Sweet Child O' Time #7 & 8 "Truth is often tainted by perspective"


<Nancela's quarters, Starbase Ronin>

The door slid open with it's trademark Hiss as a threesome of armed securityguards entered the room, their weapons drawn. They immediately spread out, keeping their aim on Nancela and Kennedy.

The woman looked up from Kennedy's arms, still sobbing, still crying, looking up the barrels of three Type III compression rifles. She startled at the sight, even though she knew it was coming.

"Alright, what's going on here ?!" the leader of the security-team demanded. "Internal sensors showed weapons-fire in these quarters."

"That would be correct." Kennedy began, keeping his voice level. "There was a mishap, and a phaser was fired." He partially lied. A mishap yes, but not the type the guards were probably thinking of.

"I did it." Nancela spoke up, between her sobs. She weakly tried to stand, but didn't quite manage. ".. I did it all. The bomb .. The phaser. It was all Me." Two securityguards stepped back and took aim at Nancela, glancing at their commander.

Said commander turned to Kennedy again. "Is this true, Sir ?" he asked. Knowing that Andrew was the counselor, wanting to know if the woman was telling the truth or simply insane.

Andrew sighed. "Yes, it's true. I'm here because she needed to talk about it. She told me everything. She told me her reasons, which I will not go into except with Officer Ryylar, Captain LaBrie, or Commander Petrova. No one else."

The commander sighed softly, then nodded, giving his men a signal. "Understood, Sir. I will let them know this."

Nancela's crying continued, even as the two men helped her to her feet and slapped energy-cuffs on her hands. "You are under arrest for illegal use of weapons, illegal posession of an explosive device, and detonation of said device, along with multiple counts of murder."

"I want to be present at her trial, as part of her defense. Know that. I don't want her swept under the rug, so to speak. Also..." He pulled the phaser he grabbed from Nancela, "Here. It's her phaser." He held it butt out so they could safely take it. "My phaser is on the table there, take it as well. I have no use for it at this time."

"You should remain armed while the red alert continues, Sir." The commander spoke as he took Nancela's phaser. "I will relay your concerns to the CO on duty." He nodded, as he turned to exit the quarters, with his two men and the trembling, sobbing Romulan woman.

"Tell them, Andrew .." She exclaimed, looking at Kennedy with fear yet hope in her eyes. "Tell them my story .. Let them know the truth ! Tell Them ! You MUST ! You PROMISED !" she screamed as she was led away, towards the brig.

Andrew sighed again. A long day, even though he knew he still had some time before he would be able to rest well. Added to that the fact he now needed to talk to LaBrie of Petrova, whichever was on duty, about this, he now felt extremely tired. "This won't go well..." He muttered.


Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor Starbase Ronin "The truth... what is the truth of this?"


Various NPC's, played by Kristiana Petrova