartment from the flight deck. He pointed toward the only female intelligence officer on the team.

She was tapping her boot to the lyrics of an ancient Billy Joel song, "Captain Jack" that played through her helmet earphones. She was dressed in black camo gear but Wally could make out her attractive female features.

Wally looked to the four men for assistance but they innocently looked at the deck. He finally nudged her helmet to get her attention. "Ahhhh," Wally said as the woman stood. She pulled off her helmet releasing her shoulder length black hair. Wally backed up and tripped. He landed on his rear end. The four men laughed.

"Miss Zorach, a message on the secure channel for you," Wally said. He stood up and rubbed his rear. "I'm sorry to disturb you, really."

Robin Zorach smiled and rubbed the back of her neck. "Wally, these guys didn't want to help you?" She eyed the four members of her team. They lowered their heads for the pending criticism. "You see, Wally, these guys are pushovers. Where's the message?"

"It's a live feed, Miss Zorach. Say, what is your rank?" Thump! Wally felt Zorach's helmet smash into his midsection just enough to impress him.

"That's the wrong question. My team and I have no ranks. It's better that you don't know," she dutifully replied. Robin walked forward into the flight deck. After a moment, the pilot and navigator stepped into the passenger compartment and closed the flight deck hatch.

[Ten minutes later]

The flight deck hatch opened and Robin said, "Sorry, boys, operation has been scrubbed. Wally, we'll need a course correction. HQ has decided to drop me off at Starbase 47."

[Transport Shuttle - Orbit of Starbase Ronin]

Zorach tapped the communications channel. =^= Shuttle Moses to Starbase 47 Operations, come in? =^=

=/\= Starbase Ronin to Shuttlecraft Moses. Hearing you loud and clear. =/\= the voice of the Conn officer on duty sounded.

=^= May I speak to your commanding officer? =^=

=/\= One moment, shuttlecraft Moses. Stand by, please. =/\=

And a few moments later a tired looking redhead appeared on the screen. =/\= This is Commander Petrova, acting CO of Starbase 47. Make it quick, we're in the middle of a red alert, here. =/\=

=^= Commander Petrova, I'm Robin Zorach. Request permission to transport aboard. =^=

=/\= Get in line, Miss Zorach. =/\= Kristiana replied. =/\= Nobody is beaming in or out before I give a green light - which isn't yet. =/ \=

Robin slipped in a security card into her transmitter. =^= Understood, Commander. I'm transmitting to you my clearances. I will be the only person to transport aboard. Starfleet Intelligence understands a reasonable delay but my team is expecting R and R. I'm standing by. =^=

This surprised Kristiana slightly. She glanced to a nearby console as she received the clearance. It all seemed to check out. =/\= Clearance received, Miss Zorach. But you're still going to have to wait while I take care of matters here. I'll hail you when you can transfer onboard. Petrova out. =/\=

=^= Standing by. Out. =^= Robin sat down. After a few minutes, she acquired a cup of coffee.

Kristiana meanwhile continued reading through her PADDs. She needed the background info, before continuing to dissolve the crisis. Security reports, casualty reports, damage reports, situation reports. Reports, reports, reports!

A short while later, she was finally done, and sat back. Pondering a moment, then tapping her comm-badge. =/\= Petrova to Security. Assemble triple security teams in docking bays One and Three. Inspect every ingoing and outbound craft thoroughly. If they complain, send them my way. Petrova out. =/\=

Then she looked over the station overview again, then turned to her tactical officer. "Stand down red alert, but keep shields up," she said, before turning to Conn. "Start organizing incoming and outgoing traffic. Nobody is to leave the docking bays by any form or method until Security clears them."

[About 40 minutes later]

That done, Petrova opened a hailing frequency again. =/\= Starbase Ronin to Shuttlecraft Moses. =/\=

Robin yawned and tapped the communications channel. =^= Moses, reading five by five. =^=

=/\= Due to recent circumstances I'm unable to clear you for transport, however - I've given you priority clearance to dock in Bay Three. That's the best I can do, Miss Zorach. =/\= Petrova spoke, matter-of-factly.

=^= Sorry, Commander. My team is not authorized to dock. My orders come direct from Intelligence HQ and I will be allowed to transport. Did you not receive a priority one clearance? =^=

=/\= With all due respect, Miss Zorach - as far as your visit to My station is concerned - it's My way or the highway. We just lost several crew due to an explosive device in sickbay, and our shields are going to stay up for a good while to come - to prevent anyone from beaming out. Either your shuttle docks and you get out, or you stay onboard your shuttle till we lower our shields - which will not happen until I'm satisfied that we have apprehended every person involved with the murder of MY crew. Am I clear, Miss? =/\= Petrova glared at the woman on the other end of the line.

Robin squinted her eyes. =^= Humm. Why don't you come out here and we'll have a one-to-one talk? I don't need to tell you that my brother was in that explosion! Any other vehicles inbound? =^=

=/\= I know your brother was in that explosion, Miss Zorach. Which is why I've given you priority clearance to dock. And, yes, there are other vehicles inbound. Contact one of them if you want to beam aboard there and then dock through regular means, that would be a solution. =/\= Petrova replied.

=^= Very well. I do look forward to meeting you in person, Commander. Zorach out. =^=

Kristiana just shook her head - who did that Zorach woman think she was, telling Her what to do with Her security crisis? She simply closed the channel, ignoring any snide remarks she had for the other woman - which were plenty.

Robin Zorach beamed upon the cargo shuttle Ozuma as it prepared to dock. Moses turned and warped away.


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Acting Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Who does she think she is, telling me how to solve MY security crisis. It's Mine, damnit, all mine!"

Robin Zorach (NPC) Starfleet Intelligence Classified Posting (played by Charles Zorach)