River of Forgetfulness # 127 - The Pirate Visitor


[Pirate Shuttle Bascocon - Flight Deck]

"We're 45 minutes from Starbase 47. And you think she will see you after that last tumble in Samual's Nebula? You're either drunk or stupid-crazy, Cap!" said Feney from the pilot seat. He gently glided the Bascocon into soft dock with the Ozuma. The confirmatory docking lights blinked on. "We're docked, Cap. You need any help?"

"No and shut up. This is personal. Rosalie is a tricky woman. I want some privacy to settle up with her," Captain Warner replied. Warner set his phaser on stun and walked down to the docking hatch.

Feney stood up and called toward Warner. "Exactly what did she get from you that was sooo valuable? I can't jam the sensors for long."

"Ten minutes is all I need," Warner said as the airlock equalized pressures between the shuttles. The hatch opened and he walked through to the Ozuma. He wasn't going to admit to Feney that he lost his heart to Rosalie and she had given him the cold shoulder. Warner didn't know what he was going to do exactly, only that someone was going to get hurt.

[Cargo Shuttle Ozuma - Cargo Hold]

Pilot Eric Davidson and Rosalie Bailey were leaning against an opened crate, quiet and seemingly unconscious. Warner walked in and looked at a few empty bottles of Romulan ale. "Bailey! Rosalie?" Warner said. He picked up a bottle and tasted it. "Smooth stuff, a pity Starfleet won't let you keep it."

Davidson stirred and pointed up at Warner. "The whole set is mine. I bought it fair and square. Oh, who are you anyway?"

"Awake, are you? I'm the new owner of this whole cargo hold. Rosalie owes me big time."

Davidson tried to stand up, collapsed twice and finally got up on his feet. He held onto the edge of the crate for balance. "I don't think so. Who are you again?"

"Man, you are in no condition to deal with me. And I have a phaser. Wake her up." Warner took the open crate and walked it over to the Bascocon.

As he reentered the Ozuma, Rosalie's fist ran into his face. Then she kicked him in the groin. Warner dropped to the deck and groaned. "If I have never seen the worse kind of pirate, you are an insult to them. I mean, you just can't board vessels and start taking crates for yourself," Rosalie stated though she was barely able to stand.

"Darling, please. I want you come back to the Nebula with me. I love you and even if you swindled me, I'll willing to forgive and forget."

"Forget? What have I forgotten? Humm," she replied.

"We can have a clean slate between us. Just come with me, please. You owe me that."

Rosalie tapped her foot on the floor. She looked to Davidson who was lying on the deck snoring. "Nah, better leave before I kick you back to whatever rock you crawled out of. I'm in no mood to forgive or forget."

Feney yelled, "Cap, a starship is coming this way! We've got to move it!"

"I'm not going to forget you, Rosalie. I'll be back and take what I want," Warner said and crawled back into the Bascocon. The hatch closed and a slight nub later, the Bascocon was warping away.

Rosalie found a partial bottle and took a drink. "Forgive and forget? Never. Who was that pirate?" She settled next to the crates and decided to take a nap.


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