Sweet Child O' Time: #17, 18 - Petrova's Pet Unleashed

ON: <<SB 47, Brig>>

After his brief meeting with Captain LaBrie, Ryylar walked into the brig and looked at the two Romulans each in their separate cells. Bokma first... Ryylar moved towards Bokma's cell and pressed the control to shut down the forcefield, shutting it down.

"You'rrrrrre frrrrrrree to go now..." Ryylar smirked as he stood right between Bokma and the door out.

Bokma blinked a bit and looked up, then smiled, reclining. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Mister Ryylar." he spoke. "You see, A small .. problem, has arisen." "Oh? And what might that be?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"It seems to me you are blocking my way out." Bokma spoke, matter-of- factly. "And - although I am capable of a great many things - phasing through another person is not one of them." "Oh well I ssssssee... " Ryylar said, moving in a weaving pattern closer and closer to Bokma.

"Then allow me to get out of yourrrrrr way." He said with a smirk tat was half sadistic, half sarcastic and Ryylar stood next to Bokma, gesturing for the now clear way out.

To which Bokma rose - very much on edge, he trusted this security officer about as far as he could throw him .. Especially considering the feline's fiercely fanatical facade forthput on his face. And it was at the moment that Bokma moved past him that Ryylar spun about and lashed out with his foot aimed at the Romulan's back.

His training warning him but his reflexes failing, Bokma just managed to half turn around before the foot connected - putting a hand between himself and said furry feline's ferosciously flying foot - with a sickening CRUNCH, the romulan staggered back from the impact, wincing, looking at Ryylar with murder in his eyes.

He grinned.

"Did I neglect to mention you'rrrrrre only frrrrrree to leave in a diplomatic bag?" Ryylar grinned before his fangy grin turned into a snarl and the large Caitian pounced forward.

Prepared now, the romulan agent ducked down and thrust his good hand up - the one that didn't get crushed by Ryylar's bonecrunching kick - aiming the palm of his hand straight at the feline's chin as he tried to avoid the raging monster's pounce.

If Ryylar could have adjusted his trajectory in mid air, he would have, but is chin slammed with a dull CLUNK as his jaw slammed against his skull and gave the Caitian a bit of a rattle while his face planted against the Romulan's palm. Unfortunately for Bokma, it was only a palm and not a brick wall. Consequently according to the laws of physics which state that a body in motion tends to stay in motion... well... that particularly furry and ferocious body in motion continued on its path straight at the Romulan in a haphazard tackle.

Causing Bokma to fall over backwards, hitting his back on the floor plating, hard, as he thrust up a knee to Ryylar's gut, using the same momentum to try and have Ryylar sail over him instead of landing on him. Ryylar to his cat-like credit tucked and rolled in mid-air, landing on his feet, all four of them. He slowly rose and grinned at Bokma. Sure the chin was sore and Bokma's knee to the gut didn't help him feel any better, but Ryylar was certain that he was still in better shape than the supine Romulan.

Who rose to his feet, cracking his beck a bit, and wincing slightly from the feeling in his back - like he was hit in the back with a starbase. Oh, wait, he was. His one hand was also limp, fingers bent in ways they shouldn't - and he strongly favored the other. Putting it up in a defensive pose, one reminiscent of several styles of romulan martial arts. "Kitty wants to play ? .. Let's PLAY." Bokma challenged.

Ryylar moved forward and smirked, weaving back and forth, his eyes watching the Romulan's hand and legs. The danger wasn't in the Romulan's eyes. It would come from Bokma's feet and his hands, though Ryylar believed that Bokma wouldn't use his injured hand if he could possibly spare it. Letting out his claws, Ryylar moved forward with a feint, punching weakly straight at Bokma's face.

Bokma twisted to the side a bit - though there wasn't much room in the brig cell - and blocked Ryylar's punch with the forearm of his broken hand - his eyes firmly on the feline's upper body, knowing what muscle moves how, when a person is planning something, a move - anticipating - thrusting his good hand forward for a swift jab to the base of Ryylar's neck.

Ryylar's attention to Bokma's hands had paid off and Ryylar watched as the twitch of muscle under Bokma's good arm started into a thrust that would have crushed the windpipe of the Caitian security officer... had it landed. With a quick flash of grey and black, Ryylar's forearm came up to deflect the blow at the same time that Ryylar kicked forward at Bokma's knee from the side, his foot coming in a harsh downward slash aimed at the side of the knee.

Bokma's strike deflected, then his knee hit - and hit HARD - another crack sounding, as he toppled sideways. He growled in pain, ducking in and trying to catch his fall with his good arm, as one of his feet also snapped out, even while he fell, into a fierce kick aimed at the feline's own knee-cap.

Ryylar relaxed his knee as he felt the initial impact and though it shuddered, the fact that Ryylar loosened his muscles caused the Caitian to merely lose his balance rather than fall with a snapped patella. He of course lost his balance forward, falling towards the injured Romulan.

Who had anticipated this, and pulled up his other knee and foot, balancing himself on his - now seriously hurting - back, to suddenly kick out and try to catch Ryylar's face with his foot.

Ryylar grunted and oofed as he felt the kick strike just a little lower, snapping his left clavicle bone. The impact made Ryylar's stomach churn and he hesitated but still landed heavily on the Romulan.

Bokma winced and coughed up some blood, as he slowly rose to his feet again, pushing Ryylar off of him. Out of balance now, shaking his head a bit. This wasn't going well for the romulan.

Ryylar grunted as he shifted. After that he probably had a few bruised ribs, but the Caitian still stood, one arm hanging limply as his collarbone had been broken. Oh that would take some time to heal.

"Come on you pointy earrrrrrred grrrrrreen blooded fleshy sack of puke. Is that all you Rrrrrromulanssss have?" Ryylar snarled, trying to psyche him out.

"I do not .. need false and cheap taunts .. Unlike some kitten I know." Bokma retaliated, as he balanced on his one good leg, grabbing his chair with his one good hand.

Ryylar grinned and moved forward, his tail slinking out towards the chair leg while Ryylar attempted to lock eyes with Bokma, Ryylar's tail wrapping around the leg and giving it a firm tug.

Bokma blinked as he saw Ryylar's tail curl around the chair-leg and tugged hard on the chair - trying to pull Ryylar off balance - before he suddenly thrust the chair forward - as hard as he could, aimed at the feline's face.

Ryylar kicked out to deflect the chair, his tail having a firm hold on it, but not being that muscular or adept at maneuvering his tail the chair slammed into Ryylar's leg and hip, nearly causing him to lose his balance.

"Come on... quit hiding behind furrrrrrniturrrrre. Faccccce me!" Ryylar bellowed.

Bokma wasn't about to let go of his weapon. Hauling it back, precariously balanced on one leg, but trained to still be able to fight, he swung the chair at Ryylar's head again. His options were limited, so he went with what seemed to work.

Ryylar had been expecting it when Bokma yanked it back, so he did what any respectable security officer would have done... he made like a duck and well... ducked. Ryylar leveled his good shoulder at Bokma and sprung forwards, ready to barrel into the Romulan if at all possible.

Bokma was thrown back against the wall, with another crunch, and another groan .. That's when he thrust his bad knee up - it hurt him, immensely - but as Tal Shiar he was trained to disregard pain - though it made him wince - the knee aimed at Ryylar's groin.

Ryylar doubled over instinctively into a near fetal position when the knee impacted against his genitals, despite the padding of his uniform, it HURT. By now the Caitian's four adrenal glands were working overload and he snarled, his eyes taking on a crazy look as he fiercely lashed out despite the pain, like a cornered beast.

His arm with the broken hand thrust forward, knowing that he had to block Ryylar - his Romulan flesh rended from bone, spatter of green blood splattering against the wall, as he winced and yelped - then thrust his good fist, hard as he coud, in a cold calculated blow down, aimed at the back of Ryylar's neck.

The crunch heard was probably going to be felt for a few days, weeks, months, ok so probably for the rest of the Caitian's life, but now there were flecks of green iron based blood on Ryylar's lips and though it hurt to even move his head, he decided that turnabout was fair play and jammed forward with an elbow directed at Bokma's crotch, deciding that the universe would be better off if this particular Romulan didn't breed.

The Romulan doubled over, groaning - wavering, losing his balance. Slowly recovering, he aimed a backhanded smack at Ryylar's cheek.

If Ryylar was going to get slapped, it would only be by Kristiana... Ryylar turned his head and opened his mouth, accepting the back of Bokma's hand in his fangy jaws and doing his best to clamp them shut, biting down on the back of the Romulan's hand though his jaws throbbed and cried out in pain from the earlier palm he had gotten to the jaw.

"g-a-aa-aaAARGH !!" Bokma cried out as he felt his hand speared by Ryylar's fangs - ripping through flesh, severing tendon, shattering bone as the powerful feline's jaws clamped shut around his hand. His eyes watering now, as green blood flowed freely from his destroyed hand, down Ryylar's chin, and down Ryylar's throat. Now both hands out of comission, and one hand caught in the jaws of death, Bokma did the next best thing he could think of - aiming to headbutt Ryylar as hard as he could.

Ryylar braced himself and clamped his jaws a bit tighter. The force would likely cause Ryylar's fangs to tear flesh straight off of Bokma's hands, but if this Romulan was going to do it, then Ryylar could only brace himself for the headachy impact.

Bokma yelped again as more flesh was severed, and his hand - or what was left of it - came free, and he - too - had a splitting headache. Pulling away, aiming an elbow at Ryylar's cheek, now - the Romulan was going to show this kitten that it wasn't the size of the dog in the fight that mattered - but the size of the fight in the dog.

Ryylar wasn't about to waste his precious tastebuds on a Romulan, he spit the flesh straight at Bokma's face and although he was certain that elbow was going to hurt, he leveled a punch with his good hand straight at the Romulan's neck, hoping to crush his windpipe and end this fight.

Bokma's own punch hit, only half-heartedly - as Ryylar's superior reflexes and strength smashed into his throat - not destroying his wind-pipe, but damaging it - Romulan eyes widening, as he gargled a bit - coughing up some green blood .. He wanted to instinctively put his hands around his throat to protect it, but found he had no hands left - his breathe now wheezing, difficult - he slowly slumped, coughing .. slowly losing consciousness.

Ryylar grunted and shakily stood up after the half hearted blow hit his cheek and he breathed raggedly, propping himself up in the chair that Bokma had used as a weapon only a few moments earlier. He reached up and tapped his comm badge.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrr.... to infirrrrrmarrrrry... medical asssssssissssstancccccce rrrrrrequirrrrred... =/\= He started and then looked at Bokma without sympathy or mercy as he finished his call, =/\= Take yourrrrr time. =/\=


Major Bokma Tal Shiar operative Current Assignment: Classified "It hurts and stings." (NPC'd by Lert)


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB 47 "Romulan tartar is NOT my favorite dish"