Sweet Child O' Time #6 - "Time, the Monster"

-={On}=- [Ten Forward, Deck 10, USS Gemini]

She stood leaning against the window frame, looking out the window at the stars, a few more hours and they would be back in Federation space, the lounge behind her was empty, since it was already very late… or early.

She was tired but couldn't sleep, she had tried but the notion of getting back home was to unnerving. What would they think of her? Would Caelen still love her? Or would he think that after they had left it was all over.

Maybe everybody thinks that they are dead… maybe everybody already held ceremonies… Some of them would be true, a lot of crew had died, more then half. They had to recruit other species to keep the ship running. But they had managed, they had gotten back to Federation space after seventeen years… however long that was, in her mind it felt even longer.

Would anyone miss her like she had missed them all these years? Would they know how much support they had been when she was on the brink of death? Caelen? B'Inca? Russell? Even Evans? In their eyes they would have only be gone for two days… but seventeen years had passed.

She looked at her hand, she was a young vital woman who had gone through much more then a young woman should ever be allowed to go through. It had all been so frightening, so alone… but the crew was there to support her, to help her… to keep her alive.

Slowly she let her arm drop off the window frame and she sighed, if only Caelen would still reckognise her, if only he would still love her.

Then, suddenly, breaking the silence and serenity the doors parted and somebody rushed in "Lieutenant LaBrie, there is a Medical emergency in sickbay… they need your help!" and with that the young lad that had delivered the news ran off again, probably to notify the Captain. Ever since the Comm went down two days ago things had been like this.

She pushed herself off the window frame and walked calmly to the doors, in medicine timing was everything, without a comsystem that timing was ruined, not even the fastest runner might be fast enough.

She started running towards the turbolift and stepped in "Sickbay" she stated, still rather calmly, and the lift got in motion. If only they could see her now… Russell, B'inca, Caelen… if only her dad was here to see her… he would be so proud.


Lieutenant Alexandra LaBrie (PNPC) Chief Medical Officer USS Gemini (As Played by Caelen LaBrie) "Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death."