Sweet Child O' Time #9 & 10 "Telemiscommunication"


[USS Odysseus, or Oddy, awaiting docking clearence]

=/\=Evans to Ronin Ops, eh... Sorry about that, could you elaborate on that explosion part?=/\= =/\=Ronin to Odysseus, preliminary reports suggest that the explosion near sickbay was caused by a bomb. Possibly phosphorous. Extensive damage to sickbay 01 and the ajoining corridors. Three casualties and several wounded. Station on red alert. A fighter de... Wait a sec... Stand by, please.=/\=

"Damn it." Evans mumbled. Patience was not one of the traits he was known for.

=/\=Ronin to Oddy, please be advised that Captain LaBrie is preparing to beam aboard. You are suggested to lower your shields. A fighter wing is assigned to escort you.=/\=

And just as the communicator mentioned the escort, three or four fighters buzzed the Oddy, making it tremble from the exhausts, shaking the crew awake. "Sonnovabitch!" Evans exclaimed. " =/\=Evans to Fighter Escort. One more stunt like that, and I'll have your licenses!=/\= He yelled through the coms.

One of the wingmen dared to comment on that. =/\=No sense of humor, those guys from ops...=/\=

=/\=I have your humor right here, flyboy, come and get it!=/\= Evans yelled through the coms, attracting the attention of all the people on the small bridge of the Oddy... Evans turned a shade of red, and decided to just shut up about it. It wasn't a good idea to provoke those guys anyway.

Then another thought occured to Evans. If the captain was coming aboard, they wouldn't disembark in time, for him and Kitty to go on that date they planned...

=/\=Eh... Evans to Ronin... Could you get engineering for me?=/\=

=/\=Ronin to Evans... Stand by...=/\=

Then it was silent for a while.

A middle-aged man's face appeared on the screen. It was Kitty's main assistant, the one she generally left in charge. Williams. =/\=Main Engineering... Ah, what can I do for you, Ops?=/\=

=/\=Black? Oh! Well, you know we had this huge explosion, casualties, injured.. she's in Sickbay. Want me to check and see if she can talk?=/\=

Evans was going to respond 'Yes please', when the message between the lines unfolded in his brain. He turned from red into white once again... A chameleon would be proud of him... =/\=... ... ... Could you repeat that please? =/\= he squealed through the channel.

=/\= She's in sickbay. Hold on a sec.=/\= And Williams promptly put Evans on hold.

=/\=NO! DON'T PUT ME ON...=/\= But he was too late, as the starfleet logo popped into his personal viewscreen. "CRAP!" he almost cried, leaning back into his chair, lifting his hand to his forehead, being sure that Kitty was one of the dead, or even worse, wounded, badly mutilated...

Several tense minutes passed as he watched that logo, and then it suddenly cleared, resolving into a familiar face. The Chief Engineer looked tired and a bit strained, her bangs slightly damp and pushed back, a soot streak on her face. Behind her was blackened bulkhead, and she was apparently standing up, facing into the viewscreen. =/\=This had better be good, I'm trying to- Oh! Ronald, hi!=/\= The weary features broke into a smile, like the sun coming out.

=/\=KITTY! You OK?!=/\= Evans blurted out, at the sight of his apparently alive and councious girlfriend.

=/\=I'm ok. Tired, but ok. It's a mess down here. I had to act as fire control when I first got down here. I've got engineers all over the place and we still haven't stabilized the area.=/\= She wiped off her forehead with a small rag, fading the soot stain and spreading it slightly. =/\=Are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost...=/\= she said, now concerned.

=/\=I am now...=/\= Evans said, regaining a bit of his color. =/\=That Williams guy told me you were caught in the blast, and lying in sickbay... Where does he actually get this information?! Idiot...=/\= Evans was actually well and truely mad at the guy for scaring him to death like that.

=/\=What did he tell you?=/\= Kitty asked, puzzled. =/\=I was near Sickbay when the blast hit, that's true, and I got knocked on my rear. I'll probably be sore later on. But since I was on the scene, as it were, I just headed right in to help out. I wasn't really hurt. Not like...=/\= She paused as something caught in her throat.

=/\=Kitty? What's wrong?=/\= Evans pushed. =/\=Like what? Like who? Oh crap, don't tell me Russel kicked it...=/\= Evans said barely audable.

=/\=T'Rell...=/\= Kitty choked out, closing her eyes as the scene flashed in front of her face again. =/\=And others I didn't know. There was blood everywhere, and... and parts..... and... ick... and... it was all green and red mixed... like... Christmas.=/\= She would never be able to explain quite how she came up with that last correlation in the midst of her visible upset.

"...damn..." Evans sighed, slumping in his seat again. =/\=T'rell...=/\= Evans just responded. =/\=And I was just going to say that our date may have to be delayed for a few days... LaBrie is about to beam aboard.=/\=

=/\=..No date?=/\= Kitty whimpered. That was all she needed to really ruin the day... =/\=Oh I'm sorry, I know it isn't your fault...=/\=

=/\=No date today... But I'll make up to you, I promise...=/\= Evans said. =/\=Don't you think it would be unappropriate, with T'rell... Well...=/\= Evans said, followed with a hard swallow.

=/\=Oh I'm so sorry!=/\= Kitty choked on her own words. =/\=That was so insensitive of me... oh... oh I've just.. tried.. to not think of all that.. I have to, to be able to keep working. I just.. pretend the stains are something else, like, jelly or something.=/\=

=/\=Don't... Just don't worry about it... We'll just have to deal with this as it comes... Listen to me, I'm one to talk easy, you're the one up to your knees in grime...=/\= Evans mumbled. Then his eyes popped open like saucers again. =/\=I did not say that out loud, did I?!=/\=

"Eh, you did, Sir..." the ensign on the station next to him mumbled.

"WHO ASKED YOU?!" Evans snapped. glaring to his side.

"...Sorry, sir..." the ensign whimpered. All this could be followed over the comline...

Kitty couldn't help but to laugh, and it took a good five years off her face. =/\=It's ok, it's ok, I don't mind. When are you coming back? We'll have our date then. =/\=

=/\=We will... I promise... Cross my heart..=/\= Evans said, making the gesture that comes with that particular phrase.

That got another tired chuckle. =/\=I'd better get back to work. You stay safe, alright? I love you.=/\=

=/\=I promise... Love you too. I'll... eh... leave you with your work then... Evans out.=/\=

Then he turned to the Ensign again, who in his turn wanted to crawl into a little ball, in anticipation of the scorn of Ronald Evans...

"I'm sorry, Ensign... eh..." Evans said to him.

"Ensign Blackstock, sir..." the Ensign peeped.

"Ensign Blackstock it is... I've been under a lot of stress lately... Don't think anything of it..."

"Yessir, Whatever you say, sir..."


Another misunderstanding brought to you by:

Lt. Cmdr. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer Starbase Ronin

Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer Starbase Ronin / USS Oddy


Ensign Blackstock Jack of all trades USS Oddy