River of Forgetfulness #135, 136 - "Making up... Again..." (Backpost


[SB47 Ronin, the short walk between Evans' and Black's quarters, right before the Oddy's rescue mission]

After Kristiana left, following thier unexpectedly friendly conversation, Evans just took a few minutes to make up his mind. He decided to come up with a combination of Petrova's sugestion and the Huge bouquet of flowers and apologising like a loony suggestion that 'Fred' made. He replicated a single red rose, and prepared a little speech... He had asked the computer where Kitty was, and the computer had found her in her room. So that's where Ronald was headed. Self assuredly, yet his confidence dwindling significantly with every step he took. Finally, it was a trembling and nervous person that ended up at the door of Kitty's quarters, pushing the chime.

"C'min..." Kitty looked up from her cello, mid-stroke, as the doorchime sounded. The music in her quarters was an Apocalyptica version of an old Metallica song, playing loudly, the lead cello part muted. "Computer, volume at one third," she said quickly. She was still in uniform, but her eyes were suspiciously red, and she'd obviously ducked in for a little while to work through some conflicting emotions.

The door swooshed open, and Evans peered into the quarters... "Eh... HicanIcomein?ImreallysorryIbrouthgyouaflower..." was all that remained of his carefully prepared speech, as he held the single red rose in front of him, in a nervous trembling kind of way.

Kitty blinked, laying aside her beloved cello and bow gently. "...Ronald?" She hadn't expected him, that was evident in her surprised expression. She approached him slowly, looking up at him, noticing the trembling, and her sweet little heart just melted. "It's a beautiful flower," she said, gently taking it from his hands and closing her eyes to enjoy its warm scent.

"I... Eh... You like it?" Evans mumbled. Not being booted out the moment Kitty saw him, was a good thing, he assumed. "I acted like a total jerk just then, and I hope you can forgive me. There was no excuse for that..." he said, a tear forming in his eye, seeing how much he actually hurt her with that remark.

Kitty pulled a slightly wilting bouquet of flowers out of a nearby vase and dumped them, placing the rose gently in its place. Then she returned to her boyfriend's side and took hold of his hand, pulling him further into the room. "'Course I can," she said. "I'd... I'd hoped at the time that it wouldn't make a big difference... for us." She gave a slight, rueful laugh. "I was kind of scared that it might."

"At this rate, you'll always be my superior officer, but that shouldn't mean anything when we're together doing stuff... I just wasn't thinking when I blurted that out. And I wasn't even mad at *you*..." Evans said, struggling for words. "Mad about you, yes..." he amended with a slight smile.

"You weren't thinking," Kitty said slowly, sitting down on her little couch in front of the music stand. "But sometimes when people aren't thinking, things come out that they feel deep inside and don't usually let come to the fore."

"Aiii... I... eh.. I... Aiaiai...Evans just mumbled. as Kitty made a very good point. "I guess I found out I'm a ...jealous person?... But I can assure you that I'd rather be a petty officer, than be without you..."

"Same here..." Kitty said quietly. She patted the spot next to her on the couch. "Want to sit down? I asked the captain if we'd still be able to date with the difference in rank. He said it was fine. If he hadn't... well..." She fell silent. That would've been a difficult decision to make. "I really do think I'd have passed it up."

"I have to go shortly.." Evans said, as he took the spot next to her anyway. "But Petrova convinced me to go see you, before we launch. I'm real glad I did.."

Kitty blinked at that. "Petrova came to see you?" she asked slowly. She shifted a little closer to him.

Evans took the hint, and wrapped an arm around her. "You think you were surprised?" he smirked. "I was completely flabbergasted. We did have a very nice chat, though, I wouldn't mind doing that again. I never thought it possible..."

"Is she more beautiful than I am?" Kitty asked, snuggling close.

"No!" Evans said, in a mock indignified tone. "Yes, she is pretty, but there's no way she can't tip on you! Not for me, anyways... Ryylar does have *some* taste, though..." he added.

"Well, that's alright then," Kitty said, and snuggled closer, closing her eyes for a moment. Then she straightened up. "I'm really glad you came. I feel a lot better now."

"Me too..." Evans said, huggling close.

They snuggled for a little while, when Evans spoke up mid-hug. "However much I like this, I really gotta go soon... We need to rescue that shuttle..." he spoke softly.

"Are we still on for tonight?" Kitty asked hopefully, sitting back and looking into his eyes.

Evans released the hug, and looked a bit odd at her. "Why wouldn't we..." Then his eyes popped open... "Ah, nevermind... Yes, sure we are. If you still want it to be... Do you want to go somewhere special?"

"Considering the dress I picked out," Kitty said contemplatively, looking up at him teasingly through her dark eyelashes, "I'd say yes."

Evans let escape a slight *glp* at that, and looked at her with hungry eyes now... "Heh... eh... Well.. What kind of dress? Do you want me to match yours?"

Kitty blinked at that, the coyness disappearing, as she started laughing. "I don't think a dress would suit you," she said amid helpless laughter. "Really, you haven't quite got the figure for it." That sent her into another helpless chuckle as she apparently pictured it all too clearly. "Oh no... oh dear... Yeah... you know... just wear something formal."

"You know what I mean!" Evans cried out, with a smirk on his face. "Starfeet *dress* uniform, or just a smoking?" he asked, getting up to get underway soon.

Kitty chuckled and shook her head, rising and watching him. "A suit. A real one. Think like 1930's or so. And that's really all the hint I'm going to give you, Ronald."

"..19... the thirties?" Evans said. "Eh, hokay... Sounds like fun... I might have to do a little research, but I'll figure something out. See you tonight then." he finally said, wrapping his arms around his girl again. "I really gotta go now..."

Kitty gave her boyfriend a great big hug, smiling, her eyes lit up. "Go, don't get in trouble over me," she said, her cheerfulness entirely restored. "I'll see you tonight."

"See you tonight..." Evans repeated, planting a kiss on her forehead. He released the hug, and started to walk out of the room.

Kitty smiled gently, watching him go. "I love you," she said as he was nearly out the door.

This made Evans stop for a moment, and turn around. "I love you too." he said, without any reservation, then walked out into the hallway. Next stop, the Oddy...


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