[USS Soval]Entering Anew

"Entering Anew" Post By: LtJG Kyo Reyon Chief Engineer USS Soval


==Starbase 47==

A man clad in the yellow orange of engineering officer in starfleet stepped through the air lock into a corridor packed with people. The place had a wide range of smells and at first was a lot to take in. He carried with him a single duffel and carried a look of concerned confidence with him.

"Well, I guess it was too much to hope somebody would meet me here. Guess I'm just not that important. I knew I should just went straight to the ship and help help its departure. Never been a real fan of Star Bases," Reyon thought to himself.

"Well while I'm here I might as well take a look around, " Reyon said to himself.

He saw a wide variety of shops on the Promenade and figured it was about time he treated himself to a real treat. So he sought out some real non-replicated food. He didn't have to look far as he found a vendor grilling up some shish ka bobs.

"Hello, sir I'd like three of those," making a gesture and pointing to three what seemed like beef shish ka bobs.

"That'll be 21 credits..." the shop keeper looked up from his work.

"Your Star Fleet, and by the look of it an engineer. Would you mind taking a look at something for me?" he asked.

"Of course," Reyon followed.

"This storage unit has given me all sorts of problems, and mainly cannot maintain constant temperature for longer than a few minutes. If you can fix it up you can have your meal on the house," followed shop keeper.

"Of course, I'll do what I can. Although this really isn't my area of expertise."

"That all I ask," followed the shopped keeper.

Reyon went behind the counter and took a look at the storage unit. It was pretty simple design but fairly old. Kyo took of the back cover plate and started to look around.

"Well, do you have any sort of tape or anything handy?" asked Kyo.

"Yes, but its only athletic tape I use for my hands," responded the shop keeper.

"That'll do..." Reyon waited for the man to get the tape and took off a generous portion and went put his hands inside the machine and wrapped the tape around the gas line.

"Well, that should do it. Your gas line had a whole in it and I used the tape to repair cover it up. Next time you get a chance you should ask the station manger to replace your gas lines," said Reyon.

The man looked at the machine changed a setting to the temperature he wanted and the machined kicked in and they waited a while. The temperature remained stable and Reyon had earned a free meal.

"Thank you star fleet," said the man.

"My names Kyo Reyon, and it was no problem mister," Kyo walked off and ate his meal.