River of Forgetfulness: #143, 144 - Antipathy

-={On}=- [Security Offices, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen walked into the security offices, furiously, by now Ryylar should have gotten some idea of what had happened and what was involved, at least he hoped so. "Warrant!" he shouted after he hadn't been able to spot him after he stepped into the offices.

Ryylar had just finished personally security Sock and Bokma and walked back out to his office to watch a very angry Captain LaBrie charge into his office and bark out his rank like a ravenous dog.

"Yesssss Sssssssirrrrrrr?" Ryylar asked, cocking an eyebrow as he tried to remain graceful.

"What do the initial reports say?" Caelen calmed down a bit, knowing that if he got mad at this point it wouldn't help him one bit... but he couldn't keep the image out of his mind... that image of Bokma smirking so damn sinister when the base jumped to red alert.

"Sssssickbay wasssss desssstrrrrrroyed forrrr all intentssss and purrrrrpossssessss. Two Rrrrrrromulan sssssusssspectsssss have been apprrrrrehended. Thrrrrrree dead, at leassssst one wounded." Ryylar said, giving his report.

"Any theories how they could have pulled this off while they were in the same room with us?" Caelen asked, obviously hiding a thick hint of cynism

"I'm not ssssssurrrrrre at the prrrrressssent time, but it'sssss obviousssss that they had outssssside help." Ryylar stated, biting his tongue and not adding his thought of 'Help they couldn't have gotten if they had been safely in the brig where they belonged you fool.'

"The doctor already told me about this third Romulan... appearantly a Romulan Exchange officer..." Caelen stepped closer to Ryylar "...remember what I said last time you wanted to get information from them?"

"About how we shouldn't torrrrrturrrrre the Rrrrrrromulansssss and we should let them wanderrrrrr the sssstation frrrrrreely to accomplish exactly what they sssssset out to do? Yesssss I rrrrrrememberrrrr Captain." Ryylar said, his tail lashing about behind him.

"Let's pretend you weren't paying attention..." Caelen said coldly, he knew for sure now... he wanted them to suffer. He knew they would never confess, not even after extensive torture... but he wanted them to suffer. "...they killed Two Starfleet officers... two officers that were under my command since day one..." he narrowed his eyes "...I want them to Pay for what they have done"

"Then I'll asssssk you to leave sssssirrrrrr. Becausssssse you werrrrrre neverrrrrr herrrrrre." Ryylar said, his feline eyes taking on a predatory glow as he narrowed them in understanding.

Caelen nodded slowly before stepping back and turning around, not saying another word. He would go back to Main operations, clean up all this mess and hope that it would all be cleared up when he would go out to find his little girl.

Ryylar smirked as he watched him walk away. Sulan would surely take that as a chance to murder the Romulans... so he was going to take care of them both.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "I want them to feel the pain I feel..."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)