River of Forgetfullness #141&142 - "SitRep"

-={On}=- [Bridge, USS Odysseus]

Hannah yawned. She didn't do waiting patiently very well. In fact, she did it terribly. They had been stuck out here for twenty minutes, while who knows what was going on onboard the station.

[Main Operations, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen walked back in, he was a bit shaken up, the Reman was dead, T'Rell was dead, Johnson was dead. Two others were hanging on by a thread and Zorach was badly hurt. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed as he walked to his ready room "Send the reports to my ready room" he said, half heartedly, as he stepped inside.

Hannah turned to the man at comms. "Hail them again - I need to know what's going on."

=/\= Odysseus, this is Starbase Ronin, we are in the middle of an emergency here, keep it short =/\= an Ensign was the one given the reply, probably not the person Hannah would want.

The ensign sighed "One moment, Odysseus" she replied and tapped a few buttons.

[Captain's Ready Room]

Caelen sighed a bit as the console came up from his desk, he pressed to accept the incoming transmission "What can I do for you Lieutenant?"

"Sir, I'd really like to know what's going on." Hannah said. "We just recorded an explosion near Sickbay, and I'm requesting orders, Sir."

"You and me both Lieutenant..." Caelen responded a bit cynical "...so you know what happened, why are you hailing me?"

There was a pause. "Because I want to know what you want me to do next...Sir." Hannah said, rather diplomatically.

"For the time being I would be more comfortable with you out there, Lieutenant..." Caelen responded "...stay on our side of the border and patrol...:" he rubbed his eyes a bit before he looked at the bridge of the Odysseus "...the Romulans have just successfully assassinated the Reman refugee..." he shook his head a bit, still not believing the next bit fully "...in the explosion two of our men have been killed and two others are still fighting for their lives"

"Who...who was killed?" Hannah's voice sounded worried.

"Ensigns T'Rell and Johnson..." Caelen answered, both of them had been with the USS Pegasus from day one.

"Damn." Hannah said, her hand tightening like a vice on the arm of her chair. There was another pause. "We'll set up a patrol pattern immediately, Sir."

"Thank you Lieutenant..." Caelen then remembered what he had send the USS Odysseus out to do in the first place "...I take it you have retrieved the civilian shuttlecraft?"

"Yessir." Hannah said. "The anomaly caused a release of cold plasma within the shuttle. Evans says its stable for now, but I'd like to disengage our tractor beam, and let base operations guide it into the shuttle-bay. Also, if you've had an explosion on the base, are you going to need Evans, Sir?"

Caelen shook his head "I reckon that if the worse case scenario plays out and a Romulan Warbird decloaks you're gonna need him more then me..." he seemed to be distracted a bit before he looked back at the screen "...have your medical personnel take a look at the Civillians, that's what they are there for"

"Yessir." Hannah nodded. "Is there anything else?"

"Send your findings on the anomaly to Science..." Caelen took a second to gather his thoughts "...that's all..." he then stated, sounding like he wanted to add something "...good luck and be careful out there... Lieutenant"

"Yessir." Hannah nodded. "I'll report in an hour."

"Very well... Ronin out" with that Caelen closed the channel and stood up from his chair. He walked up to the window and looked at the stars. There was a day that he loved the stars, a long time ago... now all he could feel was hatred... for all that space had put him through. He slammed his fist into the force field and left in there, leaning on it. With the other hand he reached up for his eyes, he didn't want to cry... not all was lost... at least Alexandra was still alive... he could feel it.

-={Off}=- A JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer - Starbase Ronin Officer in Command - USS Odysseus "My first road-trip, and we get locked out?"