River of Forgetfulness #125-126 - "Competition, HA!"


[Promenade deck, SB47]

Xena was just walking from the supply room with a heavy box of ingredients, menu paper, paper supplies, and new ideas on a notebook when she bumped into something that made her fall to the ground.

Skol, the Tellarite barkeep, was wandering the around Promenade heading for his bar and not looking where he was going. While spying on the competition he suddenly bumped into someone or something. "Oof!" he muttered. "Watch where you're going!"

"Well, maybe you should watch where your going" "I was watching where I was going" she replied trying not punch this guy for saying that. She gathered up her materials and saw that some of her wine had broken. "Darn it, now I'm going to have to replace the wine we broke." she also said looking at him.

Skol looked back at her and said "Don't think I'm paying for that." looking annoyed. He always looked annoyed, that showed he was in a good mood. "And why would you need that many bottles? Throwing a party?"

"These bottles, if you must know are for my bar/restaurant" she replied not showing him any emotions. The one thing she did remember from the Borg was not to show any emotions. "I own The Ark, if you ever want to come and eat there you are welcomed." Xena picked up the box and started to walk away. But before she turned the corner she replied, "Oh, I wasn't going to make you pay for those bottles"

"Bar? You have a bar in your restaurant?" Skol asked turning around and looking surprised. He'd never thought of that kind of combination. All he knew was how to run a bar. Cooking was not his specialty, all sorts of liquor were. And if a woman was nice to him, he couldn't keep his cranky attitude. He picked up a piece of a broken wine bottle and read the label hanging from it. "And what kind of food do you serve with this red wine?" he asked.

She turned around to look at him with puzzlement in her eyes. "Well there are alot of foods you could serve with this wine." "One being spaghetti, or any type of fish." "Why do do you want to know this?" she asked placing the box down.

He dropped the bottle fragment and said. "Oh... just… checking if you really know something about these wines. Very... important if you own a bar... restaurant." he said stuttering a bit. "I have a bar myself and know what people like." he added on a bragging tone.

"I see." she replied smirking thinking 'He ain't fooling anyone'. "Well, if you don't mind I need to get back to my restaurant and Bar." She then hesitated and replied, "You know I do have some free time off if you want to hang out" she was hoping he wasn't to get out and start to fight with her.

"Hang out?" he asked with a strange look on his face. "I have a business to run. No time for foolish games." he said looking his old annoying self again. "What is that anyway? You need a holodeck for that?" he asked. Although he was a Tellarite who spoke several languages he had no idea what 'Hang out' was. "Hang out means we could swap ideas about what we could improve on both of our businesses" She said understanding being what he was he probably didn't know what that word meant.

"Aha! Very clever!" he said pointing his finger up in the air. "You want to spy on my business and take my customers! Hmm?" he added agitated. He knew she was a cunning business woman.

"Now why would I do that?" "You probably have barely any customers as it is" she replied smirking at him. She picked up the crate and started to walk off again.

Skol followed her still pointing his finger. "HA! That's what YOU think. I've got my bar FULL of customers every night! I was running a bar when you were still in Diapers!" he yelled after her.

"Yeah yeah whatever, but MY place has a restaurant that can serve customers healthy foods that can keep them working hard." "The only thing YOUR place can do is get them drunk and get them in trouble" "Besides I don't care what you did in the past but now you have competition, so you better watch out."

NOW she was talking. He had an argument and next to his bar This was what he lived for. Their argument was turning some heads on the rather busy Promenade and that encouraged him even more. He had an audience. "People just Want to get drunk. They need to Forget their trouble!" he yelled following her as she continued on her way.

She waved her hand and replied "They also need food in their stomachs so they can get on with their jobs, so we can all get home." she then walked towards her restaurant when she heard something.

"Home? Who needs to get home? You need to go to a Bar when you come from work." he said. "MY bar!" he added pointing his thumb on his chest.

"I might just take your offer up on that" and with that she went into her restaurant to get ready.

"You do that!" Skol replied. "You'll find my bar is better!" he added. And with that the argument was over and in his opinion he had won. He ended it. With a satisfied look on his face he looked around the crowd and headed back to his bar. "Ha! Competition!" he softly smirked.


A snappy JP by:

Xena Astrodon Bartender Starbase Ronin


Skol, The Tellarite Barkeep Bartender Starbase Ronin (as played by Russell D. Floyd)