River of Forgetfulness #137 "My stand"

ON: <SB Ronin, Main Flight Deck>

Bronco had just felt a small rumble, and the station went to Red Alert.  He immediately went to the flight deck command center.

"Scramble all fighters.  Everything. Out. Now," Bronco ordered. "Get my fighter ready."

Flight deck personnel immediately went to work.  Several fighters were pulled out.  Ones that had only recently arrived were turned around as their fatigued pilots went back into their canopies.   One fighter, though being prepped still had no one boarding it--Bronco's own fighter.

Bronco checked the round table that displayed the Starbase at the center and everything in a specified radius, including the planet.  He saw the Federation signature read 'Odysseus'.

"What's up with the Odysseus?" Bronco asked toward no one in particular.

"Sir, I believe that due to the Red Alert they're staying away for the moment," said a flight comms personnel.

"Open a channel to 89th Valkyrie Squadron," Bronco ordered.

Within moments a channel was opened the 89th Valkyrie Squadron, a group of six Valkyries currently patrolling Ronin.

"89, this is Wing Leader.  Abort Ronin patrol and cover the Odysseus until she's back on the Ronin," Bronco ordered.

"Wing Leader, 89. Understood. Covering Odysseus.  89 Out," came the reply.

"Switch to a channel to the Odysseus," Bronco ordered.

"Channel open," came the reply from a flight comms personnel.

"Odysseus, this is Ronin Wing Leader, I've sent the 89th Valkyrie Squadron to provide escort until you're back on the Ronin," Bronco said. "No sense leaving you wait alone.  That's my stand."

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Ensign Dominic 'Bronco' Winters Wing Commander SB47 Ronin "Are you in good hands?"