River of Forgetfulness #139-140 - "Aftermath"


[Main Sickbay, Deck 20, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen stepped out of the turbolift, one stop short of Main sickbay, or rather to far to the left. The turbolift that was supposed to stop there did no longer stop on deck 20, probably precaution by the engineers, medical or security. He walked the last thirty meters and rounded a corner to walk straight into the carnage. He was immediately stopped by a security officer.

"I'm sorry, I can't let you through..." the officer said, probably not quite grasping who this guy thought he was "...Medical personnel is still busy tending the wounded and Engineering has not yet cleared this path for passage yet."

"This is My Starbase... Ensign..." Caelen threatened the Lieutenant junior grade "...step aside."

That remark startled the man a bit "I'm sorry Captain... I didn't see... of course you can pass sir..." he quickly stepped aside, hoping that the thing about the demotion was just a threat.

With that Caelen passed the guard and the carnage that once were the sickbay doors. He didn't look down to the bodies that were tended by the medical personnel to much, he didn't want to look, afraid he might recognize someone. "Doctor!" he shouted over the chaos that seemed to lead all the way into sickbay.

Russell sat upright on a biobed with the top right half of his uniform down. A large fragment of the bomb left a big bleeding hole near his collarbone. His wife Laura, also a fully trained physician, had also responded to the medical emergency and was trying to remove the piece of shrapnel from his shoulder. "Leave it!" Russell snapped. "I need to help the others. This can wait!" he said and wanted to get of the biobed.

"Sit still, Russell!" Laura said pushing him back. "I have to remove the fragment before it becomes infected." But before she could try to reach the fragment, Caelen walked in.

"Over here, captain!" Russell said waving his right hand. "Ow!"

Caelen stepped closer to Russell and frowned at his wounds. "What happened, Doc?"

"When Zorach and T'Rell left the sickbay with the Reman a bomb exploded. Filled with a burning substance, I guess phosphorus or something." Russell said explaining the horrid situation. "It instantly killed the Reman, officer Johnson and... T'Rell." Russell added with a tremble in his voice. He took a deep breath and continued. "My assistant chief Talder and the other guards are badly burnt and hit by debris. Zorach was knocked against the wall and hit by another guard. They're looking into his injuries now."

Caelen was at a loss for words, he stepped back a bit and he looked at Russell, could this get any worse, he swallowed, holding himself together just barely. "Wha... how..." he shook his head, trying to gather his thoughts again "...how are the others?"

Russell looked defeated. "From what I saw from Talder and the two guards, the burns cover nearly 60 percent of their bodies. And the loss of blood they sustained from the bomb fragments makes matters worse." He shook his head. "I don't think the death toll will remain at three, sir."

A medical officer walked up to the gathering to bring a report to Russell. "We scanned Lieutenant Zorach's injuries, Doctor. He has a severe concussion, two broken ribs and broke two vertebras in his lower back. His legs do not respond to stimuli."

"Check for nerve damage and prepare a treatment." Russell responded. "I'll see him asap."

"You're not going anywhere yet." Laura responded.

"Listen to your wife, Doctor..." Caelen ordered, being a bit at a loss at what he should do. This week just couldn't get ANY worse, it just wasn't possible. He sighed "...The sooner you let her heal you the sooner you can do your job and save some lives."

"See? Even the captain agrees." Laura said teasing. "Now sit still. This will hurt even more if you move." she said before fixing the open wound on his shoulder.

"If you insist..." Russell said to Caelen and prepared for the worst. Laura spread the wound a bit to ease her quest for the shrapnel. That caused Russell to grab and squeeze the edges from the biobed in pain. He groaned heavily and his face showed that it really hurt like hell when Laura was searching for the fragment. She finally pulled it out cautiously. "I've got it." Laura said and showed it to Russell.

His face relaxed somewhat in relief. "Thank you." he sighed releasing his grip on the biobed. "Now could you please stop the bleeding?" he added pointing at the stream of blood pouring out of the wound.

Caelen shook his head looking at this, somehow he felt guilty. He had released Sock and Bokma again, his breathing being a bit more irregular as he thought this over. He responsible for two dead crewmen, not responsible as in 'you were their CO' responsible as in 'you released the people who killed them' but then again they were Tal'Shiar, for all they knew that bomb had been there since the Reman first appeared. His face turned cold, emotionless "I trust that you will do your job, Doctor" he gave a stern nod and turned around, he had to get out of here.

"Absolutely, sir." Russell said after his CO. "As soon as Laura let's me." he added looking at her from the corner of his eye. "Are Sock and Bokma behind this? I bet they know more of this than they should." he said grim.

Caelen stopped. "Sock and Bokma were in the same room with me when it happened, they didn't have a remote or anything..." He looked back to the doctor, even his eyes were stale and emotionless now. "...but I intend to find out how deep they are involved."

Russell suddenly remembered the wounded female Romulan officer that came in just before the bomb exploded. "An accomplice perhaps?" he said. "Maybe they planned the attack, but just that. I bet Sock and Bokma don't get their hands dirty themselves. But there was a Romulan female in here just before the explosion that needed medical attention. I believe she was an engineer."

Turning around suddenly, all ears now "Do you remember her name?"

Russell recalled the events. "She didn't mention her name and I didn't ask for it." he said smacking his forehead. "I let Talder take care of her so I could get the Reman up and running for Zorach. Maybe Talder knows, but he's in no condition to answer questions, I'm afraid."

Caelen nodded. "Was there anything strange about her?" he asked. "What did she come in here for?"

"She came in calling for help and had a bleeding wound on her forearm. She was still carrying her toolkit and seemed rather nervous." Russell answered. "She wouldn't..." His face turned pale. "Maybe she had the explosive with her looking for an opportunity." he added a bit shocked.

"Thanks Doctor, that's all I need to know..." Caelen stated before turning around again and walking off, he definitely had to see Ryylar about this, he would have surveillance of Sickbay. He stepped out of sickbay and saw how the frames of the doors were bent, the floor and walls scorched... but there was something else, something other then scorch marks, something that made his stomach squeeze together tightly... blood... a mixture of Green and Red blood... T'Rell's blood... Johnson's Blood... He quickened up his pace to the turbolift, he had to get out of here, let everybody do their jobs.


An aftermath JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives."


Lieutenant (JG) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Also starring: Laura Floyd MD (NPC) Starbase Ronin (SB47) (played by Russell)